The Mammalian Way By Gary James

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If You Can’t Get Enough of The Holy G-Rail By Author Michael Schuessler Well You Are In Luck

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GrailListen for Michael Schuessler and The Holy G-rail
 Monday, Nov. 16th on WTF Radio:
6:30pm Pacific, 7:30 Mountain, 9:30pm Eastern
with Host Jim and the WTF Crew

Also Michael will be on the Sex and Intimacy Show
Thursday, Nov. 19th
9:00pm Pacific, 10:00pm Mountain and 12:00am Eastern
With Hosts Dr. Neil Cannon and Elaina McMillan

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Places to Hear Michael Schuessler Author of The Holy G-Rail

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GrailMichael and The Holy G-rail will be on “The Sex and Intimacy Show” Thursday, Nov. 12th

9:00pm Pacific time, 10:00pm Mountain and 12:00am Eastern time

If in Denver, Colorado you can listen in at 1510 AM Radio

 Michael’s interview with Amy Rubin of “Amy’s Heart” is now up.

 Michael talks about finding that “perfect” partner. I highly recommend it.

Michael is the new Denver Sex and Sensuality Expert for Please check out his Q&A column “Ask Michael”

Pamper yourself with The Holy G. The Holy G Wear clothing will be premiering just in time for Christmas!

” All women are The Holy Grail!”

Michael Schuessler Author of  The Holy G-rail

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It’s Ground Zero – The Mammalian Way By Gary James

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The Mammalian Way“It’s ground zero for everything in relationships” is one readers comment about the merits of the information conveyed within the pages of the book titled, “The Mammalian Way”.

 Author Gary James who is characterized as a “Social Theorist” has constructed an original theory that arguably puts forth a more complete paradigm of what are the true tenets of behavioral psychology within the realm of the social sciences.

The hole that Gary James’ theory fills is in the fact we humans tend to discount the deeply powerful effect our own mammalian instincts have upon our everyday social behavior as we interact on a human to human basis.

 The discount refers to a typical assumption made by many people that claims our own ““cognitive development”, a major aspect of the human mind that indeed “separates” us from the other mammals” is a powerful enough force to offset the more primal drives human’s possess that are basically the same as all the other mammals.

 However, Gary James’ theory maintains that these drives are instinctive drives and because of our ever increasing unsafe world they act as a psychological defense mechanism as they exert an ever increasing intense pressure upon our everyday social behavior as we interact with each other, especially when we interact with the opposite gender, and even more especially where having sex can become a factor.

 In other words it’s the relationship factor that is the main reason people are interested in reading the material. The book’s cover will remind you of a cover used to attract a reader to a “romance novel”. In fact, much of the book is written in that style of writing in that there are a number of juicy anecdotes and other stories that Gary James uses as examples and applications of how the theory can be put to use in our everyday lives. They are situations and scenarios that you have perhaps lived through yourself or imagine yourself in the shoes of another. Given the juiciness of the stories these sections of the book are for “mature readers only” and not recommended for children.

Moreover, there is a section of the book that conveys the theory itself in a more clinical fashion and in that the book can also serve as a reference source for every licensed professional who offers therapy for various types of relationships as it relates to behavioral psychology.    

 In all relationships “The Mammalian Way”™ can prevail, and so knowledge of how it operates on each gender becomes a must for anyone who might contemplate entering into any form of relationship. Romantic interest or not, it is the best way to find and keep a safer relationship. For a further description of the book or to order go to

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Award Winning Author Dana Davis, Brings Her Readers The Mask of Tamirella, Desert Magick:Superstitions,Breach of Worlds,Deadly Fate:Book One of the Teadai Prophecies, Sage Truth,City of Gods

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The Mask of TamirellaMask of Tamirella

by Dana Davis


2008 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

2008 Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist

2007 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention


Sixteen-year-old Caitlanna Mullen lives in a harsh world where technology no longer exists. In her post-apocalyptic society, she salvages priceless artifacts for trade. One artifact is especially desired. The Mask of Tamirella. Cait steals the Mask from another sanction, putting her own at risk. As punishment, the Elders send her to a hazardous dig. She must travel through a mutant forest without becoming a sacrifice and into Rotted City, where toxic ruins hoard an ancient disease. To complicate matters, the man she loves accompanies her group. Because of their age differences, an intimate relationship with him is strictly forbidden and would bring severe punishment, perhaps even exile. Cait’s life takes an unexpected turn when she uncovers secrets she never imagined.

Will this sixteen-year-old survive in a place where death and injury are daily concerns? Can she quell her feelings for a man forbidden to touch her until she’s older? Or will her confrontations with mutants and toxic ruins cause her demise? One thing is certain: the secrets Caitlanna uncovers will change her world forever.


“The magic of this tale lies in the straightforward narrative and the authentic, witty dialogue…enchanting, informative…a wonderful adventure story.” WriteWords.


Desert MajicDesert Magick: Superstitions

by Dana Davis

2009 Next Generation Indie Awards Finalist

Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh lives a perfectly average life in the Arizona desert, except for one thing. She’s a witch. Her relatives and ancestors consist of various, and sometimes colorful, paranormals. When Daisy is attacked by a mystical, ghost-like figure, she must enlist the aid of those she trusts in her quest to find and eliminate this enemy before he destroys her. 

There’s another problem. To ensure her success, she must somehow get her hands on a treasured and protected Native American artifact, without pissing off the entire Indian community. Desert creatures, ancient myths, sex and magick abound in Daisy’s world but can she trust herself to know what is real and what isn’t?


