Silent Scream A True Crime Excerpt

Chapter One



How it Ended


   At 9:40 A.M.  Gerard John Schaefer’s life drained from his body as he lay in a pool of bright red blood in his blood splattered cell at Starke Prison also known as Raiford, located in Starke, Florida just northeast of Gainesville. He had been stabbed by a fellow prisoner with a homemade knife, called a shank.

   Schaefer’s transgression included the fact that he had taken the last cup of hot water from a water fountain. Each inmate was allotted one cup. This was to insure that every inmate had access to the hot water. Schaefer took two. Maybe because he was the one who had been instrumental in getting the fountain installed in the first place he felt he was entitled to extra privileges. However, that appeared not to be the case. His worst transgression was that he made enemies and was not loyal to the code of prison conduct.  

     Gerard Schaefer had gained notoriety in prison by gaining the confidence of other well known prisoners at Starke. He had gained the confidence of serial killers Ted Bundy, who killed girls at FSU as well as all across the country from Washington State to Florida, Danny Rolling who killed girls at the University of Florida and Otis Toole who had been an accomplice to several serial killings starting out west and moving east. Schaefer would get these men to talk and then use their conversations to try and get leverage with law enforcement.

      He wanted out of prison and thought if he was the confidential informant he would win his way out. He was the king pin at Starke, the celebrity who had been accused and convicted of savagely raping, killing and mutilating young women. He was the rogue cop who became skilled in the law by studying in the prison law library. 

     When Ted Bundy told Schaefer he had heard that Schaefer had killed up 28 young girls Schaefer’s reply was it had been was closer to 34.  Bundy’s comment was that Schaefer had him by one. Schaefer more than likely was not happy that his status as a celebrity in his world was changing. Maybe he thought if he could get something on the “new kids” in the block he could regain his reign as king. The only thing it gained him was the loss of his life.             

     Schaefer’s throat was savagely slashed and both of his eyes stabbed repeatedly. The viciousness of the attack was an act of sheer hatred. It also sent a message. This message was Schaefer and others like him who violated the code would no longer be able to see or talk. His eyes were blinded and his voice was silent. He endured the same silent scream which his victims had endured.  The attack was a statement of not only anger, but territory.

    Schaefer’s life ended as he had ended the lives of so many women and young girls, in a pool of blood, created by a maniac.

    Schaefer’s demise came about as he lived, violently. December 3, 1995 was indeed a red letter day for the man who never admitted to the slayings of at least nine, but as high as 34 females between 1966 and 1972. Even though he was only convicted for two in 1973 he spent the next twenty two years eluding to the fact that he perpetrated other violent killings. He did it in television interviews, manuscripts he wrote which he said were fiction and letters to people in law enforcement as well as his publisher Sondra London.

Silent Scream

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  1. 1bobini said,

    Very good update on what happened to this serial killer as I watched this episode on TV. He got his karma.

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