Expressions By Deborah Simson and other poets from around the World

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Expressions-JPGPoet & Inspirational Author, Deborah Simpson has the distinct honor of presenting Expressions, an exclusive collection of poetry from poets around the world. 

The ancient quill continues to bring to life the inexplicable. Poets from around the world continue to pour their hearts into verse enriching our lives while soothing their very own internal strife. Words sated with depth and saturated in profoundness bring to life the dormant. Inside Expressions, you will journey with these remarkable poets as they bring you on a voyage of love, pain, joy, and everyday happenings. 

Journey through a myriad of thought and feeling with today’s poets. You will enjoy reading verse penned by the hands of people from all walks of life, each depicting their own diverse insights and essential views. Prepare yourself for an amazing poetic voyage.

While the poems in this collection vary a great deal in style, subject and substance, all of these featured poets share their genuine passion for the art of poetry. Professional and amateur poets have come together to present a unique expressive journey. Each poet has boldly poured their hearts into each carefully woven verse. As you journey through these very intimate thoughts and feelings, may you be inspired, encouraged and enlightened.

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