Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson reviewed by Fran Lewis

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three weddingsThree Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson


David C Cook/September 2009


ISBN: 978-1-5891-9108-2/softcover/320 pages/$14.99


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  Take a rope and tie a knot in the center and make sure that it is secure. Have two people on each end of the rope tug as hard as they can try to undo the knot and tear apart the rope. Friendships are like knots tied in ropes; they can come apart so easily and be torn into shreds. But, when the ties that bind friendships out weigh the frayed ends or the fragile parts, these friendships and relationships will last a lifetime. This brings me to my review of Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah by Melody Carlson. A book that goes far and above to make the reader understand relationships, friendships and the struggle to be accepted and loved.




Weddings are difficult to plan when it is only one. But, when this novel enfolds we meet four women that are trying to schedule two weddings around one that is already planned and hope they can come to a decision about the date and the place. Added to this one thirteen year old boy’s bar mitzvah taking place the same weekend and you know you will have conflicts in scheduling, family commitments that were already planned and promised to attend and total confusion and more.


Lelani, our first bride is trying to schedule her wedding in June at the same time as Megan her maid of honor is trying to make sure that her boyfriend Marcus’s sister’s wedding does not interfere with her maid of honor commitment to Lelani. Then we have Anna and Edmond who are supposed to attend his stepbrother’s bar mitzvah the same weekend in June and Kendall who has decided to join in and wants to get married the same day as Lelani.


To make matters even more difficult, we have several mothers whose no holes barred attitudes make the situation for each of the brides more difficult to deal with. One Latina mother who wants to run the show for Lelani and Eric and will do anything to make sure that her ideas are followed and heard. Then we have Kendall’s mother who makes Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest look like Carol Brady trying to make her feel inferior and critical of her every word and move. Added to that Lelani’s mother who will not renew their relationship and calls her selfish and spoiled but needs to turn the mirror around and look at the reflection of herself in order to know just who is selfish, spoiled and more. The only solution might be to bring in a mediator to listen to all parties and render a decision.


What I really love about this novel is the unique and creative way the author allows the reader to get to know and understand each character and how that character grows and evolves throughout the novel. Each chapter is devoted to one character and we learn how that character deals with difficult situations that they encounter both at work and in their family relationships. But, one thing that links all of them together is their friendship. Kendall’s mom and Anna’s mom are both overbearing and controlling. Kendall’s mom is often too critical and will not hesitate to belittle her in public in front of her friends making her feel small. Lelani not only has to deal with a mother who is uncaring and selfish but a future mother in-law- that does not realize just how much she needs to take a few steps back. Poor Anna, in the middle of not only helping Lelani with her wedding but having to tell her mother that her guest list has been cut and a co-worker who is giving her up to the minute reports about her boyfriend’s new found interest without realizing he still wants to be with her.


Appearances are not always what they seem and what makes this story really extraordinary is how the author interlocks and intertwines the lives of all of the girls, their families and God. Sometimes the unexpected even happens and the fears that you have about the future are not always in your hands but in that of God and what he has planned for you,


A circle has no beginning and no end as the friendships and relationships among these true friends will severe of come apart. Kendall and Lelani come full circle around when they meet the challenges that befall them when dealing with their families. Kendall’s family is not supportive of her or any of her choices. They belittle her and try to make her insecure. Lelani’ s mother does the same with her harsh appraisal of her, not ever realizing what an unselfish, caring and together person she is and how her friendship has tightened that knot in the center of the rope of friendship making it stronger. Anna learns the true meaning of friendship and love through Lelani and her mother who finally realizes that she needs to consider and understand the wants of others and not control every situation. She too comes full circle and learns to listen to Lelani and Gil’s feelings and her daughters when faced when dealing with the same attributes in her own mother. Added to this the lose of Kendall’s Nana who reminds me of my own mother who has Alzheimer’s and who is not in a nursing home but at home with care. I admire and respect what Kendall wanted to do having her Nana move into her home and take care of her. But, sometimes the unexpected happens and good things come out of difficult or sad situations. Resilent, is a word that fits all four of these remarkable women. Never giving up, listening and as Kendall’s Nana did: “teach us to use our imagination and to enjoy life.”


