An Up and Coming New Indie Author Johnny Parisi Brings Readers The Perfect Diet

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The Perfect Diet

Like most of the human race at one time or the other everyone of us has tried to lose weight. Sometimes the losing it was not as hard as keeping it off. Johnny Parisi an up and coming indie author has written about the perfect diet. No, it is not full of recipes – no it is not about starving yourself and no it is not about hours and hours of walking a tread mill. It is about common sense, knowing your body, and working with what you have.

None of us gain weight or lose weight at the same rate. Nor do we keep it off at the same rate. Some of us can exercise until we drop and still not keep weight off. Some of us can diet until we die and still not lose a pound. Johnny explains all of this in a way that anyone young or old can understand.

He offers common sense suggestions and how to be in tune with your body and your needs. He also explains discipline and how it factors in ones life.

This is a must read book for not just dieting but good health both mentally and physically and emotionally.

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If You Can’t Get Enough of The Holy G-Rail By Author Michael Schuessler Well You Are In Luck

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GrailListen for Michael Schuessler and The Holy G-rail
 Monday, Nov. 16th on WTF Radio:
6:30pm Pacific, 7:30 Mountain, 9:30pm Eastern
with Host Jim and the WTF Crew

Also Michael will be on the Sex and Intimacy Show
Thursday, Nov. 19th
9:00pm Pacific, 10:00pm Mountain and 12:00am Eastern
With Hosts Dr. Neil Cannon and Elaina McMillan

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Author Cindy Parker Brings Her Readers Two Books of Poetry For The Soul – Spectrum and Origins

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OriginsCindy Parker grew up in Clarklake, Michigan and currently lives in the downtown Jackson area. She has two collections of poetry that were recently published (2009) titled Spectrum & Origins. Spectrum is her first book of poetry and is a collection of 74 poems written and compiled over a ten-year period that reflects a spiritual journey across a spectrum of themes. Her inspiration comes from nature, the world around her, her faith, people who have influenced her life, the struggle for redemption, and how Christ answers her deepest longings. Origins is built around similar themes from nature, creation, and spiritual hope, but she also draws from her personal past, growing up, and exploring her family history, and themes of shared humanity. Origins has 32 poems written more recently plus some nature haiku. Both books are largely free verse, but in addition to the few haiku, she has an occasional prose, quatrain, or tetractys. Cindy has enjoyed the language of poetry for many years and continues to write. Grateful for all the people who have helped her fulfill a dream, she wants to encourage others to find their voice and creativity as it will begin a journey of discovery that will continue to unfold. You can visit her at:




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Stir, Laugh, Repeat – Review

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cookbook small

I received your book –it’s great!! I love the cover–its got a beautiful energy and the colors, title and subtitle all work really well together!

“I grew up in a restaurant that my grandparents owned. When I received Martha’s book my mom was visiting; she picked it up and proceeded to read every story to me while we both belly laughed. Stir, Laugh, Repeat is filled with delicious, simple recipes all topped off with Martha’s secret ingredient-her amazing sense of humor!”

Laura Duksta
Author, New York Times Best Seller, I Love You More

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It’s Ground Zero – The Mammalian Way By Gary James

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The Mammalian Way“It’s ground zero for everything in relationships” is one readers comment about the merits of the information conveyed within the pages of the book titled, “The Mammalian Way”.

 Author Gary James who is characterized as a “Social Theorist” has constructed an original theory that arguably puts forth a more complete paradigm of what are the true tenets of behavioral psychology within the realm of the social sciences.

The hole that Gary James’ theory fills is in the fact we humans tend to discount the deeply powerful effect our own mammalian instincts have upon our everyday social behavior as we interact on a human to human basis.

 The discount refers to a typical assumption made by many people that claims our own ““cognitive development”, a major aspect of the human mind that indeed “separates” us from the other mammals” is a powerful enough force to offset the more primal drives human’s possess that are basically the same as all the other mammals.

 However, Gary James’ theory maintains that these drives are instinctive drives and because of our ever increasing unsafe world they act as a psychological defense mechanism as they exert an ever increasing intense pressure upon our everyday social behavior as we interact with each other, especially when we interact with the opposite gender, and even more especially where having sex can become a factor.

 In other words it’s the relationship factor that is the main reason people are interested in reading the material. The book’s cover will remind you of a cover used to attract a reader to a “romance novel”. In fact, much of the book is written in that style of writing in that there are a number of juicy anecdotes and other stories that Gary James uses as examples and applications of how the theory can be put to use in our everyday lives. They are situations and scenarios that you have perhaps lived through yourself or imagine yourself in the shoes of another. Given the juiciness of the stories these sections of the book are for “mature readers only” and not recommended for children.

