DeMarco Empire by J Lou MCCartney a Review by Fran Lewis

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DeMarco EmpireThe De Marco Empire Revenge is sweet and murder is even sweeter. Women who are scorned can be powerful enemies and will often go to any lengths to take out their hostilities on those who have wronged them. How far will a woman go to keep what she feels is hers, or in this who she thinks is hers, you will not believe it? Women are shrewd, clever, devious and wicked, as you will learn in this novel by J Lou Mc Cartney, the De Marco Empire. The De Marco Empire is strong: Antonio and Gianni run it with the help of many other players; Stevo, Eddie, Vince, Veronica, Tania, Kyle and Nicholas and more who help run their businesses and clean up after them. But, as all empires, sometimes the structure becomes too old and cracks and soft spots form and the entire foundation falls. The De Marco Empire is about to find out just how the Roman’s felt thousands of years ago when their Empire fell. Corporate takeovers are mild and tame compared to what happens in this novel. Katie Saunders and Lucy Carmichael walk into Antonio De Marco’s club pretending to want a job but really trying to check it out and see what it was like. Although he is with his demanding and conniving fiancé’ Sasha, he becomes mesmerized by Katie and nothing will ever be the same for either one of them. Getting a job as a waitress in the bar, she and her friend Lucy soon become embroiled in a life they will soon regret. But, there is no turning back. Enter Tania and Veronica the head girl and manager of the club who resent Katie and Lucy from the start. But, a natural with the customers, they can’t help but realize that Katie has an innocent and warm quality when dealing with the customers and soon rely on her to handle special clients, including the boss and his girlfriend. But, this is the beginning of the end of his relationship with Sasha, but the beginning of a reign of terror that will follow in her wake. What appears to be the right thing at first for Katie will become a nightmare of tragedies and for everyone. The story opens with Katie Saunders De Marco entering a courtroom on shackles for the cold-blooded murder of her husband Antonio on their wedding night. Cold-blooded, premeditated- or was she framed? So many enemies, so many players, so many who wanted him dead. Sasha, the scorned lover, the Calvi family who had his sister and parents killed for a previous vendetta and Tania, Veronica his head girl at his club and many more. “How did I ever get involved with this family? Why did I decide to become part of a dangerous family? What am I going to do to get out of this mess? I hope that Matt can help me and create a good defense for me or: Katie Saunders De Marco will spend the rest of her life in jail for a murder she did not commit. Antonio De Marco a successful businessman who owns his own clubs and gambling casinos. He is into drug trafficking, gambling, territorial wars, vice, police corruption, and murder. Strong-arming people no matter whether they worked for him or are on the outside does not phase him as long as the means leads to his desired end. Gianni De Marco, his brother, has a dark side and would resort to anything in order to protect his brother and his lucrative businesses and interests. Tania the manager of their club La Pregheira, had a side business of her own with another worker in the club and never thought one of the brothers would find out. Gianni, a lady’s man was engaged to a beautiful woman named Felicia who adored him and looked away from his indiscretions. Greed and the desire to have a piece of Tania’s action, unfortunately caught Felicia the crossfire and she paid dearly. But, that was not the end of the woes of the De Marco family. The worst has yet to come and it would. Making sure that no one would interfere with his plans for him and Katie, Antonio’s brother makes sure that Matt, her first love, and Lucy’s brother, bows out of the picture. Lucy becomes embroiled in this life when she meets Stevo working at the club but is more clearheaded than Katie and takes their relationship slowly. But, Katie falls head over heels and does takes a blind eye to the truth behind Antonio’s business dealings, the murders that occur and are covered up and pushes both Matt and anyone else away who tries to convince her to stay away from Antonio, including his enemies. Scorned and angered by being dumped by Antonio, Sasha goes on her own campaign to enlist others to help her get even with Katie and she soon ensconces herself with Gianni and proves to be a deadly weapon in this war of love, hate, murder and survival. Engaged to Felicia Carmine, Gianni hopes to marry her and become a family man. But that was not to be. Gianni is a greedy man and soon learns that one of his employees has a side business in prostitution and he wants a piece of the action. One of his trusted employees finds out that he is shaking down his partner in this business and Felicia pays the price dearly in order to teach Gianni a lesson. But, does he learn it? Does he stop and think about what might happen next? Revenge is all he knows. I won’t say more except that he has to withstand Sasha because of her father and how he helped him and his brother in the past. Vendetta’s stemming from years before with the Calvi brothers, and the De Marco family resulting in the deaths of their parents and sister. Added to that the Driscoll brothers who deal in drugs and drug trafficking the reading learns that these men are not safe from anyone, as you will learn. From framing a dear friend, Robert Valetti, a business partner for drug trafficking and smuggling drugs in a furniture shipment causing him to commit suicide rather than rot in jail, these brothers form a deadly combination that no one wants the numbers too open. Katie and Robert’s wife form a partnership with several others to expand the business along with an art gallery owner whose business if burnt to the ground and more. With the help of Henry the owner of the gallery and Ralph who designed buildings they would expand their business and hope for success. But, the best laid plans do not always work out and what happens next will not only terrify you but will keep you on the edge of your seat. J Lou McCartney is the master of intrigue, fear and suspense in this groundbreaking novel that gives the reader an inside look at a mafia family and what it means to become one of them. Skeletons in the closet come out to haunt Antonio and his brother Gianni. Murders are covered up so cleverly that they are never solved and bodies are buried so deep you can’t find them. After so many tragedies and so many murders and deaths, Katie and Antonio are married. While preparing a bath for them both on their wedding night someone comes into their suite and murders Antonio. With blood on her clothes and her hands the police come and arrest Katie assuming that she is the murderer and killed him for the insurance money. Matt, now a prestigious attorney and working in his own firm, handles murder cases and he is her only hope. In a loveless marriage and hoping to still find his way back to Katie he agrees to help her. But, can he when the evidence points to her. What happens at the end will stupefy you. What this brilliant author has planned for the characters and what their final fates will be will only be revealed when you read this novel. With twists and turns you will not see coming this author creates an ending that leaves the reader wanting more. I know that this is not the end of the De Marco family nor is it the last you will see of Gianni, Katie, Stevo and more. Will there be De Marco heir that will take over where the brothers left off? I give this book five brand new Italian Made Hand Silk Scarves and Five Expensive Wines Fran Lewis Reviewer

