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silent Scream


   “Yvonne Mason has captured the true essence of Gerard Schaefer, a deputy sheriff who

      enjoyed torturing and killing young women.  It is a gripping story and you should prepare to be

      disturbed.  I guarantee that you will find it difficult to put this book down.”   


      Roy Hazelwood, FBI (ret)

      author of Dark Dreams and

      The Evil That Men Do



When Gerald Schaefer used his badge and gun to terrorize and kill rather than protect and serve he crossed a line that not only snuffed out the lives of his victims but also affected the lives of their loved ones and the police officers charged with investigating these crimes. In her book “Silent Scream” Yvonne Mason has captured more than just the story, but has also given voices to all of Schafer’s unknown victims. I’m sure there are many.


                                      Det. Lieutenant Chuck Hemp OPPD Ret.   

Why do serial killers intrigue us so much?  I’ve always been drawn to the criminal mind for some reason, especially if it has to do with the mind of a serial killer.  I’ve watched documentaries on the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Son of Sam, The Zodiac Killer , etc.  However, I have never before come to know such a sick twisted perversion, as the psyche of serial killer Gerard John Schaefer. I’ve just finished a book detailing the heinious serial killings perpetrated by Gerard Schaefer in the the south Florida area from 1966 through 1972. 

Schaefer has been linked by physical evidence to murders of at least 34 young women but only convicted for the disappearance and double murders of Susan Place age 17 and Georgia Jessup age 16. He received life in prison for this particular crime.

He’s been known to admit, while in prison, to as many as 80 to 110 killings.  He could possilby be one of the sickest psychopathic serial killers there ever was. 


He’s claimed at various times to have perpetrated his cunning assaults on 3 different Continents and had sadisms and sexual perversions that would make other serial killers look like angels of mercy.
The particular book that I read was written by Yvonne Mason and entitled Silent Scream.  Not only is Yvonne an accomplished Bounty Hunter and Author, she is also a very special and dear friend to me.  




I met Yvonne when I was looking for volunteer writers on my MySpace page Write in the City.  She often did daily blogs for our page and I came to know her as a gifted author who believed in “paying it forward” by sharing her literary talents and helping others.
Yvonne Mason

So comes time for me to “pay it forward” by giving this gift to her.  A review of her Masterpiece Silent Scream that is currently being used as a resource to teach law enforcement officials throughtout the country the mechanisms, manipulations, and paraphelias that serial killers like Schaefer have the propensity to exhibit.


Yvonne Mason brilliantly exposes the psyche of the sadisticly gruesome brutal serial killings of Gerard Jonh Schaefer across south Florida.  Not only does she allow you to venture into the taboo world of Schaefer and his paraphelic obsessions, but she gave every victim that met their final fate with Schaefer a voice to be heard. 

She exposed their silent screams for all to hear so that the young women who were robbed of the lives may now rest in peace and that their families may find some closure through her story and tribute to them as well.


She tells the saga of how a trusted law official who took an oath to serve and protect abused that privilege by turning the tables with his badge and power. Using them in a way to manipulate and lure young women into desolate swampy areas that became his playground of torture and sexually perverted games. Only to repeatedly mutilate and desecrate the corpses for his twisted sexual gratification going back again and again to their graves and collecting trophies of his kills.

The one thing he never planned on was the escape of two of his victims that led to his ultimate demise.
Mason takes you through the circus event of the media and court during the trial and conviction of Schaefer. Once convicted his shenanigans don’t end with his incarceration. 


His narcissistic behaviors continue to gain him attention and noteriety long after the trial ends.  He befriends other serial killers in prison such as Ted Bundy and Ottis Toole, known cannibal and confessor of the kidnapping and beheading of Adam Walsh. 
While in prison Schaefer continues to whet his appetite for his twisted sexual deviant behaviors by penning stories under other pseudo names with the help of his ex high school girlfriend, Sondra London. 


These stories take you deep into the mind of Schaefer as he relives some of his gruesome killings by labeling them as ficition.  You can almost taste the fear of his victim in an excerpt in the book detailing one of his killings. 


You see and feel his every incessant thought as he walks you through the torture and sheer gratification he acquires through humilating his prey.
Yvonne Mason pays tribute to each of the 10 victims that were linked to various physical evidence found at Schaefer’s residence.  Yes, their screams may have been silent then but she gave them a voice to tell their stories.


