The Imposter By Elena Dorothy Bowman

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The ImposterThe Imposter
By Elena Dorothy Bowman
ISBN# 1-59431-535-3 – ebook and Kindle book formats
Write Words Inc./

*Synopsis: The Imposter*
   This is based on a true story. The names of the individuals concerned, the dates, times, places, and actual localities where these events unfolded were changed to protect the innocent. The studios mentioned, were the actual studios involved, although it should be noted that they were completely unaware of how they were being used.
   It all began with a newspaper article in a major local paper.  According to the article, a woman sold a book she had written as “property” to a movie producer, and as a result, a new nighttime television series was born. The series, fifteenth in the ratings, had been running successfully for several years. Naturally, this made Mrs., although she preferred to be called Ms., our local novelist, a heroine of sorts and, as she portrayed herself, a willing contact in the arts.
   Her list of publications, read like a /Who’s Who./ According to her resume, she had been writing and publishing short stories, novelettes, ‘How To’ Books, and full length novels for over thirty years, in such prominent publications as: /Astounding Science Fiction; Woman’s Day; Little Brown, W.R. Putnam’s & Sons, Inc.; Random House; Harper and Row/ to name a few, all under a pseudonym. She was quite an amazing lady. Not only was she a writer, but she was also an Opera Singer. She performed in such major productions as:/ Jesus Christ, Superstar; Romeo and Juliet; La Traviata; The Pirates of Penzance; /and soloed in many other operas and shows including:/ Oklahoma; My Fair Lady; South Pacific; Finian’s Rainbow; Man of LaMancha; and Kiss Me Kate./ And of course, there was her book she sold to /Aaron Spelling Productions.  /The article also read she sang with /The Glenn Miller Orchestra/ as one of the Modernnaires and she had worked on the backdrops to the first science fiction movie…/Destination Moon.
/    Two local women, having read this article and believing in its validity, were hoping for an avenue to open up for their talents through a mutual contact, since they were both involved with writing and producing a musical stage play. A phone call to this “successful Hollywood Writer” resulted in a meeting at which time she promised to be their “contact”. With the addition of their artist friend, the imposter led them down a twisted path of well-placed lies and acts of deception. A sequence of promises broken caused one of the local women to investigate the validity of the “Hollywood Writer’s” claims of her involvement with major movie and television studios, publication agencies, and local newspapers sources. Following a trail of false claims to their origins, the truth was unfolded one page at a time through phone calls that involved Hollywood Studios, Writer’s Agencies, the Yellow Pages, Psychologists, and with the local newspaper correspondent who originated the story. This clever imposter had beguiled professionals and novices alike at their own disciplines.

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