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Bertha Fights Back

Bertha Fights Back – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Walking into my homeroom class, I realized that something was definitely going on and I was beginning to think that I might not want to know what it was. One of the boys, Dan, looked at me and then at his cell phone and burst out laughing and almost fell off of his chair. Since the teacher was not there, which seemed odd, no one stopped what was going to happen next.’

‘As I was just about to sit down, I turned around and saw that all of the kids in the class were using the internet on their phones. Some were sharing the information they found with other kids. Some were on Facebook, My Space or YouTube. Others were looking at pictures sent from one phone to the next. Everyone was staring at me.’

Someone had posted pictures of Bertha in the girl’s bathroom changing into her gym uniform on Facebook, My Space and YouTube. Other pictures showed her throwing spitballs and wads of toilet paper all over the walls and floor of the girl’s bathroom. On the door someone had written “Bertha Rules.” Not a very nice thing to do to a 13 year old who has always been overweight, not very good in sports nor dancing and has definitely never been very popular with kids her own age. But she is smart and always makes her parents proud with her grades.

In Bertha Fights Back, Bertha decides to find out who put these pictures out there in cyberspace and to get her revenge. No more nice girl Bertha. But revenge doesn’t come without a price. Bertha decides to join a gang but finds out that being a gang member gets her into more trouble than she expected and trouble comes with a price. In Bertha’s case, community service.

When the school band room is broken into, Bertha is called upon by her principal to do a little detective work. She and a group of other students start looking into the destruction and theft of the musical instruments. Along the way the group encounters students who are upset about foreign students attending their school to the point of not only writing graffiti on the walls but also physically harm some of the students.

Bertha Fights Back brings to life what all young people need to be taught. One of the lessons Bertha learns through her experiences is that being a gang member is not the answer. She also learns that being a Bully is not the answer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading as Bertha grew up and took on the responsibility for the things she did whether they were right or wrong. To me, this is a good book for both young people as well as adults to read.

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Gone Away Into The Land By Jeffery B Allen

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John with Flag Staff

Shifting in and out of reality, this inspirational story follows 12-year old John Greber, who with his mother, Ellie, suffer abuse at the hands of John’s father, whom he calls “The Beast.” The Beast abandons his family and kidnaps John’s six-year old sister, Marny. John vows revenge as he seeks to confront his father and rescue his sister.

Jeffrey B. Allen takes us on a fantastic journey into a Land where John and his mother become embroiled in a Civil War that could destroy the Land and the World, so John must tread carefully. This coming-of-age novel travels a totally different path than expected. With both poignancy and adventure, it proves that the strength of the human spirit can overcome all odds.


“There is a faint dream-like quality to this book, a metaphoric attribute as it deals with themes of friendship, loss, violence, courage, greed, innocence, selfishness and love. It is an adventure, an allegory, a bittersweet fantasy filled with subtle meaning and depth that never loses its appeal. GoneAway Into the Land is a captivating book with a creative narrative that quietly lures a reader into an original world that is fully realized and thoroughly absorbing. It transcends into a superb piece of fiction, and I recommend it highly.” – A.F. Stewart, author


Born: New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1953.

Jeffrey B. Allen graduated High School from Central Bucks East in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It was 1972.

He studied art at Bloomsburg University for two years before attending Boston University where he majored in European history and minored in set design and fine art. A one year hiatus in the form of a hitchhiking trip helped appease his restless and inquisitive nature. Allen attributes that early journey to laying the foundations for his strong views on politics and religion. Later, he traveled through Europe and Mexico forming some strong opinions concerning the relationship between history, politics and religion. “Those years of learning, searching, and questioning have contributed greatly to the philosophical depth of my writing.”

Allen graduated from Millersville State University in architectural design and taught for two years while also working toward his Masters Degree at Temple University in Philadelphia. After a brief teaching career, he created his own architectural woodworking firm in 1981.

