Death of a Perfect Man By M.M. Gornell

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DPMSDeath of a Perfect Man

Short Synopsis


Jada Beaudine has lost her husband Terry in a tragic and mysterious boating accident–and she badly needs a change.  She leaves her home in Puget Sound to get away from the horror, the memories, and the relentless glare of publicity that surrounded her husband’s death.

Alone, she drives south and by the second evening finds herself taking a wrong turn in the stark Mojave high desert of interior Southern California.  While mesmerized by the bigger-than-life beauty of a desert sunset, she nearly runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere.  Amid mounting apprehension, she manages to find the odd “Red Rock Inn & Café,” a lost, creepy old resort from some other place and time–where, Irina, a strange emerald-eyed woman materializes and convinces her to stay the night.

She’ll check out early in the morning and be on her way, right?

But by morning, events unravel quickly and Jada finds herself pulled straight into the scene of a bizarre murder.  As she reluctantly tries to make sense of this murder, it’s soon followed by yet another.  And all the while, Jada is being followed by people with varied, surprising and even sinister agendas of their own.

Yes, she may have a knack for solving murders—as psychic Irina seems to know—but in this off-kilter scenario, Jada has her own powerful hunch that the next victim will be her.  And every time she tries to leave this otherworldly place, she finds that somehow she can’t


M.M. Gornell is a lifetime lover of mysteries of all types, and her favorite novelist is P. D. James.  Besides reading and writing, she is a potter with a fondness for stoneware and reduction firing.

Also a gardener, she is continually searching for desert adaptable plants to nurture–especially rare fruit trees such as Jujube.

M.M. Gornell lives with her husband and assorted canines in California’s high-desert.  You can visit her online at,, and email her directly at

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