Moreover, there is a section of the book that conveys the theory itself in a more clinical fashion and in that the book can also serve as a reference source for every licensed professional who offers therapy for various types of relationships as it relates to behavioral psychology.    

 In all relationships “The Mammalian Way”™ can prevail, and so knowledge of how it operates on each gender becomes a must for anyone who might contemplate entering into any form of relationship. Romantic interest or not, it is the best way to find and keep a safer relationship. For a further description of the book or to order go to

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Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option – Review By Fran Lewis, Author

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Dream Catcher new Cover for KindleDream Catcher by Yvonne Mason

A story of triumph, love, persistence, endurance and more

There is no such thing as a child who cannot learn. There is no reason why anyone should be shunned or considered an outcast because he or she is challenged academically or in any other way. But, for a child to succeed he or she needs the support, guidance and love of a family. In this story you will meet a remarkable and unique family who not only proved the unimaginable and the unthinkable about a special young man, but engaged the help and love of friends too. Born with a serious illness, Yvonne Mason’s brother Stan proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he was going to show the world that he is here and that he will definitely succeed.

Not able to speak, not able to walk, and not able to do the things that other kids could do at first, he taught himself how to maneuver and crawl when faced with a challenge before the age of one. Born with 2 clubfeet and faced with wearing heavy plaster casts on his feet, Stan, Yvonne’s brother learned to overcome this and managed to move around. But, that is not all, with the help of his brother Barry, sister Yvonne and lots of friends and cousins he managed to learn to walk, take care of his own physical needs, attend school, graduate High School, help play practical jokes with his sister and cousins, take a bus to his Work Training Program and much more. But, what he had to learn after all of this is not much different from what we had to learn: Lessons of Life and Lessons of bigotry and prejudice not only toward people of different color or races but toward people who are different. Stan learned that not everyone is who he or she appears to be. Stan soon learns people can be cruel and underhanded. People take advantage of you when they think you are less knowledgeable than them. This holds for everyone, not just Stan.

His love of bowling, the first time he went to an Atlanta Braves game and his courage to forge ahead against all adversity makes you wonder why young people today give up so fast and try and take the easy way out.

Stan is truly a person to be admired. Nominated for the Toby Nobis award, which recognizes business, and employees who are challenged helped to give him a sense of pride but to his family too. Although he did not win this did not deter him. This was a man who was not supposed to be able “to do the simple things in life. How amazing the brain works,” as the author puts aptly puts it. Where others would whine and complain when Stan was faced with a problem he would handle it head on.

Flying by himself, dealing with a broken television set and adversity at work, he is truly an inspiration for all those who take defeat so easily and readily. Imagine trying to explain to someone the difference between 9-pin bowling and the regular method. As a bowler I do know the difference and when Yvonne describes the incident where Stan was trying to explain why he and his knew friend Lisa changed to a different bowling alley I remembered my brother trying to teach me to bowl without toppling over and throwing my arm cross alley. This story brought back some great memories. But, some lessons are difficult to learn and this time when Lisa proved herself to be a user and conniver his mother stepped in and thwarted Lisa’s scam. Others do not only learn by those who are challenged but these lessons of life too. You can never be too careful when it comes to lending money to a friend, especially when it appears that money is a primary reason for the friendship.

With their Abbot and Costello routines and their many funny high jinks Yvonne, Stan her mother and her family learned that you could do anything if you want to and don’t ever give up.

Everyone looks up to their parents and wants to emulate or follow in their footsteps. Stan loved his father and spending quality time with him and imitating some of his mannerisms and daily routines cemented their bond even more.

You need to read the last chapter written by Yvonne’s mother and presented at West Georgia for everyone to hear. Yvonne’s mother is truly amazing and someone who did what most mother’s should do but might not have the wherewithal or the stamina to do: SHE WOULD NOT ACCEPT FAILURE AS AN OPTION!

Stan is an example of what people must do in order to be happy. He accepted who he is and what his limitations and capabilities are. He would not blame the world for his problems and accepts people for who they are not bigoted or prejudice or hurtful to anyone.

Stan: I have a nephew that was born deaf. No one knew this until he was about a year old. The doctors told his mother and father he would never stand, sit up, walk, and drive a car or more. Then, he entered Lexington School for the Deaf and his mother and father would not let this diagnosis hamper him. He is now the father of a beautiful little girl and a web designer for a major hotel chain and more. Never give up on who you are. Never think that just because a doctor says it that it is written in stone.

