Silent Scream by Florida Author Yvonne Mason a Best Seller

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New Front Cover from Debi DeSantasSilent Scream has made the best seller list for Amazon Kindle in two catagories.  Catagory number one is Georgia. It is listed at number 66. The second catagory is Mayhem and Madness. It listed at number 79 this morning and has dropped to number 80. The amazing thing is this book is listed with the likes of Dave Cullen at number one who wrote Columbine and well known true crim Author Ann Rule. Her books are listed both in from of Silent Scream and behind it.

  This book is a must read as the ratings show. It is the true crime of Flordia’s first serial killer and his victims. It is the voice of these victims that are being heard in this book. It is a must read. It can be purchased on Amazon in book form and kindle as well as and my online store at

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God Sleeps Tonight by Jerry Pat Bolton

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God Sleeps TonightCindy Landry and her husband were abducted and held in an isolated house for two days filled with torture and sexual assault. Cindy’s husband was murdered and she was left for dead. With the help of the murderer’s sister, who he also sexually abused, they exact revenge. The lackadaisical court system seems more inclined to bend over backward for the torturer and murderer of Cindy and her husband. But, in my 249 page novel, “God Sleeps Tonight” what goes around, comes around for Cindy and Imogene, a truly pitiful character have their day(s).


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My Mother’s Revenge By Jerry Pat Bolton

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My Mother's Revenge


After the savage torture and death of her mother, whom she had guilt feeling about, mafia princess Kathy Albertini is drawn into a world of sexual excess and alcohol in an attempt to rid herself of her demons. She is also trying to distance herself from the “Family,” and it is difficult because her dad is the Godfather of the Dixie Mafia. When she has given up on love a new man in her life is giving her feeling she had never experienced before, plus he brings some shameful secrets of his own that surface violently and unexpectedly. Adding to the emotional upheaval, Kathy has a stalker. My Mother’s Revenge is a 335 page thriller set in New Orleans and the bayous which surround the city.




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