Dark Chances by Allan Gilbreath

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Dark ChancesDark Chances the sequel to Galen takes the reader on a merry chase with Brenda – Galen’s newest conquest. It has been two years since Brenda last saw Galen and she is still mad. She has vowed to find him and kill him for turning her life upside down, in her quest she finds others who have been turned by Galen and together they hunt for an outlaw cell of rogue vampires.
Added to this mix are two human bounty hunters who work for Josh the lead vamp. The dark humor, the twist and turns and most of all the guarded trust these characters bring to Dark Chances make for a very lively read.
If you haven’t read Galen you must read it first to get the full picture of where Dark Chances take you.
This book is a fun book to read.

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