New and UpComing Indie Author Mark P Sadler Releases A Blockbuster “Blood On His Hands”

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Blood on His Hands is one man’s tale of the inner struggles that we all deal with in our lives. Mike Renton struggles between doing the right thing or doing that which will benefit himself; taking the road to righteousness or the one the one leads to deceit.

His life seems to end the moment he pulled the trigger sending his unfaithful wife and her lover into oblivion.

On the lam, his journey takes him from rural Oklahoma to the glitz of Las Vegas. He had not however, anticipated the determined tenacity of private investigator Ian Walker, who tracks him down to northern Georgia on to the Appalachian Trail just outside of the sleepy hamlet of Helen. Was the path chosen by both men the trail to redemption, forgiveness and repentance, or was it one that will eventually pull them into tempest and despair; a black hole into oblivion?

Nine months later, in the spring of the following year human remains are discovered by a hiker just off the Appalachian Trail. How will the decisions made by the White County coroner’s office affect the final outcome of the journey Mike Renton started when he killed his wife and will he be able to deal with the repercussions that come along with the choices he made? Blood on His Hands leads us from wanton despair to the promise of a new life no matter the cost.


“What are a husband’s choices when he comes face to face with his wife’s infidelity? The answer lies in Mark P Sadler’s debut novel, BLOOD ON HIS HANDS, and it’s far more complicated and satisfying than the reader would imagine. Both a tale of bitter choices and sweet surrender, BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is a fine examination of the human spirit and soul… Though there is no mystery as to who’s the killer, the answer we ultimately seek is who will actually pay for the crime… I found the ending to be extremely satisfying and fresh. Remorse and reconciliation comes in many forms and Sadler has done a first-rate job at portraying this to his readers. BLOOD ON HIS HANDS is a very good read from a talented new author.” Robin Cain author of When Dreams Bleed

Blood on His Hands is not your average romance novel. In fact, even though it contains love and heated passion, this book is not a romance novel at all…Descriptions are grand in this work. You will not find the boring, long-winded, twisted passages you find in 18th century novels or hard-to-follow poetry. Sadler is direct, brief and right to the point. And he does sway a bit poetically… ‘Tumbleweeds danced, twirled and weaved in the wind, like straw ballerinas finally sacrificing themselves on the barbed wire.’ Gorgeous. In addition to plenty of blood, guts and sacrifice, Sadler uses another beautiful writing technique. He gets the reader to honestly like every single character…”  Ryn

Gargalinski,“With a well-paced storyline and powerful characters, Blood On His Hands is a welcome first effort from a promising new literary talent.”


Renee Washburn,Apex Reviews“…Mark Sadler’s debut novel, Blood on His Hands, is a solid and earnestly written thriller, not so much a murder mystery (since we learn early on whodunit) as a study of the psychosexual dynamics of a homicidal but oddly sympathetic loner on the lam. The book’s unexpected ending provides a new twist on the concept of the bad guy getting his just desserts, and its closing chapter provides a haunting allegory of dubious religious redemption…”

T.S. Minton, editor Interfusion Publishing“…for a debut novel…Blood on His Hands is a solid, engaging read for thriller fans…I started reading the book in the morning and finished it in the evening the same day. It obviously wasn’t boring in the least…Another really nice and really unexpected thing for a thriller, was Micheal’s internal dialogue and struggle with what he’s done…The author skillfully managed to insert humor into Micheal’s life on the Appalachian Trail and I was smirking quite a few times…I think that if you’re a fan of mystery/thriller books that are a fun and quick read, you should definitely give Blood on His Hands a try.”

Liliana Swistek, Reading Extravaganza – A Book Reviewers Blog“You did some great first hand research of all the different locations and I felt like I was right there along with Ian and Mike wherever they were! I loved the way you took us on a voyage across the U.S…The ending was great! It was really unexpected! I love a twist in the end.”

Frances, founder of“He (Sadler) is also a careful writer and has done his research. I trusted him when he took me places, places I’ve been and places I want to go…. I didn’t want to put the book down or for it to end…. It held my interest and was suspenseful.” 
Randy Ford, playwright


Sadler’s humble beginnings started in a small caravan in his grandmother’s garden in Post War Britain, May 1956.

Young Sadler quickly learned the joy of discovery through books as his mother, a pre-school teacher, read countless stories to him.

He graduated from Codsall Comprehensive in 1974, a future in writing seemed to be taking a clear path. The following year Sadler emigrated to the States on a student visa to attend Ambassador College Big Sandy Texas and participated in journalism and speech classes, intent on becoming the next big television news anchor.

From the factory floors of Robberson Steel to the sales floor at Intempo Wood Factory, from employment counselor to debt collector, he finally found a permanent position at Retail Merchants Collection Service. Debt collections led to career that has now spanned over thirty years and has remained the one constant in his soap opera of a life.  Writing took a back seat as he raised a family.

When 2007 rolled around it found Sadler remarried and living in Tucson, having moved there in 1993. His two older boys were now young men with children of their own, and a third son starting high school. With a little extra time on his hands he once again took up the skills that had ingrained themselves in him during high school, and took on the task that he knew one day he would succeed in; it was time to write a book, Blood on His Hands.

Sadler lives with his wife in Tucson, where he is working on his next novel.

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