Letters From Heroes – Edward T. Cook, Author

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Letters from Heroes
‘Dearest Ruth,
I am working tonight until midnight and will be thinking about you and wishing I could be by your side. To me it seems like eternity since the last time I saw you. Can’t help but remember what a soldier told me once, “This is a lonesome war.”
I’m a baby boomer so I was around during the Viet Nam war. Many of my friends were drafted, went off to fight this war and some didn’t come back. And many of those that did come back live to this day with the nightmares of what they went through and saw. With the problems going on in today’s world, many of us have friends and family serving in the military or know someone who does. We’re constantly seeing news reports about roadside bombings that have taken the life of one or more of our brave soldiers. We feel their pain as they deal with being miles away from family and friends. We also feel the pain of the families and friends knowing their loved ones are in such grave danger.
Letters from Heroes is exactly that… letters written to loved ones by soldiers fighting to help keep the world safe. As I read these letters I felt as if I was the one receiving them. Most letters were fairly upbeat but if you read between the lines you find feel the loneliness, hunger, sickness and fear. You also feel the dependency that each soldier places and accepts from their fellow soldiers who have become both their closest friends and protectors.
Letters from Heroes is a very touching book that will at times make you smile and cry. Read this book and you will read the true feelings of soldiers around the world as they do what they feel must be done to protect. These men and women are truly the real HEROES of the world.

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Stars & Shields, Cop Stories – Edward T. Cook, Author

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Stars & Shields

Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘One afternoon, two officers had parked their police vehicles alongside each other and they were talking. All of a sudden, one officer observed a homeless person taking his clothes off near their vehicles. The homeless person was asked why he was taking his clothes off. The homeless person stated to the officers that he was too hot. The homeless person then put his clothes back on and left the area.

About ten minutes later, the officers got a call about a naked man walking on the sidewalk in front of the downtown restaurants. When the officers arrived, there in front of them was their homeless man, fully naked and enjoying a stroll downtown.’

This is just one of the many “Cop Stories” told by Cook in his book Stars & Shields. Some of the stories will make you mad and some will make you laugh, but all will give you a better idea of the trials these unsung heroes go through day by day. This may be a short read but it’s a good one.

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