She Had No Enemies by Dennis Fleming

She Had No Enemies



Dennis Fleming has taken a very bad time in his life and turned it right side out. In his memoir She Had No Enemies he tells how his youngest sister was murdered by a serial killer and how he came from a dysfuntional family. Dennis shows in this book how no matter what cards we are dealt in life we have two choices we can allow those things in our life to control them or they can control those things which happen in their life.

They may not be able to control the circumstances or prevent things from happening- however they can control how they deal with them and how they effect their life in the future.

Dennis Fleming took the murder of his youngest sister and the pain caused by the abuse in his family and turned into a positive force in his life.

As a writer of true crime- a bounty hunter and a person who has a degree in Criminal Justice I was very impressed with how Dennis wrote this book- the reader is drawn into it from the beginning and it stays with them long after they set it down. The reader feels the pain, the sadness, the loss and the feeling of helplessness. But one also feels the love and the hope.

I see Dennis going far with this painfuly, honest account of how he he made his sister’s murder and his feelings a positive force in his life.

This book gets five stars

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