Crenellations By Ann B Keller

Shakesphere in Modern Day

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4 Jun 2009

by Yvonne Mason

By Ann B Keller

When I picked up Crenellations by Ann B Keller, I knew it would be over the top. I wasn’t wrong. Ms. Keller’s book of poetry hit me like a great dose of Shelly, or Keats. I felt goose bumps when I read Hadrian’s Wall and intertwined William Wallace one of the greatest defenders of freedom Scotland ever had.
Her poem Old Maid brought tears to my eyes as I willed the woman to see her love again.
Ms. Keller once again has proven that she indeed is a master of story telling even in poetry. She writes in the language of William Shakesphere in that her poems are full of passion, love, sadness, and hope which come through the page like a fireball.
This book is a must have for all lovers of poetry for those who memorize and use it daily.
Crenellations is full of history, wit, and life. A five star book for sure.


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