The Odd Mind Magazine For Indie Authors

This Magazine was created for the indie author. The brain behind it is Lesa Trapp who also hosts The Odd Mind Blog Talk Radio show. She is absolutly amazing. She is the voice for the indie author. Inside each issue of this magazine is book reviews, new releases, her shows, short stories, photographs and so much more. This magazine is so convinent that one can purchase it and when one is ready to order a book all the information is at their fingertips. They can carry it with them on a plane – train or automobile and order the book they want using the magazine.  There is no other magazine out there like this. She has made it not only author friendly but reader friendly as well. You need to go to Amazon or Lulu and order all the back issues and the current one. Each one is filled with different authors and all their books. This is just another way the indie author is being heard and promoted. It is a top notch magazine on the same level as Rolling Stone.    The odd mind frontThe Odd Mind Magazine Second Release The Odd Mind Mag Spring Summer Issue

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