Golden Conspiracy – Robert James Glider, Author

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Golden Conspiracy – Robert James Glider, Author
Golden Conspiracy
Golden Conspiracy – A Jacsen Kidd Mystery – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘After hearing our account of the gruesome events, the seamen aboard the Santa Ynez were convinced, along with their captain, that the devil’s minions had possessed the Solitario. Their captain decided the Solitario had to be destroyed at once, before the demons could escape to the Santa Ynez. We objected since the hold was filled with gold bound for Queen Isabella. But fear was on the face of every man – fear that this malady would transport them to hell if they dared touch the gold. They were convinced that the gold carried the evil. We could object no more, for fear of our own lives. So the captain ordered the crew to burn the Solitario. They kindled wood and pitch torches and threw them onto the Solitario, where the sails and rigging caught fire immediately. We watched as the Solitario burned quickly. We shall never forget the last screams of the damned. It was as if the demon’s own hand reached upward from the depths and grasped the flaming ship to thrust it into hell.’

The cargo of gold, mentioned above, had an estimated value of thirty million dollars in 1502 with it’s value being well over a billion today. Jac Kidd, who is a distant off-spring of the famous Captain Kidd, was determined to find the gold and learn what really happened during it fatal transport to Queen Isabella. So, when a gold cross dating back to the 1500’s is found on a beach in Hawaii, he and his best friend/partner Pericles Schmoond strike out to solve the puzzle of the missing gold.

In Golden Conspiracy, Glider takes you from Hawaii, the Caribbeans and on into South America as they follow the clues. But they aren’t alone in their quest. As they will soon find out, ex-KGB Garth Moska, who Kidd thought was killed when a ship he and Moska were on blew up off the coast of England, is right behind them.

When I first started reading Golden Conspiracy I had my doubts as to whether I would like it or not. But the more I read, the harder it was for me to put down. The turn of each page increased my desire to read the next. This was truly a very enjoyable book.

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A Corpse for Yew – Joyce and Jim Lavene, Authors

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A Corpse for Yew

A Corpse for Yew – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

As you read the excerpt below, picture a group of elderly ladies, all members of the Shamrock Historical Society due to their ancestors and proud of it. Picture these ladies standing in the middle of a cow pasture as they search for a grave that has been long forgotten. And now listen as they reminisce about another outing that took them in search of a grave from the past.

“It doesn’t really matter,” Geneva said. We’re within our legal rights to visit the grave since Mrs.. Waynewright is a direct descendant. MCWhirter can’t keep us away.”

Dorothy grimaced. “Remember that time we had to sneak into that abandoned cemetery out by Salisbury? Those terrible dogs! I’m not sure what w would’ve done if Mr. Hawkins hadn’t been with us. He took that bite like a man.”

“After that, the dogs seemed fine with us being there.” Annabelle shrugged.

“But poor Mr. Hawkins had to have rabies shots. He was such a gentleman about it.”

Peggy is the owner of a garden shop called the Potting Shed located in Center City, Charlotte. She’s also a part-time forensic botanist for the Charlotte Police Department. When her mother, Lilla, talks her into joining the Shamrock Historical Society and their quest to rescue bones that have been buried under Lake Whitley for years, she didn’t expect to discover the body of one of the Society’s own members, Lois Mullis, who also turns out to be the Aunt of the Police Chief. Was it accidental or murder? The Chief believes it was an accident. The members of the Shamrock Historical Society believe it was murder and they put their faith in Peggy to prove them right and to find the killer.

A Corpse for Yew is a book of humor and mystery, as well as a book that spiked my interest in plants. Joyce and Jim Lavene provide a description of the plants as they are introduced into each chapter, giving you a little history of the plant’s origin and it’s uses. As they introduced each member of the Shamrock Historical Society, I found myself picturing each lady perfectly. When I put the mental pictures of these ladies together to form the full group, I could see their every move as they persuaded Peggy to help them find the killer of their friend. And with my living in Charlotte, NC, I knew almost every location visited by Peggy and her group of ladies.

A Corpse for You is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in some time. It became a real mystery as I tried to decide who would want to harm the late Mrs. Mullis. But with it’s humor, it was a very relaxing book to read.

