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Okay everyone; I have some interesting news for you all.  You want to have your books on the shelf in bricks and mortar stores.  Well, Dressing Your Book is working on a way to make that happen for you.  The one thing it would require is that all books be published through Dressing Your Book and printed through Lightening Source.  This is not a big deal in any case.  The more authors and books I can get the cheaper it will be for all of you to avail yourself of this new and creative service Dressing Your Book will be offering by the first of the year.   There will be an annual fee for me to advertise your books through Ingram distributions catalog so that your books will be in bricks and mortar stores. Something totally new for independent authors.  I am trying to take you all to a place you have never been before. Please drop me an e-mail at dressignyourbook@comcastnet to let me know if you are interested in joining this great new adventure.  You can also post a comment on here as well and I will get them all and get you all ready for a great new year.

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The Last Rites Has Been Released

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Silent Scream Excerpt Chapter 62

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Review of Silent Scream by Author Cynthia Parker

December 9, 2009 at 7:54 pm (True Crime) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Most Helpful Customer Reviews 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars

 The Horrifying Mind of a Killer, November 28, 2009

 By Caroline Cynthia Parker (Jackson, MI USA) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME) Silent Scream by Yvonne Mason is a must read which skillfully chronicles the unmerciful ploys of serial killer Gerald Schaefer. He was deceptive, manipulative, vicious, and inhuman. He preyed on the innocent women who trusted him. These stories are told in their full and heartbreaking detail. Their voices are heard through the voice of Yvonne who used her incredible insight and skill to write this book.

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Author Cynthia Parker Reviews Silent Scream

November 17, 2009 at 5:08 pm (Books by Yvonne Mason, Crime Novels, True Crime) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Another must read is Silent Scream by Yvonne Mason. Yvonne skillfully chronicles the unmerciful ploys of serial killer Gerard Schaefer. He was deceptive, manipulative, vicious, and inhuman. He preyed on the innocent women who trusted him. These stories are told in full and heartbreaking detail. Their voices are heard through the voice of Yvonne who used her incredible insight and skill to write this book. Their killer will never terrorize another soul. I believe it took great courage, empathy, and strength to write a book of this magnitude. Yvonne also talks about the people who assisted her in her research and includes their profiles in her book. I deeply respect her for her work and for adding her own personal thoughts at the end. Yvonne’s book is a labor of love and of justice for these girls who endured horrific and indescribeable torment. May it help to give them peace.    


Cynthia Parker, Author

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Silent Scream is in the Top One Hundred on Amazon Kindle in Two Catagories

September 30, 2009 at 9:14 pm (Books by Yvonne Mason, Crime Novels, True Crime)

New Front Cover from Debi DeSantasProduct Details

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Tragedy in Tin Can Holler By Rozetta Mowery- A True Crime

September 19, 2009 at 7:32 pm (Crime Novels, Suspense Novels, True Crime)

New Tragedy Cover_01.15.09INTRODUCTION

Did you ever wonder about your parents’, grandparents’ and greatgrandparents’

past? Did you ever wonder about the skeletons that are

hanging in your family closet? Rozetta did! Her father murdered her

mother in a place called Tin Can Holler when she was seven years old.

Her mother’s horrible death and disfi gurement by the hands of her father

always haunted her. She spent over twelve years of her childhood

in abusive foster homes being raised by strangers who did not love her

and was separated from her siblings, while her wealthy grandfather,

whom she did not know, lived in a mansion and had a life of luxury.

Her mother’s love and spirit gave her the courage to overcome the

many obstacles she faced during her lifetime. She was determined to

be normal and prove that even though she came from a place called Tin

Can Holler and was a foster child most of her childhood, there is hope

for a better life. She promised herself that she would someday fi nd the

truth about her beloved mother’s death.

At the age of 53, after her youngest child turned 21, Rozetta set out

on a quest to search for information about her family and her mother’s

murder. Her mother’s spirit was calling her to return to the place of

her birth and to Tin Can Holler where it all began in 1959. In February

2006 she sold her beautiful home in Florida, where she had lived for

over 34 years, and resigned from her position with a large corporation.

Discovering why her father murdered her mother was just the tip

of the iceberg. When a person brutally murders someone they proclaim

to love, it makes you question that person’s past and their upbringing.