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Coming from Nowhere by Pembroke Sinclair, Review by Fran Lewis

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Sinclair-1Coming From Nowhere by Pembroke Sinclair

Reviewed by Fran Lewis



     You need to always be aware of who is coming toward you when you are driving or are walking down the street. Imagine, listening to your IPod or talking on your cell phone and all of a sudden you are knocked down or knocked out and have no idea where the person or car came from. It came out of nowhere. When you wake up you remember nothing about the incident, nor who you are or your name. You wind up in a place that is more than unfamiliar, frightening and a whole different world that you lived in before. You lost your life. Now, imagine being the CEO of a major corporation and your company is on the stock market and your stock prices are rising daily. Then, one fateful morning you come into work and all of a sudden a group of men and women enter your office with armed guards and you and your fellow officers are escorted out into another office somewhere else to explain that they now own your company: CORPORATE TAKEOVER and worse. Coming From Nowhere is a frightening and thought provoking first novel that gives the reader the reason take a step back and pause to realize that the events in this book make you shake and shudder. If you think 9/11 was horrific or the bombings in England, Madrid or any other foreign country were horrendous the events that take place and the reasons behind them in this book should make everyone start watching their backs and paying closer attention to their lives.


JD or Jane Doe our main character was blindsided. She was knocked out and forced out of her life and woke up in the hospital only to find out the entire memory of her past had been obliterated. This brings me to my review of Pembroke Sinclair’s novel Coming From Nowhere, which definitely has the potential to go somewhere fast.


What started this whole chain of horrific events: People of course. Three countries on Earth: America, England and China each started out living under their own bubble with democratic governments in place. Each country had its own bubble and each had to deal with their daily life basic needs. There were many who lived on Earth and who could afford space travel and they moved to Mars. Earth was overcrowded and with anything or anywhere that has too many people, those that were rich took the opportunity to move to other worlds, which of course created more problems. Naturally, these people needed certain things to sustain their lives and Mars was developed into a Universal Planet.


China, the U.S. and England each set up their own schools on Mars that would function under the structure of democracy. But, not everything works out the way you want it too. When the populations grew and the planet established a mineral export, the democratic structure fell apart and like children or the countries in the world today, instead of coming to a common agreement, they went to war. Mars took matters over and the downfall of democracy occurred and the military took over. Military domes created and Mars was by ruled by one sick and demented general who had her own sadistically agenda. Thus, the fate of JD who was then sent to become one of the Generals soldiers, or someone who would turn into a cold-blooded killer and more.


In walks Roger, the general’s assistant, the general, Skinner, Alex, Maxx, Chris and a host of other dangerous people and inhabitants from the many different worlds and planets in the new solar system. Each having their own agenda, but one so deadly and dangerous the world would never be the same and when looking at its inhabitants you would never know who is real and who is a clone or worse.


