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September 10, 2009 at 10:10 pm (Books by Deborah Simpson)

  Book of reminders by Deborah Simpson

Inspirational quotes and prose for a brighter today.
With all the chaos in the world, who can’t use a little bit of daily sunshine in their lives?  This adorable,

compact book contains some of Deborah Simpson’s most memorable and popular inspirational quotes and prose. 

Sold in packs of three, My Little Book of Daily Reminders makes a great gift for that special someone in your life or for your own personal daily dose of positivity. 




               A limited collection of poetry written The Oracles 333

through means of given words

rather than deliberate thought.

Oracles have been around for

centuries dating back to c.1300 BC.

You will see striking correlations to the

oracles found in Ancient Egypt, Greece,

India, Mesoamerica, Nigeria, and Tibet. The

poem, Faith in Faith provides answers to

specific spiritual questions, such as the

oracle of Akashwani or “voice from the sky”

in ancient India which was related to the

“message of God.” You will read through

verses such as Grail of Then and Enterprise

which bear stark resemblance to the type of

oracle Delphi of Greece told Crosesus of

Lydia, “If you cross the river, you will

destroy a great empire.” Croesus attacked,

but it was his own empire that was

destroyed. Poems like Demise of the

Pharaoh and Mortal Destruction shadow

forewarnings such as the Mesoamerica

Books of Chilam Balam. In numerology, 333

symbolizes the Ascended Masters are near

  you giving guidance and love.




         How much quantifies too much? How much 

of a Simple Complexitiessmall amount is not enough? When are we       

truly satisfied? How about the complexity

of holding onto the fabric of intangibility?

What is perception?

Chronicles of a Sage: Simple Complexities

is a profound venture into the inner workings of the

human psyche. Hexing free-verse explores the

complexities that foster such extreme emotions as

depression, angst, internal numbness and defiance.

Every chapter offers endowed delineations of the

ancient world, mystical prophecies and resurfaces

the fundamental truths buried within modern-day

Completing every chapter of absorbing verse you

will read through discerning accounts simplifying

the complexities of the undecipherable. Have you

ever wondered why you feel depressed? Have you

ever tried to translate your deepest feelings and

came up blank? Have you or has someone you’ve

known ever suffered from abuse and have no idea

how to overcome its emotional plague? Have you

ever wondered what makes an abuser tick?
Deborah Simpson exposes her innermost

deliberations based on real life experiences in this

unprecedented volume of Chronicles of a Sage.

Prepare yourself for a rousing journey of




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