Bayou Blood By Jerry Pat Bolton

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Bayou BloodIn my 335 page thriller, “Bayou Blood,” another south Louisiana thriller, the serial killer called The Beast has escaped an underground imprisonment and is angry and bent on wrecking havoc with the two who put him there, ex-Detective Purvis Champagne and Race Benoit. This is the harrowing sequel to another thriller, “Rank Stranger.”


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I think we should only read books that wound and stab us.-Kafka


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God Sleeps Tonight by Jerry Pat Bolton

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God Sleeps TonightCindy Landry and her husband were abducted and held in an isolated house for two days filled with torture and sexual assault. Cindy’s husband was murdered and she was left for dead. With the help of the murderer’s sister, who he also sexually abused, they exact revenge. The lackadaisical court system seems more inclined to bend over backward for the torturer and murderer of Cindy and her husband. But, in my 249 page novel, “God Sleeps Tonight” what goes around, comes around for Cindy and Imogene, a truly pitiful character have their day(s).


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Rank Stranger by Jerry Pat Bolton

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Rank Stranger 

In my 315 page thriller, “Rank Stranger,” Sans Souci, Louisiana is The Beast’s next target for mayhem and murder. Thornton Ashe named himself The Beast many years and many murders ago. An unlikely candidate for such a name, Thornton is a bit on the nerdy side. Still, the name fits our wary and elusive cold-bloodied killer The horror The Beast has spawned over the years began innocently enough as a social experiment, but soon turned into something personal and very deadly. After selecting Sans Souci to terrorize next, The Beast chooses Race Benoit as his “Specimen.” But, as Race will find out, it The Beast isn’t only interested in him. The Beast begins to target people Race is close to in a sadistic attempt to see how much stress Race can withstand.


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A Real Basket Case – Beth Groundwater, Author

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I loved this book. Usually I have the bad guy figured out about halfway through a book. Not with this one. “A Real Basket Case” didn’t reveal the killer until the last few pages. And I can’t believe who it ended up being. This has been a really enjoyable book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. Beth, don’t change your way of writing!
Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

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