A.O.G.s are Here By Mike Houston

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AOG Are here



“Don’t you worry I’m just going to take a quick look around and will be back within thirty minutes.  Meanwhile you tell Donnie and Jeff to keep an eye out for that monster and if it appears get out of here.”

 “And leave you?” “Yes I’ll be better off in the water as it will try to attack you guys first.” With that said he dropped over the side to the ramp.  As he adjusted the tanks the porpoises started there chirping sounds and splashed water at him. So they were a bit frisky he thought as he finished donning his gear and stepped into the sea.  As soon as he hit the water the porpoises came forward and nudged him playfully then started swimming out towards the east. He dove to a depth of twenty-five feet and followed them.  All around him were sea creatures swimming north. Something had really spooked them. It had to be the monster. As he followed the porpoises they dove deeper. Keeping them in sight he stayed at the same level continuing in an easterly direction. Suddenly he felt something brush him from behind. It was one of the porpoises returning to him and beckoning him to go deeper. What the heck! He might as well he thought.  He kicked out and descended to a depth of one hundred feet before he saw the other porpoise. It was circling around some object that looked vaguely familiar. It dawned on him that it was one of the minisubs and from the looks of it; it was stranded on some kind of underwater reef.  As he swam closer he glimpsed movement in the front window area.  Dear God, it was one of the scientists.  He approached the window and tapped on it to get her attention.  As she stopped moving and looked at him he saw that she was wearing the emergency breathing mask and was trying to pry open the escape hatch.  He pointed to himself and motioned that he would try to open it from the outside and for her to remain calm.  She nodded and smiled at him as she gave the thumbs up sign.  Good Lord, It was Mel!  He swam to the top of the sub and surveyed the hatch cover. It had been mangled by the monster when it had lifted it out of the sea.  The only way he was going to get it open was by some miracle.  Two minutes went by when it dawned on him what he could do. Looking at his spear gun he came up with the idea to use the explosive shells and blow the hatch open. He gathered his spare shells from his dive pouch and started tying them to the hatch cover using diver’s tape.  He knew it was dangerous, but it was the only solution. After he had the shells firmly in place he took some detonating fuse from his pouch and wrapped the shells with it.  He then returned to the window and motioned to Mel what he planned on doing and she should get back from the hatch.  She nodded and pointed to the small desk in the forward area. She was going to get behind it.  He nodded and watched her as she climbed behind it. When he was sure she was protected he returned to the hatch cover and started the final procedure. He removed two flares from his pouch and attached one to the shells and with the other he lit the fuse. He prayed that it would work.  First there was a sizzle then a huge yellow light as the two flares caught and the shells ignited.  The blast was terrific knocking him for a somersault. When he recovered he swam to the sub and looked into the hole. Mel was trying to climb out. He reached inside grabbed her and pulled her up and out. As soon as he had her away from the sub he attached his breathing mask to her and let her have a few breaths.  At first she gulped the air then she slowed down and after a minute she smiled.  He took the mask back and took a couple of breaths and pointed upwards.  She nodded and holding on to him they started their ascent. They rose slowly taking frequent stops so that she could acclimate to the pressure changes


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