What would you do if you knew that you were resurrected from the dead and created from an army of dead soldiers? JD was created that way and had no choice but to deal with it. Sent to military school and programmed to do as they say, she soon learns the severity of what happens when you speak your mind and disobey their rules. With every turn she makes, she finds obstacles. No one to trust, no one to rely on but herself and her physical attributes and strength. Lied to over and over again, tortured by Roger, the General and tested to the limit, JD learns the harsh realities of what these people are planning for the worlds they live in and why. Determination and fortitude are her guide and destroying those in her way, the goal.


Mason, her instructor, one minute on her side, the next not, Roger a crazy and sick minded man who is the pawn of the General who rules all of the planets and more and who everyone would like to destroy. As in the world today, wars ensued, overtaking planets and more continued, killings ran rampart, the collection of dead bodies to use and recreate soldiers the goal. Pembroke Sinclair has shown us the horrors of what could be, if we do not pay closer attention.


Imagine people buying cariensis, animals that are so dangerous that would kill you just by looking at you. So violent, so dangerous that their temperament and demeanor cause them to attack, even the owner when let loose. Who would want them? Those that need to have the power over others to terrify them and to help create their world of robotic soldiers who would do their bidding without question wanted these creatures. In other words, a Master Race fit to survive, but only by their rules.



Thinking they are safe from harm they procure several ships, deliver prisoners from Mars only to have their plan foiled again by Roger, Skinner and the General. But, fear not, the people who are helping them get the dangerous creatures hate the General and Roger even more and the tables get turned. But, JD learns at this point the lesson that Roger hoped she’d learn sooner: HOW TO BE A COLD-BLOODED KILLER!


But, this was not over yet. Many other people from different planets were now involved: Xyphons, Humans, people from Cha’Oon and more banned together to destroy the lab with these Cariensis or creatures that are dangerous and the bodies that were to be recreated from the dead. They were fighting a war to the end and hoping that Roger did not have any backup to work against them. But, the creatures were strong and they would have to find a way to make the creatures repel them in order to survive.


Telepathic thoughts from the Xyphons that entered JD’s mind to the help her fight the war. People that are so diverse and different in appearance working together, just proves that people of different species and races can get along and work toward a common goal.


Inside the lab with the dead bodies and trying to compose herself and not get sick, JD gets the scare of a lifetime and realizes that what might appear to be the truth is sometimes just an illusion. Coming back from the dead, the one person she thought really loved and cared about her, was aiming to kill and destroy her just for the lab and what was going to happen there. Eternal Life: at what cost and to whom? Taking dead bodies and recreating them in the image and form they want and making those that would be undead into living military robots, is not beautiful; it is scary, frightening and mindboggling to say the least. But, at what cost to your self-respect and more. Would you want to have to obey the orders of a mad man for the rest of your life in order to live DEATH FREE? If you disobey or accidentally miscarry out an order you will be terminated? Think about it!


The goal: to take over the WORLD with a reanimated army: Human takeover: World Domination: Watch your Back you will be blindsided.


Isolated and feeling she belongs nowhere, JD realized she had become an emotionless killer, exactly what they wanted from her. She enjoyed killing the people she did and she wanted to kill more.


Mars fell, the horror over, and Alex in charge. Roger and the General awaited trial but JD disagreed and wanted revenge not the courts to decide. She wanted exact revenge and not jail time for these two. They wanted to have a democracy in place on Mars and hopefully follow the rules and thrive. What does she do? You need to read this book to find out.


When all was said and done JD decided to find a new place and a new beginning in a new world away from everything and everyone. Does she? Will she ever be free of her past and start Going Somewhere? You need to read this innovative and unbelievably captivating novel to find out. Just think there could be a sequel and we could find out what really happens to Roger, the General and of course JD. The World and its leaders need to stay focused and awake: YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING OR WHAT



I am the General and I feel justified in what I was trying to do and don’t count me out just yet.


I am Roger and I will do my best to take revenge on JD and all those who helped her and more. How dare they think that Eternal Life is wrong? How dare anyone destroy all that I worked for in order to create the perfect person: Unfortunately, I forgot to make these undead devoid of human emotions. But, watch out and look over your shoulder every minute of every day JD. This is not over yet.