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J.W. Thompson Releases His Thriller, Hidden Evil

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Hidden EvilA serial killer suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder and appears normal or charming, sometimes referred to as the “Mask of Sanity.” Sometimes there is a sexual element to the murders and they may have a commonality such as gender, occupation, appearances, race, etc. The term serial killer was coined in the 1970s because of cases such as Ted Bundy and David Berkowitz. According to an FBI Behavioral Unit study, 85% of the world’s serial killers are in America. At any given time, 20 – 50 unidentified active serial killers are at work, continuously changing their targets and methods. “Hidden Evil” is a fictional story of one of them.
Reader Reviews from Barnes and Noble


Posted September 28, 2009, 8:15 PM EST: Couldn’t wait to read this book! Once I got it I couldn’t put it down! The “monster” could be your neighbor or co-worker! I really admired Sam the detective, the way he followed the clues like a bloodhound! The plot was spine-chilling and kept you on the edge of your seat to see what would happen next! Great Book….this new author has really got it together! Can’t wait to see what he writes next! Wonderful book…read it today!


Posted September 28, 2009, 1:25 PM EST: Hidden Evil is a unique look into the life of a serial killer and how they use what is commonly seen on TV or in novels to foil being captured. The author even manages to bring in a bit of romance into the book.


Bio  JimJ.W. Thompson

Served in the Marine Corps and is a Certified Scuba Diver, and does volunteer work in his spare time.  J.W. is also a member of the Florida Writers Assoc. and has another published novel “Mysterious Lady.”  He is a former resident of North Carolina, but now resides in Florida.  All comments should be sent to his Fan Page or visit his web site at


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P.I. Barrington’s Soon to Be Released Crucifying Angel is A Five Star Read

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CrucifyingAngelCoverArt[1]Crucifying Angel. When P.I. Barrington asked me to read her newest thriller I had no idea what I was getting into. Crucifying Angel is not your run of the mill serial killer. This book takes the reader into the future as in 2032. The criminals are still the same. They still kill, maim and generally make life miserable for the rest of the world. The method of solving those crimes is quite different. Ms. Barrington blends the future with the present and makes a spellbinding read. She gives many layers to her main characters, Payce the female American Detective and her British Counterpart Gavin. These two characters play off of each other and create a dialogue that keeps the reader turning the page not just to see “who done it” but to also see if these two conflicted people can find a middle ground for the passion they find themselves feeling for each other. Ms. Barrington plays the reader like a finely tuned piano with the twists and turns and the undercurrent of electricity of Det. Payce and Det Gavin. She then adds the timpani of the serial killer and his misguided reasons for what he does. Crucifying Angel is absolutely a must read, but beware, you will have to get the next installment. The best is yet to come. Defiantly a five star read.

Yvonne Mason, Author Silent Scream – A True Crime Novel

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Innovative Author Michael Robert Dyet Takes His Novel Until The Deep Water Stills to A New Level

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UDWS_book cover_LoRezFor Katherine Orr the words “I love you” are not enough. Only a demonstrative expression of her husband Jayce’s love can rescue their relationship. But Jayce’s personal demons prevent him from giving her this even though he knows that she is all that stands between him and a descent into chaos. Simultaneously, Bryan struggles to repair the breach of love in his life caused by the death of his daughter. But his wife, Jayce’s sister, grows ever more distant. Charismatic social activist Faith, who longs for love but fears she will lose herself in it, unwittingly becomes the catalyst for change in the lives of all four characters. The paths of these four converge toward a tragic event as each struggles to decipher the intricacies of love lost and love found. Each discovers in their own way that love is the living core of human existence and that how we love defines who we are. Until the Deep Water Stills weaves together memorable characters with a tightening web of external events. It ranges from lyrical to provocative in its narrative technique and from introspective to universal it its message. Metaphors weave throughout the narrative creating a layered and rich reading experience.




Each chapter in the print novel has a corresponding entry on the companion website where readers can choose to expand their experience of the novel. The website offers secondary plot lines not found in the print novel as the characters find themselves with an actual online identity:


  • Katherine’s Photo Journal (text & photographs)
  • Jayce’s Diary (text & audio recordings)
  • Bryan’s Blog (under a pseudonym)
  • Faith’s Letters to Her Runaway Mother (text & audio recordings)


The reader can approach the book three ways: 1) Read the print novel only as it can stand on its own,  2) Alternate between the print novel and the website chapter by chapter,  3) Read the print novel first and then experience the website.

Novel Companion Website



An Internet-Enhanced Novel

By Michael Robert Dyet


Format                                               Innovative fusion of a print novel with a

                                                            companion website featuring text, imagery

                                                            and professional audio recordings

Genre                                                 Literary fiction

Author Name                                   Michael Robert Dyet

Publication Date                             March 2009

ISBN                                                  978-0-9811995-0-4

Publisher                                          Self-published. Distribution services contracted

                                                                  from Ardith Publishing, London, Ontario.

