Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option- Excerpt



Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option




As I write this book, I take a trip down memory lane. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is sad and sometimes there is no emotion.  This book is about a family blessed with five children.  One of which was touched by a love that transcends all love. This book is about him and the way he learned to live in a world that can be unkind and unforgiving to those that are not considered normal by the world’s standards. This book is dedicated to all the children born during the 1950’s and early 1960’s when people chose to shun and ignore the beauty and worth of “inconvenienced people.”  It is dedicated to the hope that in the past 40 years we have learned to appreciate those who are less than we expect them to be.


May these children and those after them show “normal” people the true meaning of unselfish love, determination, total focus and the high self-esteem that we all strive for but never reach.  May they teach us the joy of total acceptance of each other, for who we are – not for who we want to be.  May they show us how to be contented with the talents that we are blessed with and how to use those talents to best serve the Creator.


God never creates anything that is flawed.  Everything that he makes is good.  Let “normal” people understand this and know that we all have a place in this universe.


This book is about Stanley.  It is about his triumphs, turns in the road disappointments, the setbacks and pain most of all the love and determination that he chose to use to give his life a meaningful purpose and to leave a living legacy to those who know him as a yard stick for their lives.


It is my hope that after you have finished this book you will have a different perspective of life and the people that make up this world. Remember it takes everyone to make the world go around.

 stan in tuxStan’s High School yearbook picture



Stan with Tommy Novis after he was nominated for the Tommy Novis AwardStan with Tommy Novis 


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