And hopefully they may rest in peace and their families may find the closure that Schaefer so selfishly denied them.  Mason delivers an entertaining and disturbing account of his modus operandi that will hopefully help to catch other serial killers in the future. 

She credits her book to the team that helped bring down Schaefer from an ambulance driver, to the investigators, prosecuters, judges, defense attorneys and finally to the man that robbed Schaefer of his last breath.
This is an excellent read that will both repulse and intrigue you.  Once you pick it up it’s hard to put back down.
 E-Mail From Susan Place’s Niece


Thank you so much for your email – there is some comfort to be had in the good that came of all that happened.  I was discussing your book and everything that I’d learned from you with my husband over the weekend, and there was something therapeutic in talking about it, sharing with him some of those good things.  It’s hard to talk about, yet there is also a peace that is starting to seep in. 

You mention the people Schaefer threatened, and you may know that our family was among them – when he was killed in prison there was such relief I can’t even describe it. I too am surprised that a book such as this hadn’t been written before, but I’m glad it has been, and that you’ve done such a wonderful job.  Thank you.  And thank you for your offer to send me a copy – I would greatly appreciate that.




Silent Scream

Yvonne Mason

ISBN: 9780557013890

5 Stars


Horrifying and Compelling – One Incredible Read!


Silent Scream takes you from the beginning to the end of serial killer Gerard Schaefer’s horrendous killing spree and then through the myriad of complexities in the criminal justice system.  I was literally glued to this book!  This book is disturbing, but I still found that I couldn’t put it down.  But what’s even more disturbing is that the serial killer was a police officer who used his badge and gun to terrorize, torture, and kill young women in Florida between 1966-1972. 


Books that involve serial crime, either fiction or nonfiction, fascinate me.  Yvonne Mason has expertly crafted this true crime story to unfold with a continued escalating pace.  A real page-turner!  She has captured the evil soul of Gerard Schaefer and has also given a voice to the many victims.  The extensive research conducted for this book is absolutely top notch.   


I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys true crime or crime fiction genres.  I’m anxious to read more books by this author in the future.


-Jennifer Chase, author of thriller Compulsion   




Silent Scream: Yvonne Mason


Reviewed by Fran Lewis




In a world that has changed so much, where young people go missing daily, this novel reminds us that we need to warn our young women and young men to always be on the alert for sexual and social predators.  The lives of so many families changed in 1972 when Gerard Schaffer, serial killer, whose twisted and maniacal mind decided to take the lives of young women he felt were unworthy of living.  Comparing these young women to whores, he would trick, lead, and deceive these girls by leading them into his lair.  Gerard Schaffer, a man of superior intelligence, believed in his own mind that what he did was right.  He felt justified in his killings and bragged about them to anyone who would listen.


Pamela Sue Wells and Nancy Ellen Trotter were his first victims to get away. As a Deputy Sheriff, Gerard Schaffer, used his position of power and authority to terrorize these two girls by claiming he wanted to teach them a lesson.  The lesson being not to hitchhike with strangers.  He felt that they were nothing more than whores who needed to be taught a lesson.  Handcuffing by girls and hanging them from different trees with a noose around their neck, he left them hanging from the trees.  He took them to Hutchinson Island a remote place, which he thought, would be their final resting place.  He told them the evils of hitchhiking and he would be back with men who would sell them to slave traders.
Little did he know that Nancy Ellen Trotter with everything she had would manage to get out of her noose and get help for herself and Pamela Sue Wells.


Although he was fired from his position this did not stop his reign of terror.  Charged with two counts of aggravated assault, he did not seem to be fearful of the consequences he might face because of his actions.  Although arrested and put in jail for only two months, the Judge D.C. Smith released him and helped to set off a chain of killings that would span many counties in Florida and other states too.


Throughout this graphic novel, this reviewer read of the heinous mutilations, decapitations and dismemberments inflicted on Shaffer’s victims.  The list of victims and crimes seemed endless.


Trying to convince everyone he was mentally insane and should be sent to an institution, was not only a ploy of Schaffer to try and get out of going to prison for life, but one more way this reviewer realized just how evil and cunning this man was.


Although, there were many who interviewed him in jail, and many who corresponded with him and wanted to try to write his story and listen to his words, none was as powerful as those of the victims that were silenced by him.


