Review of Ann B Keller’s Briggen





BriggenBriggen- the name conjures up dragons, space ships, other planets, and the need to turn the page.

Ann B. Keller has taken two genres and wove them into a beautiful story blended together in the way no other writer had been able to do. She has taken fantasy and blended it with star wars to bring together the hero known as Briggen.

   Briggen has banished himself to a world not his won to recover from the life he fled. His ship crashes on a planet filled with animals of a prehistoric world. He has adapted himself to this world like only he can.

   Then comes the wizard Quinhelm to take Briggen back to his world. Briggen’s bother has been murdered. Quinhelm  tells Briggen he must return and claim the crown that was rightfully his.  Briggen makes the decision to return only to avenge the death of his brother.

       Along the way Briggen and Quinhlem cross paths with Telena who has her own cache of secrets.

Ms. Keller weaves a tale of wonder, fantasy, belief in her characters that I have not seen in a long time. As Briggen learns to work the food processor on the ship he has been transported to, one can see him punching all kinds of buttons to receive the food he wants. One can visualize his frustration as he places each discarded plate to the side and growls with hunger.

   The reader not only sees but also feels the power of Briggen and Quinhelm as they combine their powers to keep the force shield of the disabled ship up so the wounded and non-wounded can be transported to their ship. One can see the bridge of the ship and the crew as they fight to save the crippled ship and themselves from the enemy. Ms. Keller puts her reader in that ship.

    The ease in which Ms. Keller blends the two genres is seamless and one feels this is the way it should be.  This novel is an absolute must read. It has many lessons of loyality, friendship and commitment as well as being very entertaining.

   I give this book  five stars only because that is the highest I can go.


 This book can be purchased at and

Yvonne Mason, Author

Tangled Minds

1 Comment

  1. Ann B. Keller said,

    Thanks, Yvonne, for such kind words! I’m blushing all over again.

    Ann B. Keller

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