Strange Brew A Collection of Poetry Prose and Strange Thoughts by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Julie Thielen

Strange Brew- A Collection of Peotry, Prose, and Strange ThoughtsI received this neat little book via Fed Ex today and couldn’t wait to open it up and read it. This powerful book is filled with things we all wish we had thought to say when we were at our wits end in a relationship, with a co-worker who has pushed us right to the edge, or even a stranger who has stepped on our last good nerve.

 It covers everything from Hate/Vengence, Pain/Despair, Political/ Opinionated, and Anger/ Bitchy

 For instance under Politcal/Opinionated Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc writes

                                    Political Correctness

                                     is nothing But Hated

                                    of Freedom with

                                    A pretty ribbon

                                    and a fancy name tag

       That says it all in a few short sentences.


  Under the chapter Pain/Dispair Julie Thielen writes

    I couldn’t make my way

   in this world

  even if someone else

  was driving

  I’m hopeless, lifeless drifting…

  I know that at one time or another we have all been in that place.

   These two wonderful and talented authors have put on paper what most of us are afraid to say out loud much less think. This little book is one that you will want to keep close by you so that you can use their words when yours fail you. I love this book. It can be found at and it is so inexpensive. So what are you waiting for go over there now and order your copy. You won’t be sorry.

 Five Stars All the way around.

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