“Dana Davis is a skilled and confident storyteller. Her bold characters ignite the action with wit, intelligence, and just enough sass to win your heart.” Marilyn McGrath, creative writing teacher and author of All You Know On Earth


Breach of WorldsBreach of Worlds

by Dana Davis


How can a destitute orphan get an ordinary life? Seek out the valley sorceress, of course, a woman rumored to ride dragons and eat young men.

Armed with only her wits and a stolen map, Nara goes in search of the famed sorceress. At age fourteen, when her own powers begin to manifest, she becomes a target for evil. This adolescent girl must help defeat the shadow ones before they destroy everything she has come to love. Orphanage life was difficult, but her future terrifies her as she embarks on a harrowing journey fraught with magic and peril.

Nara’s life will be anything but ordinary.



Coming soon to Kindle, Mobipocket, Fictionwise and others.



Deadly Fate: Book One of the Teadai PropheciesDeadly Fate

by Dana Davis

Coming September 2009 from SynergEbooks.

What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common?  They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together.  Whether they want it or not.

For millennia, Gypsies have harnessed the Energy, allowing them to perform incredible feats of magic.  Most die if not properly trained, and those few who manage to survive without guidance tend to lose their sanity.  Gypsy Haranda Banwidden and her kin must locate the untrained, many who come from backgrounds with beliefs that demonize them, instruct them in the Energy, and oath them into service.

Meanwhile, a tiny, yet potentially deadly, void has formed within the Energy and is expanding.  The only way to destroy the void is to locate ancient texts, which contain information the Gypsy kin so desperately need.  Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where these texts are hidden or if they’ve survived the ages.  Ready or not, the prophesied New Age is upon them, and they must succeed against a growing list of enemies or disappear forever.


Sage Truth: Book Two of the Teadai PropheciesSage Truth

by Dana Davis


Coming soon from SynergEbooks


Enemies seem to be growing with every sunrise, and when the Gypsy kin are captured, they fear they will weaken and die. There is hope, though, as they gather allies from unexpected places. But can they survive long enough to live out the Prophecies



City of Gods: Book Three of the Teadai Prophecies

City of Gods 

Coming soon from SynergEbooks


Grieving Gypsy and Sage kin continue searching for a way to save their world. But the yellow-eyed woman hides somewhere in the darkness, waiting, and she won’t be sated until she overpowers them all. The kin must get back home to the Land of the Goddess, where they will engage in a final battle for their world.


Dana Davis recliningAuthor Bio: Dana Davis is a four time award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction. Her published books include the adult paranormal fantasy Desert Magick: Superstitions, the young adult fantasy Breach of Worlds, and the teen sci-fi The Mask of Tamirella. During her college years, she had the good fortune to study with Nebula Award-winner Sheila Finch and received her creative writing degree from California State University, Long Beach. Her adult fantasy Deadly Fate: Book One of the Teadai Prophecies is scheduled for release September 2009 from SynergEbooks Publishing.


When she’s not writing, she loves to read and travel. Just try to keep her away from ruins and old cemeteries. Dana lives in the Arizona desert with her husband and two insane birds, where she is currently writing another book. She invites readers to visit her website at

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First Time Author Phillip Nork Brings Sensitivity 101 For The Heteroxesual Male to the Public

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Mars and Venus…The battle of the sexes? Men and women alike will enjoy the book that just might end the relationship war!

Sensnsitivty 101 

Author: Philip Nork

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Release date: September 2009

ISBN Paperback-9781438967448

ISBN Hardcover-9781438967455


First-time author Philip Nork and AuthorHouse are happy to announce the release of this “highly entertaining and unique trip back in time.” Follow Phil on his confusing and challenging journey of self-discovery, and his yearning to become the “real” yet sensitive man he yearns to be.


As you read Phil’s life-lessons you will undoubtedly recall some of your past encounters and how they too were perceived. Life-lessons are all around us, you just have to see them and react accordingly. While using symbols and music of the day, Phil learns lessons we all need to know, such as–


v  Be different, sincere, and make females feel special.

v  Girls remember the small things.

v  Girls remember the good things and want to reciprocate.

v  See the difference in everyone and celebrate it.

v  Girls want to be heard: guys need to be better listeners.


Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male allows the reader to not only experience Phil’s journey, but also relive their own…and to see how the actions that they followed could have been perceived…and ultimately accepted by those that count in their life.


Philip Nork lives in Henderson, Nevada and is already working on the second book in this series, Sensitivity 102: Choices. You can go to his blog to see more information about him, the book, and to see pictures of the locations that inspired the book.

follow me on facebook at



Women will want to have someone like Phil enter their life while men will wish they were more like Phil. Either way, all will be thoroughly entertained.

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Up and Coming Author PJ Grondin is releasing some wonderful new books

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A Lifetime of Exposure


Advance copies are available now, official release date is October 23
Book cover text – Jillian and Nelson Rockledge have it all.  They’re
young, successful, and beautiful.  Jody and Charlie Williams strike it
rich with Charlie’s invention that makes submarines virtually
undetectable.  Both couples are living a life of luxury in their dream
built by one of the most prestigious builders in Eastern Virginia.
The homes come with the latest in technology and comforts that money can
buy.  And they’re equipped with more than these young couples bargained
for.  Do they know the true cost of their lavish homes?    Pat and Joe
McKinney join a child pornography investigation in Orange County, Florida.
The investigation spreads out across the country leading the team into
the lives of the young and affluent near the nation’s capital.  Family
, greed, sex, perversion, and murder; Who are the real victims in
A Lifetime of Exposure


a lifetiem of deception corrected copy
 Becky Lippert and Bobby Garrett devised a plan to rip
off young soldiers and sailors of their life savings.  The plan included
embezzling life insurance premiums from the Federal Government.  The plan
looked good on paper.  It worked even better in practice.  No one was
supposed to get hurt.  But when theft turns to murder the military brass
must act fast to stop the abuses.  Pat and Joe McKinney are drawn into an
investigation that starts near the Grand Forks Air Force Base.  It quickly
turns into a manhunt near military bases along the Southeastern United
.  Will the McKinneys stop these vicious perpetrators or will they
continue A Lifetime of Deception?




