Country Bob’s Cookbook

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Country Bob's Cookbook

In Country Bob’s Cookbook you’ll find recipes for everything from Wingettes to Country Bob’s Chip Dip in the Appetizer section. There is Sour Cream Slaw Dressing and Cucumber and Tomato Salad in the Salad section. And Foil-Wrapped Chicken and Grilled Chicken-in-a-Pocket in the grilling section. Most of the dishes are made using Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce, which I’ve used and love. The flavor blends of this sauce adds the perfect touch to anything from baked beans to meatloaf. And I can’t wait to try their recipe for Country Bob’s Steak Taco in the main dish section.

I made one of the cakes from this cookbook and have to admit that I did make 3 changes. I used butter instead of the margarine and I used black walnut flavoring instead of the butternut. My reasons? I always bake with butter and I had no butternut flavoring so I substituted using the black walnut. My only other change was that I baked mine in a tube pan instead of 3 cake pans. Again, my reason? I just like to bake cakes in tube pans. But I still ended up with 3 layers. I simply slice my cake creating 3 layers. The cake is not only beautiful but the taste is wonderful.  And the recipe for Country Bob’s Butternut Cake, as well as all of the recipes I’ve found in this book, are simple.

If you would like to see a picture of my cake, visit my site

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