Available From                      



Author Website                     

Novel Companion Website




Michael Robert Dyet holds an Honours B.A., summa cum laude, in Creative Writing from York University and an Honours Diploma in Applied Communications from Seneca College. Michael is an active member of the Canadian Authors Association and the Writers and Editors Network (WEN).


Michael was a featured author at the Stellar Literary Festival in Oshawa, Ontario June 13 – 14, 2009 where he did a reading from his novel.


Michael’s professional writing experience spans journalism to marketing copywriting. He is currently employed as a Marketing Specialist for IAPA – a not-for-profit workplace health and safety association in Mississauga, Ontario.


Michael lives in Brampton, Ontario.





Metaphors of Life Journal aka Things That Make Me Go Hmmm



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Right Hand Up To God by M J Croan Being Released in November 2009

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Right Hand Up To GodSynopsis: Lori is only ten years old when she and her heavily pregnant mother flee an abusive husband and father. Alone in the Everglades, Lori promises her dying mother she will care for her newborn brother, Michael. Over the months and years that follow she will strive to keep her promise. Not even being unwittingly caught up in a drug smuggling ring between Cuba and London, or the love of two men at the same time, will distract her from the promise she gave to her mother alongside a steaming Fakahatchee swamp. Born into the violence and chaos of Northern Ireland, and after the fatal shooting of his sister Kelly by a British paratrooper, a teenaged Shaun O’Brien is recruited by the Irish Republican Army. Under the expert tutelage of Hugh Devlin, a veteran terrorist, Shaun will excel in his ability to spread death and destruction. Returning from intense insurgency training in the middle east, his talent for organization will bring together rogue governments and terrorist groups from all over the northern hemisphere. While proliferating his destructive creed, Shaun will cross paths with both Lori and Michael, but neither will be aware of their true kinship. Pursued by The Royal Ulster Constabulary in the form of Inspector Pete Doyle, the two men will eventually come face to face in a confrontation that only one can survive. After leaving Lori in Queensland, Australia, Michael, searching for a cause to champion, travels to Santiago, Chile, where he meets, and falls deeply in love with, Rosa, a fourteen-year-old shanty dweller. The two teenagers, after pledging themselves to each other before the Madonna on San Cristobal Hill, are caught up in an anti government rally. Unable to save Rosa’s life, Michael returns to Florida, grief stricken and consumed by guilt. He takes solace in his faith, and after ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, his first posting is to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Charged with membership of the I.R.A., Michael is incarcerated in the notorious Maze prison alongside Ireland’s most desperate terrorists. After the widely publicized, martyred death of Bobby Sands, Michael becomes a willing participant in the hunger strikes. For the love of her brother, and to keep faith with the promise she made to their mother, Lori solicits the help of the I.R.A. to free Michael. The one man that can help her is Shaun O’Brien, but the price of his help is to kidnap a prominent Protestant church leader and hold the British Government to ransom. Michael is dying! Will the plan work, and will it work in time to save Michaels life? The story culminates in Geneva Switzerland, but will Lori, Michael, and Shaun ever find out that they are, in fact, siblings?


Newfoundland .CA

Malcolm J. Croan

St Joseph’s College, Dumfriese, Scotland. Boarding school, absconded when I was twelve.

MJ CroanBorn: Edinburgh Scotland. Son of a wholesale fish merchant and kipper curer. Hell of a job getting my first girlfriend?

” Gun Law By Hotel Chief ” This was the headline in a national newspaper in Scotland when as a victim of car vandalism I took an empty rifle and perused six drunken young men who were destroying my car. I did not physically harm anyone, only threatened. As a hotelier and local businessman, the court said I should have known better. I was finned one hundred pounds sterling, and none of them were even charged. ‘No I do not suffer fools gladly.’

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June Shaw Brings Killer Cousins to the Reader World

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Cealie Gunther arrives in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, at the frantic urging of her semi-psychic cousin Stevie Midnight, who says she’s terrified and needs Cealie’s help. Trouble is, she won’t say why, and she and Cealie never got along well. Besides, Cealie owns a copyediting agency and can’t protect anyone. But she will try to help a family member. Cealie realizes she has made a big mistake once she arrives in Stevie’s backyard and trips over a body. Her cousin swears she doesn’t know the man. Cealie’s cousin acts stranger as she goes through withdrawals from quitting smoking. Cealie wants to leave, but police won’t let her until they learn what happened to the man she fell on.