A Lifetime of Vengeance
Back cover text – While still in their teens the McKinney brothers enter
the world of illicit drug trade.  Just as their business appears to be
running on auto-pilot, events turn their charmed lives into a living hell.
Their friends turn against them and commit an act so heinous that the
brothers are forced to leave their home in central Florida.  They vow to
come back and exact revenge on their friends-turned-enemies.  After 6
years of military training they return to Florida to carry out their plan
but their plan takes on a life of its own.  But their enemies have a new,
powerful friend.  He’s a big player in the central Florida drug trade and
he has help from inside the sheriff’s vice squad.  Will the brothers
survive this new threat?  Will they carry out their plan and succeed in
eliminating their adversaries, or will they forever harbor A Lifetime of

All three books are available from my website,, Amazon Kindle Store, and a number of on-line sites.


A Lifetime of Deception Reviews


By  Sabrina Sumsion “” (Lincoln, Nebraska) – See all my reviews

Our service men put their very lives on the stake for the United States. All those who live here owe them a debt of gratitude. Unfortunately, there are predators preying on their vulnerability and they must be stopped.

Pat and Joe are brothers with a past. due to poor choices, a dear sister-in-law dies and she takes the will to live from Pat and Joe’s brother Mike. While Pat and Joe do everything they can to serve justice to those responsible for their sister-in-law’s murder, Mike slips into depression and eventually kills himself. Pat and Joe’s family is never the same.

Joe and Pat both have military training and Joe is still in the reserves. When the predators kill a serviceman, Joe is called to investigate the deaths. Unfortunately, it is a bad time for his family. Pat and Joe’s father has a heart attack and is in critical condition. Joe leaves for duty and then is informed that his girlfriend’s father died. Joe focuses on his investigation and risks alienating the woman he loves.

The stakes keep getting higher as the body count increases with every serviceman targeted. Joe enlists Pat’s help and calls up old friends along the way.

Fast paced and intelligent, adult readers should enjoy A Life Time of Deception.


By  Lila L. Pinord “Author of Min’s Monster and o… (Port Angeles, WA) – See all my reviews

If ever we are in need of someone to track down the “bad guys”, we would definitely want the McKinney brothers around! P.J. Grondin’s first book “A Lifetime of Vengeance” was a winner all the way,and this one is even better, if possible!
Joe and Pat McKinney are ex-military men who are called upon to help solve the mystery of who is taking advantage of our boys in uniform, enticing and robbing them of all their worldly belongings. But when it involves murder, they must step up the pace and catch them before more dead bodies show up.
It’s a fast-paced thriller and the characters are so well-drawn, we find ourselves becoming sympathetic with the main perpetrator because of her mean upbringing. You are in for one heck of a ride and a surprise ending that you never see coming! This is the book for readers who love edge-of-your-seat suspense thrillers. Highly reccommended.


By  L.C. Evans “Author” (North Carolina, USA) – See all my reviews

P.J. Grondin, formerly a Navy serviceman aboard a nuclear submarine, has written a fast-paced thriller packed with real details about life in the military. Main characters Joe and Pat McKinney put their military training to the test tracking down a couple of sociopaths who have dreamed up an ingenious scheme to defraud American servicemen. The stakes get higher when fraud leads to murder. Then another pair of schemers with ties to the first two get involved. With no regard for human life, the criminals murder anyone who might get in their way. For a while Joe and Pat seem to be one step behind the killers at every turn. Then they and their team of law enforcement officials get a break and finally unravel the vicious scheme. A twist at the end suggests more to come.


By  Todd A. Fonseca (Minneapolis, MN) – See all my reviews

Unwanted and given up at birth, Becky Lippert moved from foster family to foster family suffering verbal, physical, and sexual abuse until she decided to take matters into her own hands. Blessed with a keen mind and killer looks, Becky finds she has a talent for quickly putting any man under her seductive spell. With these assets, she leaves “home” in her mid teens and begins life as a grifter, conning young military servicemen out of their life savings. She had the perfect crime and what she thought was the perfect payoff and Becky was sure she could forever lead a life of deception.

Unfortunately, dead bodies begin to pile up in her wake and Becky begins to search for a way out. Meanwhile the government quickly finds a pattern of crime against it’s own and calls up Joe McKinney to active service to help solve the crime. A battle tested marine, Joe works with his brother Pat to piece together the clues to the identity and whereabouts of the mystery woman conning these men and those responsible for their murders. But will they find Becky before the trail gets cold or will they fall victim to her and her accomplices’ plans?

P.J. Grondin’s A Lifetime of Deception is an intriguing military murder mystery thriller. Grondin’s own experience as a former submariner aboard the USS John Adams clearly comes through as he describes the duties, assignments, recreational activities, dress, hygiene, and habits our nations servicemen and women. I especially appreciated getting a glimpse into the emotional balancing act one must manage regarding one’s duty to country and one’s family responsibilities. For someone to target and take advantage of these heroes is a travesty. All Americans should ensure that as our nations’ heroes protect us oversees we should likewise protect them against any individual or group that would stand to gain by exploiting them while deployed.