By 1982, Allen was owner and president of Artistic Furnishings Incorporated, a design house and a manufacturer of custom architectural millwork. The company employed designers, artisans and support staff. His work can be seen throughout eastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey in private residences and businesses. During those years he traveled at home and abroad and studied the architectural works, both classical and modern, within every city he visited. “The inventiveness of the architect and the genius of the structural engineer always amazed me; so many of the nuances of history can be discovered within the architecture of civilized man.”

In 1996 Allen received his fifty-ton US Coastguard captain’s license and followed that with extensive sailing adventures and chartered voyages. In 2006 Allen received the Holt Businessman-of-the-Year award. In 2007 Allen sold his architectural woodworking business and soon after published his first Novel, GoneAway Into the Land. He writes as the Interior Design Specialist for the Lehigh Valley Examiner and contributes articles as an expert author for publication through Ezine Articles and other internet sites. Allen is currently working with a new publisher and expects his second novel, Beneath the Quarry Waters, to be published in early 2010.

Today, Jeffrey Allen resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he consults in the field of interior space planning, although most of his time is devoted to writing. 

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Author Eleanor Murphy Brings Her Readers “Love Unforgetable”

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stcroix series 168Tamika has the hots for Jay, but Jay has only eyes for Melissa.
Tamika surprises Jay, with news, that after their one night stand, she is pregnant
with his babies.  She is having twins.
Jay does not know how to tell Melissa, that is is going to be a father.  Especially
since he is not in love with the mother to be.  Jay and Melissa, takes a trip to Barbados,and Jay asks Melissa to marry him.
When they get back to new York from their trip, Melissa finds out she too is pregnant.  Jay is forced to tell Melissa about the baby, before Tamika c confronts Melissa.  How will Melissa take the news?  And is Tamika ready to be a mother to her twins?  Can Jay handle being a father too three babies…………………………………………..

Bio: Eleanor I Murphy
I grew up in St. Croix Virgin Islands, and attended
college in the mainland.  After graduation, I joined the work force, and started my thirty year career with Department of State.
After thirty years of service I decided to retire and fulfill my dreams.  Writing is one of them. 
Love Unforgettable is my first romance novel published, I am working on the sequel.  I have another book coming out in the fall “Rojo Flames”


Author –

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Closed Eyes Who’s Killing Our Children by Jim Benish

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eyes closedNew Book Urges Colorado Law Enforcement to Reexamine JonBenet Ramsey and Other Cold Case Files

Author and retired detective, Jim Benish, announces the release of a new book, “Closed Eyes Who’s Killing Our Children” In the book, the author examines the murder cases of two Colorado children –and finds similarities to the JonBenet murder.


PRLog (Press Release)Jul 16, 2009 – In 1993, Benish worked for the Thornton Police Department in Thornton, Colo. At this time, he reopened the Neef file; a murder that took place in 1984. After some investigation, he discovers that the initial suspect was cleared without due reason. However, Benish learns that the investigation was peppered with inexperience and error.


As the author digs deeper into files, he begins to draw connections.  He learns that welding particles were on the victims’ bodies and clothing; the suspect in the Neef and Berrelez cases was a welder. Benish also discovers that the suspect had been arrested or seen in close proximity to all of the crime scenes.

“Almost one year ago, the Ramsey family was eliminated as suspects,” Benish says. “This suspect is still at large and the jurisdictions in charge need to combine their efforts to yield resolution.”

Benish strongly believes that this suspect is a serial offender and is the key to solving these cold cases.

“The public has a right to know,” Benish adds. “It’s very possible that this suspect continues to prowl the neighborhoods. Since 2002, he’s been arrested and convicted of another sexual crime; he’s finally on the Colorado Sexual Offender list. To date, he has only been revealed to be a person of interest or suspect on the Neef case.”      

