P.I. Barrington’s Soon to Be Released Crucifying Angel is A Five Star Read

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CrucifyingAngelCoverArt[1]Crucifying Angel. When P.I. Barrington asked me to read her newest thriller I had no idea what I was getting into. Crucifying Angel is not your run of the mill serial killer. This book takes the reader into the future as in 2032. The criminals are still the same. They still kill, maim and generally make life miserable for the rest of the world. The method of solving those crimes is quite different. Ms. Barrington blends the future with the present and makes a spellbinding read. She gives many layers to her main characters, Payce the female American Detective and her British Counterpart Gavin. These two characters play off of each other and create a dialogue that keeps the reader turning the page not just to see “who done it” but to also see if these two conflicted people can find a middle ground for the passion they find themselves feeling for each other. Ms. Barrington plays the reader like a finely tuned piano with the twists and turns and the undercurrent of electricity of Det. Payce and Det Gavin. She then adds the timpani of the serial killer and his misguided reasons for what he does. Crucifying Angel is absolutely a must read, but beware, you will have to get the next installment. The best is yet to come. Defiantly a five star read.


Yvonne Mason, Author Silent Scream – A True Crime Novel

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Stars & Shields, Cop Stories – Edward T. Cook, Author

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Stars & Shields

Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘One afternoon, two officers had parked their police vehicles alongside each other and they were talking. All of a sudden, one officer observed a homeless person taking his clothes off near their vehicles. The homeless person was asked why he was taking his clothes off. The homeless person stated to the officers that he was too hot. The homeless person then put his clothes back on and left the area.

About ten minutes later, the officers got a call about a naked man walking on the sidewalk in front of the downtown restaurants. When the officers arrived, there in front of them was their homeless man, fully naked and enjoying a stroll downtown.’

This is just one of the many “Cop Stories” told by Cook in his book Stars & Shields. Some of the stories will make you mad and some will make you laugh, but all will give you a better idea of the trials these unsung heroes go through day by day. This may be a short read but it’s a good one.

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