A Lifetime of Deception is the second novel featuring Joe and Pat McKinney. In these brothers, Grondin has created characters we all can related to. They are flawed human beings with questionable pasts and occasionally struggling relationships but who, none-the-less wake up each morning committed to improving their and their loved ones’ lives. I look forward to reading the first novel in the series A Lifetime of Vengeance.


By  Jacamo Peterson “Blademan” (Portland Or.) – See all my reviews

Becky and Bobby are not what you could call normal. And their scam system is, to them anyway, foolproof and easy. Lure unsuspecting sailors into a relationship, which at the very least will cost them all their worldly goods. But turns into murder and mayhem with a mystery guest included!! An outstanding thriller novel. Pete Grondin’s personal knowledge of the submariners life and the locations in the book make the story read that much better. The good guys in the story Pat and Joe McKinney have their hands full cracking this case. And that makes this a cracking good murder mystery. Good reading for a dark moonless night. Jacamo The Blademan


By Don Crouch.  Michigan 

I truly enjoyed A Lifetime of Deception.  The story line pulled me in right away and the characters were well developed and likable.  I am thinking you can quit your day job. 

A Lifetime of Vengeance Reviews


By  NWOhio Mom “Dot” (Ohio, USA) – See all my reviews

I got my “crave on” for more McKinney! Looking forward to book 2! A Lifetime of Vengeance was one of those books that read fast, you keep reading to know what happens next. Grisham and McGuire are my favorite authors and Grondin didn’t disappoint me! I recommend this book!


By  K. Nesser (Marblehead, Ohio United States) – See all my reviews

A Lifetime of Vengeance was a thriller that kept me wanting more.
Grondin’s ability to paint vivid images of the characters made me feel as
though I was part of the story rather than a reader. Many times, A
Lifetime of Vengeance made me think, “What would I do?” This is a story
that you won’t want to end!


By  Debra Purdy Kong “mystery writer” (Port Moody, BC) – See all my reviews

Brothers Pat, Joe, and Mike McKinney are making big bucks through their marijuana grow-op business. Greed gets the better of them, though, and because of this the brothers are eventually betrayed by friends. When Mike’s young wife is brutally raped and murdered by these same friends, Mike is all but destroyed. Obsessed with the need for vengeance, Pat and Joe concoct a long range plan. When payback time finally arrives, a twist in events triggers an increasingly dangerous cat and mouse game.

A Lifetime of Vengeance is an intense story that kicks the concept of revenge up to a disturbing level. When it comes to mystery and suspense, I love to know why people do the things they do and author P.J. Grondin does an excellent job of answering this question. In fact, motives are brought out in painstaking detail that vividly shows the brothers’ anguish.

At times, the back story is a little long and hindered by unnecessary details. Also, introductions to new characters always start with physical descriptions that are tough to remember. Still, kudos to Grondin for telling an interesting tale of brothers who are neither good or bad, but submerged in murky, ethically questionable shades of gray. In this book, making the right decision doesn’t come easily and the suspense ramps up to a satisfying ending.


By  Dennis Batchelder (Bellevue, WA USA) – See all my reviews

Pete Grondin’s “Lifetime of Vengeance” is the first in the series of the adventures of the McKinney brothers.

Pat, Joe, and Mike McKinney were happily running their small-town businesses of an orange grove, nursery, and a marijuana distributorship. They got a bit greedy and ticked off the down channels, and Mike’s new wife ended up paying the price in a brutal rape and slaying.

Fast forward seven years, and Pat and Joe, fresh from service in the armed forces, are all set to get their revenge on the six guys who helped kill Mike’s wife. They stake out the targets, build their alibis, get in position, and guess what: somebody else seems to be beating them to the punch and following their meticulous plans. The bullets are flying, the bodies are stacking up, and the reader honestly doesn’t know who’s gonna make it all the way to the end of the book.

Grondin’s story shows us central Florida in all its backwoods glory, complete with aligators, orange groves, up-and-coming rock stars, bales and bales of pot, corrupt sherrifs, and small-town gangsters.

I liked how Grondin fleshed out his characters, both the good guys and the bad. He paid attention to their backstories, and made the read that much more interesting and exciting for me. Nice job, Pete!


By  Angela M. Hooper “Angela M. Hooper” (USA) – See all my reviews

I would have liked to see more suspense in this novel since a horrific crime is committed in this book. Also, this book was a little too detailed in certain areas, but overall, it is a good read.

Three brothers – Pat, Joe, and Mike run a drug business. Dear, close friends of the brothers decide to get payback on them after they kick them out of the business. They take matters too far. They rape and kill Mike’s wife. Mike, cannot deal with this tragedy and practically loses his mind. Pat and Joe seek revenge, but Mike wants no part of it.

Then, the book takes on a different route. Years pass, but the 2 brothers made a promise to one another to get the revenge they so desire to inflict upon their long lost friends. This is where the suspense loses its power because we learn about both brothers joining the military and how their lives have changed. Both worry over their younger brother Mike who seems to have withered away to almost nothing.

The brothers join back up in their hometown for their final revenge and the suspense comes back into play. However, as they start to enact on their first plan for revenge – something happens to throw them off. Someone else is actually taking out their revenge. Who is this other person? Is it Mike? They are unsure. As the story unfolds, the twist is quite compelling.


