An Up and Coming New Indie Author Johnny Parisi Brings Readers The Perfect Diet

December 15, 2011 at 1:52 pm (health) (, , , , )

The Perfect Diet

Like most of the human race at one time or the other everyone of us has tried to lose weight. Sometimes the losing it was not as hard as keeping it off. Johnny Parisi an up and coming indie author has written about the perfect diet. No, it is not full of recipes – no it is not about starving yourself and no it is not about hours and hours of walking a tread mill. It is about common sense, knowing your body, and working with what you have.

None of us gain weight or lose weight at the same rate. Nor do we keep it off at the same rate. Some of us can exercise until we drop and still not keep weight off. Some of us can diet until we die and still not lose a pound. Johnny explains all of this in a way that anyone young or old can understand.

He offers common sense suggestions and how to be in tune with your body and your needs. He also explains discipline and how it factors in ones life.

This is a must read book for not just dieting but good health both mentally and physically and emotionally.

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