An Email from yet another family member of one of Schaefer’s victims

Silent Scream



It’s very nice of you to offer to send me a copy – I appreciate that.  I ended up downloading a version, but would very much like a hard copy.

I learned so much from what I’ve read so far – about how these cases led to advances in law enforcement and investigation, even the actual case itself.  It’s very good to know that some positive things resulted.

Like you, I’ve had sleepless nights and times of reflection due to the impact this had on me and my family.  I was very close to my grandmother, and she cherished the memories she had of Aunt Susan, talking often about her and showing me photos.  My father and his sisters have gone through something I cannot even imagine, and I know many of the choices they’ve made in their lives are a result of what happened. 

Not surprisingly, having a crime like this hit so close to home has followed me throughout my life: fear – that something like that would happen to me, about what my father would do to him if he was ever released & what he might try to do to us, for the safety of my own children; anger – obviously toward the monster, toward a society that gives so much attention to the monsters and not the victims, to mankind for being capable of such unspeakable acts.

Thank you for your correspondence, and for telling the story.  I’d appreciate any other information you’d be willing to share about the good that is coming from it all.

Thanks again,

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