About the Author

Jim Benish has worked as a police officer and detective; he has what he calls a “cop’s sense of criminal reality” and he believes that these murders have been committed by this suspect. Throughout his career, he has written or reviewed thousands of crime reports and is proficient at recognizing and combining the elements of a crime with witness statements that many times resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator.
To learn more, and purchase the book visit :
Anyone interested in purchasing movie rights:

CodeFore Publishing-






Editorial Reviews

My God, All parents with small children should read this book. It’s graphic, it gave me a picture of evil I didn’t know existed. –Lorraine Swartz

The way Jim Benish tells it, if local law enforcement agencies don’t manage to solve two and possibly three notorious, decades old child murder cases, it won’t be because they don’t have enough evidence. Benish’s book does present a revealing and depressing picture of how scattershot the investigation of even a child’s murder can be. Agencies don’t share information, don’t systematically follow up everyt lead, fall prey to what Benish terms the tunnel vision of developing one theory. –Alan Prendergast. Westword. Denver Colorado

Product Description
Closed Eyes; Who’s Killing Our Children is a story of four individual child abductions that have found no closure for the families to this day. This is a factual story with an emotional element that starts with a cold case investigation into the abduction of seven year-old little Tracey Neef from the grounds of her school in 1984. Tracey was found raped and dead a few short hours later in the cold of a Colorado winter. The author follows a trail of the bodies of children left behind by a skilled pedophilic predator and culminates with the murder and rape of JonBenet Ramsey. As each crime is researched numerous suspects surface. Circumstances, witness statements and trace evidence point to only one of these suspects. Although the author has obtained a legal opinion that the public has a right to know the identity of this suspect, his last name has been deleted from the manuscript. James Benish presents the facts of these cold case child murders in sequential order from the time of the abductions, through the years of neglected follow-ups, ignored leads, and dismissal of evidence and testimony that have left these murders in the ranks of the unsolved. This is the first time in recent history that anyone has suggested with credible logic, that there is a serial killer loose in Colorado.



About the Author 


®   Goodrich Highschool  Goodrich Michigan

®Mott Community College Flint Michigan

®   University of Michigan School of Business                                                    

®   US  Army 1966-1968


®   1972-1974 Genesee County Sheriffs Department

®   1980-1993Thornton Police Department (Detective)

®   1993-Present. Private Sector Project Management



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Bertha Speaks Out By Fran Lewis

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Bertha Speaks Out



Bertha is my character’s name.

Hoping to get her some glory and fame
Won’t you take a chance and read about her
Bertha Speaks Out you might prefer

She is over weight and not so cute
She is smart and very astute
Her mind works overtime and she has great wit
Never underestimating her I will admit

Resourceful and clever at weight loss camp
She hid her away her snacks this smart scamp
Dealing with tough girls and getting straight A’s
Bertha finally speaks out and changes her ways

A teacher who gave her a really hard time
Would not submit her story and that was a crime
Because her classmates rated it the best
She would not sit still or give it a rest

Although she might not have gone about all the right way
She finally spoke out and had her own day
To express to her parents how she really did feel
You need to read my book Bertha has great appeal.

Fran and Bertha


The reason I wrote Bertha Fights Back is because of 9/11. I was still teaching and two days before one of the students that I taught for two years in  a row in a special reading class of special kids came to say hello when she brought her nephew to school. About a month later her mother came to say hello with her grandson and I asked about my Janine and how she was doing never knowing, until she told me, that she was killed in the first tower on Sept. 11. I dedicated the book to her and to all those who lost loved ones and friends due to the nearsightedness of the people who killed so many people for no reason. fran
This Book is Due out soon!


Bertha Fights Back – Fran Lewis, Author

Added by Ann B. Keller on June 25, 2009 at 8:35pm

There are several elements of truth in this story and Bertha Fights Back will grow on you as it gains momentum.  What begins as a narration of the cruelties inflicted upon an overweight teenager by her cousin, Penelope Mia, quickly changes into a statement of our modern society.

Unfortunately, this is a time in which teenagers somehow manage to threaten teachers and school officials with guns and knives, where fellow students are held hostage by the whims of a few overeager street toughs and learning often takes a backseat to sheer survival.  Bertha herself is plunged into the midst of this conflict and is forced to prove herself, despite prejudice, other people’s lack of faith and the doublts of many of those around her.  Indeed, Bertha comes of age in this story, being transformed from a wounded young girl into a crusader for all that is good and honorable.

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