Another major problem facing widowed Cealie is her hunky sometimes-ex lover Gil Thurman, who arrives to open his newest Cajun Delights restaurant. Cealie thinks she wants to resist Gil so she can rediscover herself, but he creates sparks and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

Cealie feels a need to help her cousin remain healthy and alive, and snoops into her cousin’s Stop Smoking Group, where more people die. More than chandeliers hang from rafters, and even a parish priest hides secrets.

This heartwarming blend mixes suspense and murder with love and quirky characters. 

 June Shaw




“Killer Cousins is great! In the ‘a la mode’ of Agatha Christie, Miss Marple, and onward. Grab it up when you hop on a plane–it will take you for a ride.”  New York Times Bestselling Author Heather Graham


“June Shaw’s Killer Cousins is like a bowl of spicy Gumbo, delicious until the last bite and leaves you wanting more.”  Barbara Colley, author of the Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series


“Fans of June Shaw’s first book, Relative Danger, with be delighted with this sequel, KILLER COUSINS.  Sexy Cealie is back with new and old friends. It’s a keeper!”

–Lorna Barrett, New York Times bestselling author of the Booktown Mysteries


“If you haven’t yet met Cealie Gunther and her wacky cousin Stevie, you’re in for a real treat.  Sit back, relax and enjoy June Shaw’s newest cozy KILLER COUSINS–and wait until you read that first line.  It’ll hook you right in and won’t let you go.  An amusing and intriguing read throughout.”  L. C. Hayden, author of WHEN CASEY HAD TO DIE, an Agatha Finalist for Best Novel


June Shaw back with ‘Killer Cousins’

Thibodaux La.’s June Shaw, who introduced widow Cealie Gunther in the mystery Relative Danger, brings the sleuth back, this time in Gatlinburg, Tenn., in her latest thriller Killer Cousins.

Cealie’s been trying to find herself, so to speak, which is why she’s sworn off Louisiana lover Gil Thurman and headed for Mexico. Cealie stops in Gatlinburg when her candle-burning, crystal-wearing cousin Stevie Midnight insists she is in danger and in need of her cousin’s assistance. Before Cealie can cross Stevie’s threshold and inquire as to her fear, she stumbles over a dead man’s body in the front yard.

Shaw has lots of fun with her mysteries, and you will, too. It’s a laughable romp with some eccentric characters – and a few spicy Cajun dishes thrown in, too.  –

Chere Coen – The Daily Advertiser


Cealie and her her cousin Stevie argue, while investigating group members to determine who is applying the Christie story And Then There Were None.


Relentless amateur sleuths world at solving a murder mystery, middle age dieting, and controlling the cigarette addiction.  June Shaw provides a fine Tennessee cozy.

 Harriet Klausner


“This book is a gumbo of wry wit and deadpan humor—rollicking good fun!”
-Ken Wells, author of Meely LaBauve



Cealie Gunther makes me laugh out loud!  I highly recommend this book.—

Dawn Doodle – Mystery Lovers Corner


 KILLER COUSINS is June Shaw’s second book. From the great first line (My day would have started much better if I hadn’t tripped over a body.) to the Cajun recipes and advice on stopping smoking, this book is a fun romp. The characters are kooky and the plot twists over and over again. Who was that blow-up doll I saw you hanging out with last night? To find out what that means, you’ll have to read the book.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Caryl Harvey, I Love a Mystery

Review by Armchair Interviews: Killer Cousins, June Shaw’s second mystery, is a charming story. Grandmother Cealie Gunther is tricked into visiting her eccentric cousin Stevie, whom she has never really gotten along with, in Tennessee.

Killer Cousins has several interesting characters and issues that all women can easily relate to. Cealie is one of the most interesting grandmas around. With all of the main characters being in their “golden years,” I wasn’t expecting the story to have so many issues that I could relate to. I was interested to see what these ladies were dealing with–and many are the same dating and life issues a 20-something person deals with.