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Time Rift by Elena Dorothy Bowman

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Time Rift CoverSynopsis: Time-Rift


    Throughout history, scholars, anthropologists, historians and adventurers have written numerous stories about lost continents and ancient civilizations.  Some from a historical point of view, others from speculation, and others from earlier scribes who painstakingly etched their history on tablets that were later transcribed and became the written works that were handed down from one generation to another. The historical references imbedded in this novel are not those of the author, but the words of these earlier scribes.
    This novel is a work of fiction based on the premise of “What If?”
    What if what they say is true that a little more than 12,000 years ago a large continent, with all its sacred temples, palaces, centers of Law, ceremonial altars and citizens, vanished in a vortex of fire and water and sank beneath the depths of the Pacific taking 64,000,000 souls with it?  Or, that it is written on the Naacal Tablets, ancient Mayan books as well as legends and inscriptions of other countries that on this land lived a technologically superior civilization that preceded all other civilizations. But on that day, 12 millenniums ago, it plunged into the sea leaving behind remnants of what once was.  Or that Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoas, Cook, Tongus, Marshall , Gilbert, Caroline, Mariannas, Marquesas, and the Hawaiian Islands all stand as pathetic fingers to a once proud continent? 
    If so, then what if now, in this present time, these islands are unknowingly keeping watch over a silent grave, where it has been resting for centuries undisturbed, so deep within the shadows of the Pacific, waiting? —until Trisha.   


        *Excerpts and reviews of all my novels can be viewed on my website:


By Elena Dorothy Bowman
ISBN# 1-59431-516-0
Write Words Inc./

Review from Mystery Fiction Network
Genre:  Fantasy Romance

     With a desire to learn as much as she could about the ancient people of Mu and if the Hawaiian Islands could be a remnant, Trisha Holden returned home to immerse herself in old legends. This takes her into the waters around the islands to explore and learn with an old friend named Martin who was native to the islands.  Martin teaches her the old myths and legends connecting Hawaii to Mu. Can there really be a connection? Could any of this be true.  
    Going against all warnings not to dive alone, Trisha takes her boat out and dives.  A seaquake traps her and she thinks she will die after running out of air. On awakening, she finds herself trapped in a bubble with descendants of Mu.  There will be no escape for the Pacific Ocean rolls restlessly overhead.
    She is taken under the wing of a man named Kan who is the High Priest of this remnant of Mu. Trisha vows she will return to her home as she does not intend to remain a prisoner below the ocean even though Kan tells her that this could get her killed.  With this threat and the discovery that she has earned the enmity of the high priestess, Trisha explores and tries to learn how she might escape. That the bubble that has so long preserved its people shows signs of weakening is not encouraging either. 
    A fun read by talented author Elena Dorothy Bowman that reintroduces us to old legends of the lost continent of Mu which serves as a setting where well drawn characters work out their destinies.  Excitement and menace serve to capture your attention.  Recommended for any fantasy or romance fan who enjoy something different.  Enjoy.  I did.
                                                                                                                                                    –Anne K. Edwards Mystery Fiction Network

Review from Once Upon A Romance
Genre/Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance

    Trisha Holden likes nothing better than to swim the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean searching for lost treasure. As part of her archeology research, Trisha scours the ocean looking for indicators of Hawaii ’s lost civilization. The stories that Martin, an old family friend, tells her of the lost civilization on Mu fascinate her. Twelve thousand years ago Mu disappeared under the sea. Is it just a legend or much more than that?
    The other thing that interests Trisha is why normally solid airstrips are reported as moving, the water is warmer then normal and the ocean floor is suddenly stirred up. What is going on? Trisha soon finds out when she is caught up in an under water earthquake that sucks her into the lost undersea world of Mu.
    As the sea floor opens up and she is thrust in the beautiful submerged world of Mu, Trisha is stunned. What she always hoped existed is actual fact. Mu is an island trapped beneath a transparent water-sky, energy field the holds the Pacific Ocean back. The other thing that surprises her is the inhabitants. They are smart, cultured, beautiful people who can read her mind.
    When Trisha meets the High Priest Kan, she knows she has met him before normal land. What is he doing in the underwater world of Mu and why is he telling her she can never leave? He left why can’t she? And why is he denying otherwise? But that is not Trisha’s only problem. Myaculi, the High Priestess, is not happy the Kan her betrothed is taking such an interest in the unwelcome terrestrial. Beware the woman scorned.
    It’s a fascinating concept to think of an ancient society existing unknown under the sea. Time-Rift is a what if and why not book. What if Mu existed? What could be learnt from this world? Although, in a lot of ways, the society of Mu is described in futuristic terms, there is also ancient rituals like sacrifices and cruel punishments. You can see why the character of Trisha, an archeologist is so caught up in learning what she can.
    Time-Rift is full of jealousy and vengeance. It is romantic and sweet. There is also a strong historical emphasis on Hawaiian legends which I found interesting. There is also the fear of what happens to an old society when faced with an outsider coming in. Concepts like greed and disease compete with one society’s survival.
    I found the romance between Trisha and Kan happened very quickly without the usual, hoped for build up of tension and awareness. I realize love happen quickly and maybe love underwater is even quicker but I was a little disappointed. 

Time-Rift is interesting. I have never read anything like it before. That makes it a refreshing read.                                                                                                                                                        — Janet Davies – Once Upon A Romance


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