Will the two weddings on the same day bring about some more miracles and some new beginnings? Will everything turn out right for each of the four girls and their families? Will Megan have a happy ending with Marcus? Will Killiki come from Maui and sweep Kendall down the aisle? Will Anna and Edmond resolve their issues and start over? You need to read this heartwarming, refreshing novel that brought tears to my eyes at the end and a warm feeling in my heart. “God has used their friendships to tough them. He had truly knit their hearts together,” as the author, writes. The knot in the center of the rope of friendship became tighter and tighter so that it would not loosen and always keep their friendship whole. I think that everyone needs to read this book to renew their faith in family, love and relationships. As Lelani would say Mahalo: thank you for reading our story. Aloha. 

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Celtic Evil By Sierra Rose

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Celtic Evil


The first in a five part paranormal series in which five brothers must each face their own personal challenge against a foe that seeks to destroy their very line.


Once a world famous young singing group, the Fitzgerald Brothers of Fitzgaren, Ireland believed they had it all.  Until an ancient witch took the lives of their parents and ended up separating them


Now, it has been fifteen years and that evil has returned to finish the job since the long-time family prophecy has said it will only take one of the five brothers to fall in death or surrender to evil to make it fail.


Reuniting for the first time since their parents deaths, the brothers must get past the pain, their differences and years apart to begin stopping the threat,.


Roarke Fitzgerald, the fourth born son, has been many things in his twenty-six years but mainly he has been running from his past since the fateful day he witnessed his parents’ murder.


Now, forced to return to the land of his birth to face his shame and pain to protect those he cares for from harm or all that he loves will end.  Can he do that or will his own demons destroy his chance for peace and love.


Can he forget his past and the bitterness he left behind and reform a bond between his brothers that many, both within their family and without, have worked hard to shred?

 It will take all his power and that if his brothers to take the first step in defeating the demon who sought his death so long ago and now will seek it again if he cannot face and overcome this first challenge.


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Amazon Reviews:
1- By  Joseph Perrone Jr. “Joe Perrone Jr.” – See all my reviews
     Here is a Celtic tale woven with imagination and energy. Miss Rose has a flair for dialogue, and captures the authentic feel of Ireland in this fast-paced, exciting novel of witches and magic. If you’re a fan of this type of book (who isn’t?), you must read “Celtic Evil.” Good job, Miss Rose. My bad; I hit 4-stars, it should have been 5-stars.

2- The characters are intriguing, the story is captivating, July 11, 2009
By  D. Fortney – See all my reviews
     Wow! From the first page to the last page author Sierra Rose keeps the reader entertained and engaged. The characters are intriguing, the story is captivating. I look forward to reading the future installments of this series.

3- Unique and well-written, June 28, 2009
By  Holly Christine “” (Pittsburgh, PA) – See all my reviews
Independent author Sierra Rose has successfully developed an intriguingly unique paranormal romance series. Celtic Evil takes place in Dublin and tells the story of Roarke, the fourth born in the Fitzgerald “circle of five.”

The first in the Fitzgerald Brother series, Roarke is filled with magic, charm and enchantment. The Prologue introduces the reader to the evil Sebastian, casting a spell of destruction on the family five: “A circle of light, a circle of five. Five into one, one becomes five to unite the circle and protect the light.” The novel is filled with an exceptional combination of poetic prose and thrills.

Roarke’s story is unique because as a witness to the murder of his parents, he has led an emotionally troubled youth. After years of keeping his secret safe, he is forced to deal with his painful memories in order to keep those closest to him safe. Roarke’s story is one of redemption and love.

Well-written and equally spellbinding, Sierra Rose has developed a creative series with characters to love and adore. Her research is deeply imaginative. Sierra’s website features an in-depth character list, causing the reader to patiently ponder the next in the series. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews   

4- Enjoy the Paranormal, July 22, 2009
By  Wicked Sunny (Kolkata, India) – See all my reviews
“An excellent novel that follows well with its genre. Interesting characters that seem to come alive, well-written scenes. Those who enjoy the paranormal will like this book.” Help other customers find the most helpful reviews   

Sierra Rose Books Online Website:

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