By  ellen “ellen in atlanta” (Atlanta, Georgia USA) – See all my reviews

The McKinney brothers were bright, handsome, and they didn’t have good sense.
They got involved in illicit drugs and start making a fortune…intoxicated by the money coming in, they think they can get away with putting filler in the drugs they sell – to their ‘friends’ – but it backfires eventually –
The ‘friends’ get even with the brothers by raping and killing brother Mike’s wife of 2 weeks.
The McKinney brothers straighten up their acts and join the military and become good citizens…although the brother Mike has never gotten over that tragic event.
The brothers have planned their vengeance on the men that committed the murder…but something starts happening – after the 1st killing, the others who committed the crimes are systematically being killed off and it looks like it is done by a professional –
Who is doing this? How did they get the McKinney brothers’ plans?
A Lifetime of Vengeance lays the foundation for a series, establishing the journey of the McKinneys from drug distributors to upstanding citizens. We come to like the brothers and root them on as they fight to maintain their lives in the face of great tragedy.
Plenty of action, mystery and romance to satisfy every thriller fan, Pete Grondin deftly fulfills every facet to create an excellent thriller.


By  David L. Dallas (Genoa, Ohio) – See all my reviews

This first book from Pete Grondin is fast paced and captivating to the point that I could not put it down until I finished it. The McKinney brothers confront the dark side of there past and manage to come out on top. This is a great beginning to a new series of books that grabs you from page one and keeps you hooked until the finish. Grondin has the ability to produce some of the most evil characters you will find anywhere. I hope his imagination doesn’t run dry. This book has lots of action, great characters and a fast paced story line. If you are a fan of this genre, I doubt you will be disappointed.



PJ Grondin

     When I was a little boy living in Sandusky, Ohio I was scared to death of alligators.  I used to imagine that the gators were under and around my bed, waiting for me to make a wrong move.  Maybe I watched too many Tarzan or Jungle Larry movies.  But that fear must have been a premonition.  My parents first moved our family, all twelve of us kids to Bay City, Michigan, then to Maitland, Florida.  Our stay in Maitland was short-lived and we ended up in rural Zellwood, Florida, a half hour north of Orlando and pretty much in the deep south.  Now my fear of alligators turned to fascination.  In junior high and high school, my friends and I used to swim and canoe at Wekiva Springs State Park.  The lake beyond the springs had a number of good sized alligators.  As we swam in the lake the gators kept a healthy distance.  I’m not sure I’d swim with the gators now that I’m older

Growing up in Zellwood had its advantages for a budding writer from north of the Mason Dixon line.  I met so many different characters in my junior high school and high school years.  Many of their personality traits have made their way into some of my fictional characters. 

It’s been a great education having lived in the north and the south, particularly in the rural south where feelings about the War Between the States run strong.  The war may be over but the scars are still there for some.

I graduated from Apopka Memorial High School and worked in the indoor foliage business.  I started my own nursery business while in high school and also worked for others in the nursery business.  It was hard work in very hot, humid conditions, working with fungicides, pesticides, and other ‘cides, some of which are now banned.  We used to handle Mirex, the fire ant poison (which was banned by the EPA), with our bare hands.  I’m still here so it must not have been that bad.

My travels continued after my stint in the south.  After selling the nursery business I moved back to Sandusky, Ohio and started working in retail stores.  It was at the May Company (now Macy’s) that I met my wife, Debbie.  After realizing that I had little future in retail, I joined the US Navy in the Nuclear Power Program, stationed on the USS John Adams in Charleston, South Carolina.  I again encountered a mix of the south and the north.  The locals in Charleston were a great mix of personalities, while my shipmates were an odd mix of intellectuals and grunt workers, all with their own personality traits.  Again this is great fodder for the budding writer.  It was while living in Goose Creek, South Carolina that Debbie and I were married. 

After an eight year stint in the Navy, I again returned to Sandusky and started my civilian career at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station. I work in the Information Technology Department as a Process Mapping Specialist.

The political climate in Sandusky is always charged with small city politics.  In 1993, I ran for the City Commission and was elected to a four year term.  My time on the commission was charged with drama as we had a new city manager who ruffled the feathers of County Commissioners and nearby Township Trustees.  During my tenure, I worked with corporate CEOs, city, county, and state officials, and citizens with all sorts of agendas.  There was never a dull moment.  My one claim to fame was being satirized by our local cartoonist in the Sandusky Register over a comment that I made regarding our sewage treatment plant. 

I only served a single term on the Commission and opted to start my writing career.  I didn’t get far into the project when my wife and I decided to build a house.  We did the general contracting, carpentry, electric and plumbing, floor tile and roofing.  It was a real adventure.  Our marriage actually survived the stress and strain of the adventure. 

Debbie and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in January 2009.  We have two children, both in college studying business.  We also have a Calico cat named Jasmine.  My son has a Bull Terrier named Capone and my daughter has a cat named Grady.  I have eleven brothers and sisters.  Debbie has a brother and a sister.  We have a load of nieces and nephews.  They are concentrated in Florida and Ohio, though a few are in other states. 

I started writing my first novel about the McKinney brothers in the early 1990s.  I finally finished A Lifetime of Vengeance in 2005.  It took over twelve years to get the first half finished.  It took about six months to finish the second half.  My second novel, A Lifetime of Deception, was written in twelve months.  I guess there’s something to those Idiot Guides.  Advance copies of the third McKinney Brothers Novel, A Lifetime of Exposure, are available now, though the official release is not until October 2009.  The next novel, A Lifetime of Terror is outlined.  I expect the book to be completed and ready for release in the summer of 2010.   I know you’re going to enjoy the continuing adventures of the McKinney Brothers.

