Genesis Book 4 Sarah’s Landing Series by Elena Dorothy Bowman

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Synopsis – *Genesis Book 4 – Sarah’s Landing Series***
As the fourth episode unfolds, around the year 2055 AD, two volunteers from the first group returning to Earth from Theon, appear on the outskirts of Waverly, Australia.  They notice that their craft has already disappeared on its mission to drop off the other members of the group at specific destinations around the globe.

The impact of returning to Earth causes havoc with their mental and physical senses.  After arriving at a pre-designated Safe House, the man and woman realize it is just the first step in their indoctrination back into a life they once knew.  Weeks later, they immigrate to North America and become integrated into the population at Genesis and at Ocean-view, as part of their re-entry.
  As the difference in the time rotation span of the two planets, Earth and Theon, begins to take its toll on Martha and John, they realize they tire more easily and no longer wish to teleport anywhere, except for emergencies.  They are content to watch the younger members of the group from Theon adjust to their new environment on the land they now call home—Planet Earth.

* * *

Andrew as commander of the Starship Pleiades has to patrol and protect Earth’s space station network.  Because of the advancement in technology, some of the stations are manned by Humanoids, a cross between an android and a human. The inhabitants at Genesis and Ocean-view are “tuned in” when the first challenge comes from an unknown source in deep space destroying a space platform, as Andrew is patrolling nearby in the Pleiades. Months later, when the second attack materializes, the people of Genesis and Ocean-view again glued to their telepathic visions, watch spellbound as the impending encounters are being played out in space. Mesmerized by the raging battle between the Earth forces, led by the Pleiades, and the Crlllion forces, led by the Barbarian, they are horrified by the visions of the Barbarians bent on destroying the Pleiades.

As the story continues Andrew introduces Adam to his girlfriend’s friend.  The two women become deeply involved with the two men and thoughts of marriage enter the minds of all.  As the Earth girls learn the secrets of their boy-friends lives, their ties to the Planet Theon, and the arrival and departure of people from that planet, the probability of their own travel by teleportation frightens them and they wonder if it is wise to continue their relationship.  How do they explain their feelings or their love for Andrew and Adam to their parents?  What do they do about the little known enclave of Theonians on Earth?  And how do they avoid hurting the people they’ve come to know and love without betraying their own family, their own people, or their own planet?

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Genesis – Book 4 – Sarah’s Landing Series
By Elena Dorothy Bowman
ISBN# 1-59431-519-1 (ebook) – Print edition (November 2009) – 1-59431-746-1
Write Words, Inc./Cambridge Books

“THE BEST IS STILL COMING. Each time I read another in this excellent series, I wonder how Bowman can ever
top it, but she always does.” —Arline Chase, author of Killraven, Ghost Dancer and the Spirit Series

“SHOWS THAT EVEN against unsurpassed obstacles, across vast distances of space, a family’s love can still
conquer all…” —Ray Morand, author of the Red Knight Series, Army of the Dead, Dark Elf, etc.

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