Author Cindy Parker Brings Her Readers Two Books of Poetry For The Soul – Spectrum and Origins

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OriginsCindy Parker grew up in Clarklake, Michigan and currently lives in the downtown Jackson area. She has two collections of poetry that were recently published (2009) titled Spectrum & Origins. Spectrum is her first book of poetry and is a collection of 74 poems written and compiled over a ten-year period that reflects a spiritual journey across a spectrum of themes. Her inspiration comes from nature, the world around her, her faith, people who have influenced her life, the struggle for redemption, and how Christ answers her deepest longings. Origins is built around similar themes from nature, creation, and spiritual hope, but she also draws from her personal past, growing up, and exploring her family history, and themes of shared humanity. Origins has 32 poems written more recently plus some nature haiku. Both books are largely free verse, but in addition to the few haiku, she has an occasional prose, quatrain, or tetractys. Cindy has enjoyed the language of poetry for many years and continues to write. Grateful for all the people who have helped her fulfill a dream, she wants to encourage others to find their voice and creativity as it will begin a journey of discovery that will continue to unfold. You can visit her at:




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The Oracles 333 By Deborah Simpson

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The-OraclesA limited collection of poetry written through means of given words rather than deliberate thought. Oracles have been around for centuries dating back to c.1300 BC. You will see striking correlations to the oracles found in Ancient Egypt, Greece, India, Mesoamerica, Nigeria, and Tibet. The poem, Faith in Faith provides answers to specific spiritual questions, such as the oracle of Akashwani or “voice from the sky” in ancient India which was related to the “message of God.” You will read through verses such as Grail of Then and Enterprise which bear stark resemblance to the type of oracle Delphi of Greece told Crosesus of Lydia, “If you cross the river, you will destroy a great empire.” Croesus attacked, but it was his own empire that was destroyed. Poems like Demise of the Pharaoh and Mortal Destruction shadow forewarnings such as the Mesoamerica Books of Chilam Balam. In numerology, 333 symbolizes the Ascended Masters are near you giving guidance and love.


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