Your influence on others will remain in their hearts and mind just by reading your story now and forever. Educators need to follow the example of those who cared enough about Stan and her caring enough to help him learn to read, speak and more. For those educators who teach Special Education you need to remember that kids learn at their own pace and as with Stan they will often surprise you and overcome insurmountable odds. Never give up and never say never. 

You need to read this book and give it to every educator, doctor and parent to know that knowledge if powerful and love and family can help you through anything. Stan’s life is message to all of us that everyone can succeed no matter what if they want to.

This book deserves more than just five stars. Fran Lewis: reviewer

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Take Charge A Woman’s Guide to A Healthier Heart By Carolyn Strimike and Margie Latrella

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Take ChargeBook Cover Synopsis:

Women work, clean, cook, take care of children, spouses, parents, and pets – but sometimes forget to take care of themselves.  Their knowledge about health often comes from a two minute news report or short article. But every week there is some new research report telling them what to do which can be confusing. What we have done is compile a handy, easy to read and understand user’s manual for women who are too busy to spend hours searching for this valuable information. This book has multiple charts and worksheets to help women get started on their way to a healthier lifestyle. As you know, there are many books available on this important topic, but most of them require days or weeks to complete.  Our book is a simple, concise guide that any woman can read through within a day and carry with them as a quick reference guide.  This book walks you step-by-step through the common risk factors for heart disease in women and will teach you how to develop
a heart healthy lifestyle.

Carolyn Strimike and Margie Latrella are cardiac nurse practitioners with over 40 years combined experience. They specialize in women’s heart health and have been recognized by the American Heart Association and the Women’s Heart Foundation for their efforts to educate and increase women’s awareness about heart disease. They have provided hundreds of community and professional seminars and have written numerous articles. 

Book Link:

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The Mammalian Way by Gary James

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The Mammalian Way


“The Mammalian Way”. Although written in a romance novel style it conveys a clinical expose of two new theories in the social sciences that explain how “The Pleasure Principle” operates as part of a much larger psychological paradigm either for or against the human condition.

 While still a teenager in college I read the works of Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rodgers, B.F. Skinner, and Jean Piaget. I sensed even then the social sciences needed a more complete paradigm to explain the basic psychology of human behavior although at the time I was far too timid to say so. As I took it upon myself to search for an accurate more complete picture of the human condition, after college, I went to work professionally in the grass roots area of production and for more than 30 years I made a living there. This vocation provided the perfect fodder for my psychology-sociology research because as a producer of the arts & entertainment it enabled me to interact with many thousands of the most diverse personalities and behavior patterns in people from all over the world.

 I currently write & host an Internet radio show, topics include, arts & entertainment for new and existing artists. I also discovered I have a strong aptitude for writing accurate, useful Social Theory. I have written theory for the American law as well as Health & Wellness industries.

 I recently finished a book titled, “The Mammalian Way”. Although written in a romance novel style it conveys a clinical expose of two new theories in the social sciences that explain how “The Pleasure Principle” operates as part of a much larger psychological paradigm either for or against the human condition.

 Virtually anyone past the age of puberty can benefit from reading “The Mammalian Way” in that by assimilating the information found there into everyday life, this can help to make the human condition as well as all relationships encountered from teenage years onward, more pleasurable and less painful.

 Be it the first kiss, the first date, the first time for sex, or anytime thereafter, and regardless of ones spirituality, “The Mammalian Way” is there. No one can escape it because it is such an integral part of the human condition, the place where all human mammalian instincts prevail. Although it’s true value lay undiscovered until now, “The Mammalian Way” works for us, or even against us if we are unaware of it’s consequences when we ignore or when we don’t even know it’s rules. This is so because “The Mammalian Way” protects the human species at the most basic level of life even if such protection means bringing chronic pain to the heart or to our everyday lives. Accurate knowledge of “The Mammalian Way” can indeed empower us and bring more pleasure, less pain into our lives. All this is the importance of the knowledge shared in a fun, fast paced, & easy to read book.    

 “The Mammalian Way” is rated “R” for sensual/sexual content as well as frank language about instinctive sexuality between the genders. However, there are no nude photos. Know “The Mammalian Way”. Bring more pleasure & less pain to life.