Rozetta had no knowledge of her father’s background or his family,

but her instincts told her there had to be more to the story. Uncovering

the nightmarish details of her family’s past transgressions, traumatized

Rozetta and shocked the residents of three counties in southeast Tennessee.

Most people would not have done what Rozetta did. The family

secrets would have remained with the ghosts who haunt the ridge

where her grandmother disposed of her victims. Tragedy in Tin Can

Holler is the story of a back woods family who did unspeakable horrors.

The horrifi c cycle of hate and killings in her family span more

than a century before she was born. It’s also a story of understanding

and forgiveness. She knew she could not change or erase her family

history, but she owed it to her mother to fi nd the truth, because of all

the good that she had stood for when she was alive. She hopes her faith

and the love she inherited from her mother is all that she will need to

break the family curse, so it never surfaces again in her children, grandchildren,

nieces or nephews for generations to come.

She knew in her heart that she must set the record straight. By writing

her story she hopes to rectify the sins of her father, break the family

curse and spread her message about the dangers of domestic violence

and the horrible aftermath of what happens to the children. Even though

forty-seven years had passed since her mother’s death, and regardless

of the cost, she knew the truth would fi nally set her free.


Tragedy in Tin Can Holler is Rozetta Mowery’s account of

the hard things that led to the murder of her mother by her

father. The story, which spans generations and describes the

decades of physical, psychological, sexual and substance

abuse that culminated in that brutal murder, unspools in precise,

measured language that recalls Capote’s In Cold Blood.

Mowery in unsparing in the details as she pursues the leads

that will give her the answers she’s sought since her mother

was taken from her at age seven. Remarkably, she ends her

account with a word of forgiveness, which must be a testament

to the influence of a Higher Power. Tragedy in Tin Can should perhaps be read in pieces.

I raced through it in one sitting and couldn’t sleep for three nights. I suspect I’ll always

carry this story with me. When you read something by

Stephen King, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge

that it’s only fiction. Unfortunately, the monsters described



by Mowery don’t exist only between the covers of a book.

They’re real and they’re all the more haunting for it.”

Luke Osteen, Freelance Journalist

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Silent Scream by Florida Author Yvonne Mason a Best Seller

August 29, 2009 at 2:59 pm (Books by Yvonne Mason, True Crime) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

New Front Cover from Debi DeSantasSilent Scream has made the best seller list for Amazon Kindle in two catagories.  Catagory number one is Georgia. It is listed at number 66. The second catagory is Mayhem and Madness. It listed at number 79 this morning and has dropped to number 80. The amazing thing is this book is listed with the likes of Dave Cullen at number one who wrote Columbine and well known true crim Author Ann Rule. Her books are listed both in from of Silent Scream and behind it.

  This book is a must read as the ratings show. It is the true crime of Flordia’s first serial killer and his victims. It is the voice of these victims that are being heard in this book. It is a must read. It can be purchased on Amazon in book form and kindle as well as and my online store at

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Luggage By Kroger

July 27, 2009 at 10:38 pm (Biographies, Suspense Novels, True Crime) (, , , )

5.0 out of 5 stars Not Learning from History only Repeats itself, April 16, 2009
Luggage by Kroger

Luggage By Kroger is probably one of the first true crime books I have read that I wanted to shake the writer. The reason because he continued with a known insane person after he was warned by others, after he knew what she was capable of and after he had seen it first hand.
Page after page I wanted to crawl in this book and take Gary Taylor by his shoulders and shake him until his teeth rattled. Then I wanted to take the Femme Fatal and throw her off a cliff somewhere.
Luggage by Kroger is an excellent read. Gary takes the reader not only into his personal hell, but he allows the reader to experience it along with him.
Catherine Mahaffey not only had the knowledge of her profession behind her, she had the knowledge of human nature especially those men who were caught up in an emotional upheaval in their life. She sucked them dry and then emotionally blackmailed them until they were mentally, physically and emotionally dead.
While reading this book – I was brought back again and again to the old adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
Catherine Mathaffey proved it over and over again as she continued to keep her claws of lust and hate in the skin and emotional mind of Gary Taylor.
Lessons can and should be learned from this book-
Yvonne Mason, Author

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