Georgia Jessup, Susan Place, Collette Goodenenough, Barbara Ann Wilcox, Nancy Leichner, Pam Nater, Nancy Trotter, Pamela Wells, Carmen Hallock, Leigh Hainline, Elise Farmer, Alice Briscolina, Belinda Hutchins and those that we do not know about, this is your chance to have your Screams Heard forever.  Having no regard for the pain he inflicted upon you, not amount of remorse for what he did and using the media for more than 30 years to tell his sick and twisted stories and taunt the families of his victims, your voices will now be heard and his will forever be silenced.


When Gerard Schaffer finally got his just rewards in prison, an inmate silenced his human voice.  He used his knowledge of the law and his skill to write appeals and more to rat out his fellow inmates and try to get the courts to allow him to be set free.


In order to really understand and know just how twisted; insane and sick this man was, you need to read this book and make sure that their messages is sent aloud and clear to all young people.


To the real heroes of this story Philip Shailer, the Broward State Attorney, Judge Trowbridge who presided on the bench, was relentless, and made sure he would never go free, the girls thank you.  To all of the detectives on this case, to Jack for his diligence and hard work investigating these killings and to all of those in law enforcement that made sure that this sick and twisted man did not go free, we the victims of Gerard Schaffer yell loud and clear: THANK YOU!







To the victims of Geralr Schaffer:

A special Eulogy to the Victims:

From Fran Lewis



Your families gathered with great attitude

To come and honor you

To share the sweet recollections

And express their gratitude


You were a great example

Of the way one should live

Your generous and loving spirits

Were the greatest gifts you could give


You took each day as a challenge

Exactly as it came

Your spirits remained steadfast

Life and its ups and never made you change


Your families would often would marvel

At the strength and determination found in you

How much we will miss your courage

How fearless your attitude


Life is a fragile thing

And it can change within an instant

Nothing is safe from the effects of change

No person or possession we’re given


The only things we can hold forever

Are the memories of you in our hearts

The love you bestowed upon us on earth

Before it came time for you to depart




Goodbyes are not forever

And nor is this the end

When the angels came to call you away

They led you to a play to of peace to stay


The empty spaces in our hearts that is left behind

Within this world we all know

Reminds us just how we must cherish each day

And how precious our time is before we go



To me a good book invokes emotion and thought. The stronger the reactions, the better the book and  “Silent Scream” brought out both. The emotion was anger and the thoughts are ongoing. I’ve been by the areas mentioned in the book and scenes from the book can’t help but creep in and then comes the anger of how could all this happen.  We know Gerard Schaefer was a disturbed, evil man and the book documents every aspect of his scary psyche. The book also follows the men and women who had first hand contact with him during the trial and after. Very well done.  

   My thoughts go out to the people involved or affected by these kind of events. The people who stumbled across evidence, or who helped in the searches. Someone, like my mother, who maybe saw Gerard with a “victim”, or who saw someone who fit a “description” and disappeared. The question of did I really see that, or was that really him and can it ever be resolved in your mind or soul. A single event that can change a life forever. The sad thing is that Schaefer wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last.


Torill Trent



Silent Scream is one of the most compelling and frightening manuscripts I’ve ever read! The terror and madness of Schaefer will continue to tug at your psyche all the way through the book.

Yvonne Mason speaks with a profound literary voice for Schaefer’s victims. Here, they are silent no longer.

No, I won’t sleep well, just knowing that another Schaefer may be out there somewhere. I pray not.

Well done, Yvonne!

Ann B. Keller, Author


Lesa said: “This book is one of the best books I have read this year. A real page turner. Once you read it you will sit back and think about everything that happened in this book happened. Then you will have a streak of fear run through your spine. One book ever…more This book is one of the best books I have read this year. A real page turner. Once you read it you will sit back and think about everything that happened in this book really happened. Then you will have a streak of fear run through your spine.  This is one book everyone who reads murder mysteries or detective novels should read. Also every author should read it as well. The serial killer Gerard Shaffer has 10 serial killers in him. It is just amazing this man was a teacher and law enforcement. Makes you wonder, that  the peers of our community that should  have been able to see that person was crazy. The truth is they did notice and fired him. But he would get hired somewhere else. A must read for sure. I wish I could give this more stars.”

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