The Missing Heart Chronicles of an Educator by Teri Pinney Review by Author Yvonne Mason

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The Missing Heart

5.0 out of 5 stars When There is No Heart Every One Looses, April 15, 2010
By Yvonne Mason “Author” (Port St Lucie, Fl.) – See all my reviews

This review is from: The Missing Heart: Chronicles of an Educator (Paperback)
Florida Educator Teri Pinney reveals the heart ache, and loss that occurs when money becomes the train that drives the education of our children. Her book is no holds barred it exposes all of the unnecessary stress which is placed on teachers when they are made to teach to the test as opposed to teaching the student. The “No Child left Behind” is not only criminal it is a shame – we leave thousands of children behind because polictians believe that every child learns on the same level and will all grow up to be rock scientist or surgeons. They won’t – we leave those kids behind because of money. Teri expouses the abuse that teachers suffered at the hands of people whose only goal is to make money. Teri not only deserves five stars she deserves so much more for having the courage to take a stand and draw a line in the sand. Every politican and principle should read this book and take it to heart. When the heart is missing the body dies. That is what is happening to our children out future, the heart is missing, the body is dying.

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Joey Madia Presents Jester-Knight a book for young teens

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Jester KnightJester-Knight, by Joey Madia



Jester-Knight follows the teenage trials and triumphs of Alde, the son of the Jester of Glittereye, a kingdom barely three generations old. As the fledgling kingdom crumbles from within, Alde must balance the expectations of being named for the first and greatest of Jesters with the path to knighthood that is thrust upon him through the selfless and heroic deed of saving an Elf.


Filled with epic battles, fierce dragons, political intrigue, and grand adventure, Jester-Knight sets the stage for ever-expanding explorations of the world of Mynoweth in the 6-book series The Ambir Dragon Tales.


“Joey Madia’s writing style in Jester-Knight, coupled with his imagination and depth of understanding, is precisely what our culture desperately needs: literature that empowers youth with the insight, courage, and wisdom much needed for undertaking the rites of passage into responsible adulthood where leadership is filled with heart and soul.” — The Fisher King Review


JoeyMadiapublphotoJoey Madia is an author, actor, and educator who writes in a

wide variety of genres and styles. His ten plays for young

audiences have been produced across the United States and his

series of books on using theatre in the classroom are helping

teachers redefine learning. His poetry, essays, and short stories

have been widely published and have earned him several awards. He

is working on several new books, including the next book of the

Ambir Dragon Tales, The Lost Stone of Ruenai. He is the founding editor of, an art and literary site.


For more information, visit


To order:


To hear a live reading of the opening chapter:

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