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A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

Yvonne Mason’s latest release takes you on an unforgettable ride between past and present. Jonas Biggs, along with his niece Savannah start on a dig at the site of a former prison camp, called Andersonville. What they discover there will take them on a journey of mystery, and horror, that eventually leads them to deeply buried secrets from the civil war. A shocking cover up from a hundred years ago, begins an ugly cycle which rears it’s nasty head in the present when a security guard and museum worker conspire to make hell for the present ancestors of the original family involved.
A Voice From The Grave has it all, history, spirits, and greed leading people to horrid acts, as each generation of the family catches wind of the shocking secret, that finally reveals itself in the present with a vengeance. Even if you are not an avid historical fiction reader, the plotline is enough to keep you reading as every perplexing detail is uncovered in a hundred year old mystery.

Jennifer Brown
Author of In Jen’s Words: Facing the Issues
coming July 29 2010

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Author Jennifer Brown Brings Dedicated to Courtney, Celebrity Secrets,Secrets Unearthed,Damaging Secrets

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Dedicated to Courtney coverDedicated to Courtney After getting kicked out by her father at seventeen, Amanda Litton has found something that fuels her passion. Now a film student, rooming with her friend Lyndsy Calhoun, she is looking for the perfect subject for her documentary, when she notices the local newspaper’s entertainment editor in footage taken, while brainstorming for ideas. Jonathan Kramer is responsible for Amanda’s first stellar review in film. Amanda couldn‘t help but admire him in so many ways. Jonathan becomes her reluctant subject as he writes a book about his sister Courtney, disappearing years ago, which left him in a questionable state at times, in the past. Hoping to get past it, the book is a form of potential closure to Jon. But someone doesn’t want the past re-opened in a book or on film. Amanda determinedly sticks by Jon to get the truth, as answers are revealed about Courtney and her own past.




Celebrity SecretsCelebrity Secrets For Elissa Harner, one of Hollywood’s newest actresses, nothing could be better. Upon celebrating her twenty-first birthday, she has just finished filming her new movie,and is romantically involved with it’s producer Kevin Lytle. Events take an unexpected turn once Elissa comes back to her hometown to spend more time with her family, and attend her movie premiere bash. A recently released book detailing the events from a nightmare in Elissa’s past, turns up in her fan mail. Despite her attempts to keep the past buried, her overprotective father steps in, wanting to resolve it once and for all….leaving Elissa no choice but to face her past…..



Secrets Unearthed Secrets Unearthed Life has definetly not been easy for actress Elissa Harner lately. That’s why her fiance Kevin decides the best thing for her is a vacation to The Virgin Islands, despite the turmoil her family is in. But when another vacationer turns up in the same hotel where they are, it turns into a nightmare for Elissa, as deadly secrets are unearthed about those Elissa loves most!





Damaging Secrets 2Damaging Secrets Actress Elissa Harner thought her trip to The Virgin Islands would be just what she needed. Now, she’s dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and other chilling resurfacing memories. As she makes the decision to return to St. Louis, it may be too late…..







Jennifer Brown is the author of the Celebrity Secret series, as well as her most recent novella, Dedicated to Courtney. Her website features another series, and novel which is available exclusively through her online store The third book in the Celebrity Secrets series will also be available through her o nline store soon.
     Jennifer is 33, and is currently living in Ohio and looking to get the first of a psychological suspense series published by next year.

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