Peter J. Grondin

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The Holy G-Rail by Michael Schuessler

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  The Holy G Rail THE HOLY G-RAIL

“The Holy G-rail”: (G-Spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into,

•  Paperback: 71 pages
•  Publisher: Self published through, Book Surge Publishing (Feb, 2007)

I am an author, photographer, author, artist and student of the Kabbalah residing in Denver Colorado…My paintings, photography, and writing mirror his belief that all beauty is an expression of the One Self.

I also have produced a music show called Denver’s Heartbeat for the last 15 years, I am familiar with all aspects of the television realm. Being in front of the camera as well directing my own television show..  I’ve also been an artist for the last 25 years.  My many artistic works represent the sensuality, passion, and movement of all forms.  I have been a professional model doing several print and commercial work .

My main focal point for writing this book, The Holy G-rail is helping people to believe in themselves, feel good about themselves and the following letters I have received is a testimonial of what I have to offer your show.

michael's author picMichael Schuessler, Author, Photographer, Artist 





Letter from
 I have checked out your website — I like what you have to say.  Tell me, how do you understand women (people) in general so well?

It all boils down to allowing spirit to flow through me, the emotions and feelings of the individual to come through. Tapping into the areas that I have myself, endured and hopefully shedding light through that experience.

It does darling — and thank you — but you make it sound so easy . You, yes, have a tremendous grasp on “life” and the spirit or emotions and feelings to come through .
And you know what that is probably what makes the difference.  As I told you before I have a Master’s in Psychology although I work in law — and been through a divorce
where my ex cheated on me and hit me — yet I am (believe it or not) 🙂 — extremely insecure — I have to pretend that I am not at times.
You are extraordinary — that is a given — I like you calm confidence — your gentle way.  It is not a cocky, bossy, know-it-all type of energy — if you would.  You are very caring, loving of the people that you talk to and maybe that is what truly does make a difference. Kind of gives me chills.  Michael, maybe it is love and kindness that makes the difference.  After all we know that love is an emotion — but it is also a decision — to love unconditionally when everything else fails.

–Another letter–

I was reading through some of the questions you have answered from some of the ladies on here, but I do not wish for you to use my page name if you decide to post it…   

I am 34 years old. I have been single now for almost 2 years. My ex was not that of the marrying type actually he was quite the opposite. I was with him almost 7 years of my life. He did everything wrong to me including physically attack me repeatedly. Now to look at me, you wouldn’t believe I could have possibly have been through all that but, its true…  But now everytime I even think to share myself or get close to someone. I throw up a shield and I’m more aggressive toward any who try to gain the position. I miss a lot of things about being in a relationship but, I don’t want to end up being bitter like this because, I’m afraid to move forward. Sometimes I actually feel like I’m being watched and I’m scared to death to get caught. Can you please tell me what that means??? I’ve heard a million different opinions but, it has to be something more than I need to just move on. Nobody was there to live through what I went through…
You can call me “Concerned”

  I think first and above all you need to give yourself break… step back and take a breath if you will… You need to see and feel yourself as attracting the kind of relationship you want, and releasing the pain of the past.
    It takes 5 weeks to change cells within the body, so for the next 5 weeks do the things that make you feel lovable, passionate, worthy, the things that make you feel special and beautiful. Every time the wall comes up, or feelings of fear and shame, try to gently push them away and focus on that that makes you feel good.
       Do this for the moment each and every time these feeling come forth, the moments will turn into minutes the minutes into hours the hours into days and the well… after some time you’ll be able to look at relations in a better light.
You will attract the type of relationship you desire, do this also with the fear, if you fear and feel insecure it will draw the type of personality that thrives on that, and you will find yourself in the same type of relationship you strive to get away from.
      You are worthy of a man who respects your bounds and sees relationships the same way you do! You are worthy of love and affection with out pain! You need not settle! You are beautiful and there are men out there that can appreciate all of this!

The first step is releasing the guilt the shame, you made a mistake, now you know the signs and what you do not need within your world. It’s time now to love yourself and focus upon that that you want…. not that that you strive to stay away from.
Give yourself the moments and love you deserve, stop being so hard on yourself, release the fear and then you will become open to all that is good, and all that you truly deserve.

— Quotes; (Many more on my website)

*January 8, 2009~ Radio show “Tantra, Love , Sex and Intimacy”
Host Tanja Diamond, host–“Michael was a delight to have on my radio show, Tantra, love, sex and Intimacy. I found him to be very deep in his experience, candid about himself, respectful and loving towards the art of deep physical connection. I recommend him as a guest for any venue, as he is elegant in his language and adds terrific value to the audience.”

Radio Interviews, Reviews, & Selected quotes;

January 24th, 2007~ Colorado’s 106.7 KBPI, “The Uncle Nasty Show”
‘Ask a Porn Star’ – Host’s- Uncle Nasty & Matt Need, Guest’s, Kim Chambers & Stacy Anderson -HOST- Uncle Nasty; “You Don’t have to ask her how was it? You’ll know! Pick up the book!”-GUEST- Kim Chambers; ‘Adult Entertainment Star and Advice Writer’; “Awesome book! I need to pick up a copy”

January 26th, 2007~ Sirius Radio198’s PLAYBOY RADIO, “Afternoon Advice Show” -Host- Tiffany Granath
-HOST- Tiffany Granath  “I Love it because”, “It’s simple”, “Not overwhelming”, and “It totally works!”

February 21st, 2007~ Colorado’s 106.7 KBPI, “The Uncle Nasty Show ‘Ask a Porn Star’ – Host’s- Uncle Nasty & Matt Need, Guest’s, Kim Chambers & Stacy Anderson,
-HOST- Uncle Nasty; “It takes the chore out of it”, “It will change your life, seriously, it will open up many doors for you, put a smile on your face. It will definitely give you some confidence back” -CO HOST/PRODUCER- Matt Need; “So the truth is, by releasing the power yourself, you actually get all the power back!”