June Shaw,
KILLER COUSINS – “Killer Cousins is great! In the ‘a la mode` of Agatha Christie and
onward!” –  N.Y. Times Best-selling author Heather Graham
RELATIVE DANGER – “humorous…suspenseful”  Publishers Weekly

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Death of a Perfect Man – M. M. Gornell, Author

October 6, 2009 at 9:37 pm (Crime Novels, mystery, Suspense Novels)

Death of a Perfect Man

Death of a Perfect Man – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘The pump was indeed antique, and it would be a miracle if it functioned. An old beat-up white station wagon with several flat tires sat dejectedly by the office entrance. “Red Rock Inn Limousine” had been painted on its side ages earlier; now the words, in faded black letters were barely recognizable…. Someone tapped on her car window… “Gas?” A thin-faced middle-aged looking woman with longish brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail appeared from nowhere… Finally the woman said, “You should stop driving now. I have a vacancy. I’ll fix you a sandwich.” Then she added. “I’m psychic, sometimes.”‘

Jada Beaudine’s husband was lost in a boating accident leaving her with a large insurance payout. The insurance company doesn’t buy the death of Terry Beaudine and sends their best man Lyle Elliott to follow Jada and be present when she connects with her still living husband.

After putting up with police and insurance investigators for a year, Jada decided to move from Seattle to Atlanta in hopes of starting a new life for herself. While driving into the Mojave, Jada stopped for gas at the an old resort called the “Red Rock Inn & Cafe.” Due to the lateness and her being physically tired, she decided to check in for the night. But as morning approaches, Jada is drug into the murder of Nick Williams, “the Perfect Man.” For Jada, the nightmare begins again as she helps to solve this murder as well as the murder and murder attempts that follow. Plus, in the wake of these new mysteries, Jada still has to contend with the insurance investigator, a white car that’s following her and whoever is responsible for the attempts on her own life.

M. M. Gornell has done it to me again. As I read Death of a Perfect Man, I found myself being convinced that I knew who the murderer had to be and why, only to find myself doubting my theory. It wasn’t until the last few pages that I was able to understand who the murder was and why. Gornell is truly a “Perry Mason” writer!

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Brilliant Insanity By Florida Author Yvonne Mason on the Best Seller List at #7

October 5, 2009 at 1:00 am (Books by Yvonne Mason, Crime Novels, mystery, Suspense Novels)

New CoverProduct Description
Marion Lewis Reinhart, an androgynous serial killer, has five days to live before he is put to death by lethal injection. Due to the severity and mysterious nature of his crimes, he has been given permission to tell the world his side of the story. Not the story told in court, the real story. Reinhart has his own agenda. He believes he was justified in his quest for terrible retribution and he wants to share his truth. His web of lies, twisted facts, and narcissistic story telling hides a truth more shocking than any of his murders.

Product Details

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The Long Night Moon – Elizabeth Towles, Author

October 4, 2009 at 2:27 pm (love, Suspense Novels)

Long Night Moon

The Long Night Moon – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Metal hurtled out of control. Drivers slammed their brakes to the floorboard. Vehicles skidded in all directions. An ear-piercing scream went out, laying down an eerie quiet…’

Seventeen year old Darcie and nineteen year old Ian lost their parents in an auto accident caused by the combustion of a tire. Ian was now head of the family. He alone, had to make all of the decisions regarding the future of his sister Darcie. Three weeks after the funeral Ian made his first major decision which was to move Darcie to their mountain home located in the North Carolina mountains just outside of Franklin. This decision was made due to a secret that Darcie carried around with her. A secret that she had no idea her brother knew. A secret that would change the lives of everyone around her, including her own.

As I read The Long Night Moon, I could feel the compassion and closeness between Darcie and Ian. I could also feel the spirit of 17 year old Darcie and her lack of respect for others. She was a person who had one desire in life. That desire was to have fun no matter what the long run cost may be. She was selfish, self centered and very much on the wild side when it came to relationships with the opposite sex. She was a character that, as I read about her “adventures,” I really didn’t like. And when she met Wa’si, a Cherokee Indian whose family had lived in the NC mountains for ages, I formed an even stronger dislike for her. Wa’si lost his wife and child after her car went over a mountain. His emotions were still raw and Darcie’s plans for him were nothing short of more pain.

As I read deeper into The Long Night Moon, I began to understand Darcie a little better. I followed her as she grew into a caring, mature young woman. And I followed her as she was faced with even more tragedy which again made her into an even stronger woman.

The Long Night Moon has everything needed to make a great read. It’s filled with love, pain, sorrow, happiness, tragedy and a shaky ending. It’s also filled with places and sites in the NC mountains that I didn’t know existed. I’ve lived here for 15 years now without seeing that much of the state. After reading The Long Night Moon, I plan on changing that. To me, this was a very enjoyable book.

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