Why Me? Why Her? Why Anyone?

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Fran Lewis bookSynopsis of WHY ME? WHY HER? WHY ANYONE?

Author: Fran Lewis


The purpose of this book is to make people aware of the need for a cure for Alzheimer’s. This deadly disease has no cure and has taken too many lives in the 103 years since Dr. Alzheimer’s discovered it. I have written stories in my mom’s own words, poems about her and the way the disease treats people and how humiliating it is for the person to live with this and not be able to control what is happening to them. I have included dedications by family and friends to my mom and to loved ones in order to honor them or remember them.


The book includes my mom’s own blog and words that tell her story from the beginning until now. I even included a research section and caregiver tips to help people with families who need to get the care and the help for loved ones. I have included the types of care that people might need and at what stages these types of care might be needed. Included in this book are the questions to ask your doctor and how to tell family members when you are diagnosed with the illness and how to deal with living arrangements.


I also included in this book which I think is vital the types of legal documents needed by a person with this illness and the importance of having a health proxy, power of attorney and either will or a legal document specifying how this person wants his/her money and affairs handled as the disease progresses. In my mom’s case she made me promise never to put her in a facility. She wants to remain at home as long as the home health aides feel they can care for her.


Finally, I have included some up to date research that is going on to help find a cure for the disease along with telephone numbers and websites to learn more about this illness.


The book will tell about important events in her life but it is not a biography. The main purpose is to write not only about her but about other people with the disease too and to hopefully use the book as another resource for information.


The approximate word count is between 40 and 45 thousand words.


Description of Why Me, Why Her, Why Anyone?


The Story Of One Woman’s Journey With Alzheimer’s Disease


Ruth Swerdloff’s Gripping and Heart Wrenching Words


The purpose of this book is to create more awareness for a cure for this horrific disease that not only tears away at all of the layers of a person’s mind but rips away any dignity they might have..  Alzheimer’s is not curable. There are no real medications to slow down what will happen to a person. My mom is on two and neither one has slowed down the progression of the disease nor have they reversed it.


I have learned in the past five years that there are many important things that everyone should know about getting the care for their loved one or themselves before the disease finally takes over and you cannot make these decisions for yourself.


The book will have my mom’s story, her blog from the day she found out she had this disease and stories in her own words. It will have tips for caregivers, like myself to learn how to help the person, what medical services are available and how to get them. The book has information on the stages of the disease, what legal documents need to be filed and prepared and what types of care is available for the person. It has dedications from family members and short anecdotes about memories about times they spent with her and more.


The audience that I am targeting is everyone. I think young children; young adults and all adults need to have a full understanding of this disease and how it affects everyone in the family. It can destroy relationships and it does put stress both mentally and physically on the person who has taken on the role of caregiver. The book has information to help the caregiver deal with this stress and take care of him or herself.


Rather than have a table of contents and list chapters, I have organized each section of this book into parts. The first part will be the introduction, the second Why Me? the third Why Her, and the Fourth Anyone? Part Two will include the stages and the things you need to ask your doctor and a guide to questions you need to ask when you find out you have this illness. The next section will have dedications and from people around the world who have family members who had the disease or have it now.


Finally, I have included information that I feel everyone needs to have about the illness and some history about its founder. The final pages are pictures of my mom and her family.

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