March 22nd, 2007~ Boulder Colorado’s 88.5 KGNU, “Sleepless Nights”-Host’s- Guy Errickson & Victoria, Listen to the whole interview online.

April 28th, 2007~ San Francisco’s 106.9 KFRC,  “Sex With Emily” -Host- Emily Morse “ Your like the Christopher Columbus of the G-Spot!”, Listen to the whole interview online.
June 8th, 2007~ Colorado’s 103.5 The Fox, “Lewis and Floorwax”,-Host’s- Rick Lewis, Michael Floorwax & Cathy Lee, -HOST- Michael Floorwax; “It’s kind of a hand book; rather than a big giant medical book” “It’s short, It’s easy, you can take it with you!”, -HOST- Rick Lewis; ”I’m Learning something” “ I never new that was there” looking at page 40’s illustration.

May 3rd, 2007~ Philadelphia’s 94.1 WYSP, “Matt & Huggy Show”-Hosts- Matt & Huggy

June 4th, 2007~ Wisconsin’s 94.1 WJJO, “The Johnny Danger Show”-Host’s- Johnny, Snuff & Tara, -HOST- Johnny; “Your like the Don Juan of the modern times”
-HOST- Snuff; “ I’m glad you wrote the book for us guys; we can’t even ask for directions, not to mention finding the G-Spot!”

June 5th, 2007~ Sirius Radio198’s PLAYBOY RADIO, “Night Calls”,-Host’s- Christy Canyon & Ginger Lynn, -HOST- Christy Canyon; “That’s why we love your book! So few people know how to find it!” the G-Spot ,-HOST- Christy Canyon; “If you don’t Know where it is” “You need to know, your lady will appreciate it, and Love it!’, -HOST- Ginger Lynn; “What a wealth of information Michael is!”

June 7th, 2007~ Baltimore’s 105.7 WHFS, “The Back Room”-Hosts- Troy Johnson & Jon Boesche’, -Host-Troy Johnson; “Like you said Michael, it’s not about the bam bam bam; you need to take care of your woman!”, -CALLER- Karen; “He is are right on! I’ve never read the book but I want to get it! I’m going to put it on the coffee table!”

June 10th, 2007~ Ohio’s 88.1 WBGU-FM “Sex Talk”, -Host’s- Bob & Andrea, Listen to the whole interview online.

July 12th, 2007~ Hawaii’s 1110 KAOI’S AM “Mind~Body~Spirit” -Host- Liah Howard, Listen to the whole interview Online.

August 11th& 12th 2007~ Colorado’s Dangerous Theater “Kama Sutra” Book Signing.
September 16th, 2007  ~ Book,, American “E-Interview”-Host-Norm Goldman

September 19th, 2007 ~ www.qshouseradio, “Q’s House Radio” –Hosts- Quinton Sheer & Special guest Marisa show #147

September 28th, 2007  ~ Talking sex radio, “The Rev Mel Show”-Hosts’- Rev Mel, Tony Bones and Special Guest, Lady Yvette

October 17th 2007 ~ Boulder Colorado’s, Boulder Daily News,” A Book with a Happy Ending” Featured article and review, – Writer/Editor- Christy Frantz

December 10th 2007 ~ Book reviews by Crystal Adkins:

December 23rd 2007 ~ Authors of My Space, “Featured Book and review” –Editor- Ryan “RH”

 February 18th 2008  ~ Colorado’s 106.7 KBPI, “The Uncle Nasty Show” –Host’s- Uncle Nasty & Matt Need, Guest’s Kim Chambers

 February 18th 2008 ~ The United Kingdom’s, -Chic Today- “Having trouble finding –the- Spot” featured article and review, – Marilyn Campiz-

 March 17th 2008 ~ Crystals Interviews with Authors, “Interview with Michael Schuessler”   -Crystal Adkins-

March 20th 2008 ~ Coffee time Romance Book Reviews, “The Holy G-rail”

April 3rd 2008 ~ Blog Talk Radio. “Anything Goes” –Hosts’- Melissa Bacelar, & Belinda Bently

April 5th 2008 ~ Colorado’s, The Oyster Magazine, “Featured Article and Review” –Jade Shaman-

April 7th 2008  ~ California’s, Talking Sex Radio; In Studio with; “The Rev Mel Show”  –Hosts- Rev Mel, Tony Bones & Special Guest’s Lady “G” & Lady Yvette

April 8th 2008 ~ Sirius Radio 198’s PLAYBOY RADIO, “In Studio with Night Calls” –Hosts- Christy canyon & Vanessa Blue

April 9th 2008 ~ California’s, Dr. Susan Block Show, “In the Studio; The Speak Easy” –Host- Dr. Susan Block with Special Guest Lady “G”
April 19th 2008 ~ Georgia’s CRUNK Magazine, “Editorial Review” – D. Perkins –

June 5th 2008  ~ California’s, The Wet Spot TV, “The Daisy and Duke Show” –Host’s- Daisy & Duke

August 22nd 2008  ~ Texas’s “Blog Talk Radio”, -Host- Angel Lesa

August 27th 2008  ~ Florida’s, Studio Operated Press, “The American Perspective”  –Host-Judyth Piazza

September 12th 2008 ~ Log Free, Press release, “Author Extraordinaire reminds us once again about women”

October 20th 2008  ~ California’s, Sex Without Shame, “Shame Free Zone” –Host- Veronica Monet

