California Author Ameerah Alisande Shows Women How to Empower their Lives with “No One is Coming to the Rescue”

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no one is coming to the rescue“This book allows us to celebrate, remember, and for some, discover that we were magnificently created. A page turner that will transform the way you see yourself. There is so much power in knowing yourself, loving yourself and taking care of yourself.  It is a must read not just for women but for teens, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers…everybody.”
– Palermo Books


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ameerah Alisande, author of “No One Is Coming to The Rescue

While pursuing degrees in psychology and business she also enjoyed the exciting world of fashion and modeling. Down deep she always knew that she would someday be able to affect the lives of others in a meaningful manner. Her desire was to be able to be a positive role model for young women; To be able to inspire, mentor and motivate others as she had been mentored by some very powerful women through the years.

After college, she began her teaching career in the public school system as well as the community at large. She took a sabbatical to write a book and entered the world of business. She rejoined her parents in their family’s virtual college bookstore,

Most recently, her strong desire to see change in the world, and to be an instrument of that change, propelled her to begin preparations. She began to accept speaking and teaching engagements where she gives a message of hope, encouragement, self-worth and empowerment through personal development, growth and courage. She has proved to be an excellent communicator. She is currently pursuing a M.A. in Theology. She is also V.P. of content and culture for FreedomMovement.Net, a social network, where she writes the blog, Powerful Women,” through which she continues to impact the lives of girls and women throughout the world.

Ameerah comes to us with a message to “take control of and take responsibility for your own lives, to shape your own futures, to realize your self worth and to become what you were meant to be;



No One Is Coming To The Rescue”, hails from the Bay Area of California. She has become a consummate observer of human behavior. Her love of writing began at the age of three. She kept little journals wherein she would scribble pages and pages of indecipherable writing (to the untrained eye that is) and she would read them to her family with great passion and drama. Her creativity was apparent even at that early age. At the age of eleven, her 5th grade teacher, Mr. Abadie took notice of her writing skills. He submitted one of her children’s stories to a Writer’s Guild contest which she won. She had written her first award winning African Folktale. Ameerah was now officially an author. This opportunity also afforded her to serve as background vocals on a children’s album, “Everyone Can Be In the Band”, by Alan Spector. Palermo Books.Com, where she heads a division of the website. She writes a column that spotlights inspirational books and materials. Her entrepreneurial spirit emerged and she launched her own business, which enabled her to impact the lives of many people. She contributed to the book “What To Do With A $1: Kingdom Economics Are More Than Tithes and Offerings” by Maximillion Williams and was featured on the audio version of the book as well. Powerful Women.” For more about the author, or to purchase copies of, ”


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Bertha Speaks Out By Fran Lewis

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Bertha Speaks Out



Bertha is my character’s name.

Hoping to get her some glory and fame
Won’t you take a chance and read about her
Bertha Speaks Out you might prefer

She is over weight and not so cute
She is smart and very astute
Her mind works overtime and she has great wit
Never underestimating her I will admit

Resourceful and clever at weight loss camp
She hid her away her snacks this smart scamp
Dealing with tough girls and getting straight A’s
Bertha finally speaks out and changes her ways

A teacher who gave her a really hard time
Would not submit her story and that was a crime
Because her classmates rated it the best
She would not sit still or give it a rest

Although she might not have gone about all the right way
She finally spoke out and had her own day
To express to her parents how she really did feel
You need to read my book Bertha has great appeal.

Fran and Bertha


The reason I wrote Bertha Fights Back is because of 9/11. I was still teaching and two days before one of the students that I taught for two years in  a row in a special reading class of special kids came to say hello when she brought her nephew to school. About a month later her mother came to say hello with her grandson and I asked about my Janine and how she was doing never knowing, until she told me, that she was killed in the first tower on Sept. 11. I dedicated the book to her and to all those who lost loved ones and friends due to the nearsightedness of the people who killed so many people for no reason. fran
This Book is Due out soon!


Bertha Fights Back – Fran Lewis, Author

Added by Ann B. Keller on June 25, 2009 at 8:35pm

There are several elements of truth in this story and Bertha Fights Back will grow on you as it gains momentum.  What begins as a narration of the cruelties inflicted upon an overweight teenager by her cousin, Penelope Mia, quickly changes into a statement of our modern society.

Unfortunately, this is a time in which teenagers somehow manage to threaten teachers and school officials with guns and knives, where fellow students are held hostage by the whims of a few overeager street toughs and learning often takes a backseat to sheer survival.  Bertha herself is plunged into the midst of this conflict and is forced to prove herself, despite prejudice, other people’s lack of faith and the doublts of many of those around her.  Indeed, Bertha comes of age in this story, being transformed from a wounded young girl into a crusader for all that is good and honorable.

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