Believing in Self

As we go through life we tend to lose the faith in who we are and what we are about. When we are children we have all these dreams. We believe we can go anything. As we grow older we lose those dreams because we allow others to steal them.

  We have to stop and grab those dreams back. Keep the mindset of a child and the belief that you can do anything you want to. Belive in who you are. Believe that you can reach for the moond and grab the stars.

   No it isn’t easy if it were anyone could do it. My brother who is challenged and was born at a time when the challenged had no resources leanred that he could succeed. He believed he could therefore he could. He taught me that belief in one’s self is okay. To believe is to achieve. To believe that one can do what one wants to do and then set the path is right.

  When we believe in who we are and what we are about no one can ever take that away – When we define that we will not allow our past to become our present or future then there is nothing we can’t do. Yes, the past is part of what makes us who we are, however, if we take those past experiences and make them a guide post as opposed to a hitchiing post we become the winner.

    Most of us use the excuse, I am who I am becuase of what happened to me. That dog no longer hunts. We are who we are because we choose to be that person. It is time to take your life back, to believe that you are somebody, to believe in your dreams and to make those dream real.

    If I can do it , if Stan can do it then I know you can


  1. Ellen Haas said,

    ‘Guidepost as opposed to a hitching post’ is an excellent line and an excellent realization!

    • yvonnemason said,

      Ellen it cost nothing to se this up on WordPress- it just takes time and imagination. I started this last year and really didn’t do anything with it until just a couple of weeks ago.
      If you need help let me know

  2. Ellen Haas said,

    Can you tell me how one can create a blog like yours? It’s great! Do you have to pay a monthly ‘hosting fee’ as one does for a website?

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