Why are women the key to understanding “The Mammalian Way”? Simple: “THE MAMMALIAN WAY” has been out on the surface and visible behavior in men’s lives for thousands of years. We’ve become used to it. We watch men engage in “Perversions of Honor” (POH) all the time but just never realized it as such. In women, the Mammalian Way has been more of a subterranean thing because they had to hide their true empowerment because women were considered chattel (and in some circles they still are). So when chattel acts out the “Pendulum Swing of Insecurity” (PSOI) something that runs counter to what men call “common sense”, men would label such behavior “cnt logic” and walk away. All men did not like this or want to abide by this notion but most went along with it for a long time. That is until recently when women the world over have risen up to become a great army. The essence of what we see in the women’s empowerment movement for example is in part “The Mammalian Way” that has come of age.


(As a side note, what I found to be amazing as I collected my data was whether on the surface or subterranean both psychological defense mechanisms in humans developed at very much the same rate of speed, slowly over a long period of time. It’s a testament to the adaptability of human instincts to be sure). Meanwhile,


If we are to survive as a species then we can’t dwell on what was. We need to focus on what is and embrace what can be. It’s time to have our mammalian instincts work for us and not against us as much as possible. And that begins with at least a brief study of women.


In the book titled, “The Rules” a woman is likened to, “A creatures like no other”. I agree with that observation. Women are also very much like a bouquet of flowers, beautiful and basically unpredictable because each flower is unique.


Yet, for a man to understand a woman is actually quite possible so long as he understands and applies the tenets of “The Mammalian Way”. As a part of this understanding a man needs develop as much as possible, an ability to listen to a woman lament about her life as she swings on the PSOI. Learning to listen to women lament about their life is a part of observing her “tells”. And this is important because how a woman contends with satiating her insecurity is what helps make each woman a unique flower and these things make up the key to what seems impossible, namely, to understand a woman. 


And here’s how. If a man uses his power of observation with respect to a woman’s PSOI he will often find it to be an honorable thing indeed because he will likely win the trust of that woman enough to where her emotional nakedness in front of him becomes possible. If a man has the courage to observe her emotional nakedness (through listening to her lament e.g.) it is truly one of the highest compliments she can pay to a man because emotional nakedness only comes with profound trust and is almost always followed by “A” grade sex and a measure of kingly treatment for a man. And I tell you this for certain, as of the copyright of this book “A” grade sex is something very few men have experienced.


In other words, for a man to get to the place he instinctively wants to be (a place where there is sex & honor and plenty of it) in an imperfectly safe world men must understand that women will remain unpredictable and next to impossible figure out because it’s in their nature. However, if a man adheres to “The Mammalian Way” this fact becomes irrelevant because in due time if a man obeys the rules of “The Mammalian Way” she will eventually and instinctively honor him by revealing herself to him. All he needs to do is take the lead in observing & listening as she deals with her PSOI. And just like she is “A creature like no other” he will likely become a more proper, “Critter like no other” in her eyes. This is a win-win scenario with more pleasure & less pain in a relationship.




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A Circle of Souls – Preetham Grandhi, Author

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Naya was afraid. She didn’t want to stay in this hospital. She thought it seemed different from the other, regular hospitals, even though she had never stayed in any sort of hospital before. This hospital didn’t seem at all like the hospital her classmate had described after having her tonsils removed. Besides, Naya didn’t even feel sick.’

The hospital Naya has been admitted to is the psychiatric section of the Newbury hospital. Naya was taken to the hospital’s emergency room after what her parents believed to be a suicide attempt. What would cause a 7 year old to attempt a jump off the balcony of her room? That’s what Dr. Peter Gram must find out before she tries it again.

While working with Naya, Dr. Gram finds that while sleeping, Naya goes into a trance like state. In her dreams she carries on conversations with someone that only she can see. Upon waking, Naya draws pictures of her dreams including the person she talks with. In one of her pictures she draws an elephant and a young girl who’s body has been dismembered. When Dr. Gram questions Naya about the picture she tells him about the girl, the conversation she had with her and the even the girl’s name. But what do these disturbing pictures mean and who is the girl?

In an area not far from the hospital, 5th grader Janet Troy is missing. When her book bag is found on the property of Senator Thomas Bailey, the FBI sends in their best agent Leia Bines to direct the search. When Agent Bines and Dr. Gram come together they discover a connection between Janet and Naya’s drawings giving them the clues needed to hopefully find out what happened to the missing Janet.

A Circle of Souls was not only a book that kept my attention from beginning to end but also a book that enlightened me in the care of children in the psychiatric units of these special hospitals. And who better to write this story than a doctor devoted to the care of these special children… Dr. Preetham Grandhi

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