November 16th 2008  ~ BBS Radio’s, “The Metaphysical and Beyond” –Host- Nancy Wallace

December 13th 2008  ~ Gayle Etcheverry’s, “GOD Bless Humanity” –Article Post-

December 17th 2008  ~ California’s, LA Talk Radio’s, “Sam And Suzy In The Morning” –Host’s- Sam & Suzy

January 8th 2009 ~ Seattle’s “Tantra, Love, Sex And Intimacy” –Host- Tanja Diamond

January 8th 2009 ~ Blog Talk Radio, “Man Talk Radio” –Host- Cory Watkins

January 8th 2009  ~  “Tantra Café” –Host- Laurie Handlers

January 8th 2009  ~ Canada’s,  “Midlife MOJO Radio” –Host- The Unstoppable, Frankie Picasso

–REVIEWS;  (I have many more on my website)

August 23 2008 ~ A review from Yvonne from The Odd Mind Radio show

“ Last night Lesa had the most amazing author on her show. His name is Michael Schuessler and he is the author of THE HOLY G-RAIL. Now boys and girls, if you don’t know what this is all about you have to listen to the show in archives. No, it is not about a train track. It is not about a monarail track. This book is about how men and women have the ability and knowledge to please each other in the privacy of their bedroom. It is a book about how to learn about each other in ways you didn’t think possible. No, it is not just another sex book. It is not just another how to book. And believe it or not there are some out there who need one. It is an in depth learning experience for both sexes. The book is done very tastefully and is full of wisdom. Michael explores the physical as well as the mental side of the sexual side of a relationship. He shows how the people in that relationship can be very tuned to each other as well as themselves. So go listen to the show, then run don’t walk to buy his book. You will want to add it to your library of knowledge.”
Yvonne of The Odd Mind Magazine-

March 10, 2009
Lady Eros™  (Radio host of Eros
Publisher of Trimaxx Publishers LLC
 Rating:  4 1/2 out of 5 Trinities!  Ecstasy Newsletter-

The author’s tagline is “Changing the world one orgasm at a time!”; and after reading “The Holy G-Rail” I can see how he can make this claim.  This small and powerful book delivers insights into the most elusive yet prized path of the sexual experience.  I have never found this written so beautifully, and from a man no less!  To say that I was delightedly shocked at the depth that was explored and revealed in 70-pages would be an understatement.  Mr. Schuessler has artfully and succinctly laid bare for the world – the tools for your mindset, the map for exploring, and the keys for discovering your lovers deepest anatomy crucial to lovemaking with the intent of focusing on her G-spot and cultivating its secrets.
I recommend this book for each and every person who wants to give their lover that long searched for experience and deepest orgasm – to do it repeatedly, and without fail!

  I had a radio interview recently with  “ Lets talk about it with Sameon” on blogtalk radio  . Feel free to check out my website, for more radio interviews to listen to. I also write inspirational articles on  (Life section) to inspire people. Below is one of my articles:


“What are you doing with your fears this New Year?

Fear as you might, fear as you may… STOP the fear, take the five-week challenge; Attempt to change your fears into something a little more palatable, more passionate; try to release the fear just for a moment and you may find that you can change your life for the better within as little as five weeks.

A stumbling block for many; fear in all-ways can stifle and even block the roads we formulate towards intimacy, closeness, and the relations we attempt to nurture.
Why is it that this most powerful of emotions leads us around in circles? Is it the fear of actually achieving the promise land we truly deserve? Or is it that we do not see ourselves as capable, or deserving?

STOP; challenge yourself to change these deep down thoughts and insecurities, whether they are emotional or even physical, its time to get started! Communication is the secret… It’s all about the words and images we formulate within our own minds, how we communicate with our own true self. It is easier than you think all we need to do is to change these thoughts. The mind works in pictures and images keep it simple, see and feel the things you want to change. It will happen and it is truly magical how this will affect our lovers, friends and even co-workers; it can be quite intoxicating to everyone and everything you come into contact with.

Begin with the fleeting little murmurs that go on within your sphere of activity, you know the ones; strive to push out the negative forms that arise from physical and mental insecurities of guilt and fear. We all have notions of failure in some way or form, whether it’s the images forced upon us by the media, or the pain of actual mental and physical torment, even the guilt of past endeavors gone astray, it matters not where the thoughts come from.

From this moment on gently push those thoughts and feelings out. Only allow the images and emotions of what you truly desire into this, your field of activities.
Think of it as a garden, only plant that which you want to grow and flower, make sure to pull out all of the weeds as they sprout, do not wait until the garden becomes dense and overgrown. As soon as the thoughts of negativity and fear appear, gently pull and remove them, once you do this you will see the positive over come the negatives, and slowly but surely each and every day you will notice a larger span of welcome thoughts and feelings rather than those that are uncomfortable and full of pain..

Take the challenge; in all-ways try to re-connect with the true spirit you see and feel daily within your life, whatever that Spirit may be, (The Spirit that makes you smile and feel love from deep down within, the true spirit of compassion) it’s still there find it and feel it, experience it as you have in the past. Do this for just a moment be patient with yourself; the moments will turn into hours, the hours into days….

It takes 5 weeks to change the cells within your being, it matters not on which level you start, once you begin you will see the results and it will effect each and every moment that life has to share with you.”


 I am also the new Denver Sex and Sensuality Examiner. I have a question and answer column if you’d like to check it out: It’s called “Ask Michael”

My belief is that life is really about the journey. It’s not always the instant gratification that matters, but the journey towards that place deep in your soul.  



Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Michael Schuessler
The Holy G-rail
Denver, Colorado – Check this site out it is amazing.

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