A New Review for Silent Scream by the daughter of a Victim

New Front Cover from Debi DeSantas


To me a good book invokes emotion and thought. The stronger the reactions, the better the book and “Silent Scream” brought out both. The emotion was anger and the thoughts are ongoing. I’ve been by the areas mentioned in the book and scenes from the book can’t help but creep in and then comes the anger of how could all this happen. We know Gerard Schaefer was a disturbed, evil man and the book documents every aspect of his scary psyche. The book also follows the men and women who had first hand contact with him during the trial and after. Very well done.
My thoughts go out to the people involved or affected by these kind of events. The people who stumbled across evidence, or who helped in the searches. Someone, like my mother, who maybe saw Gerard with a “victim”, or who saw someone who fit a “description” and disappeared. The question of did I really see that, or was that really him and can it ever be resolved in your mind or soul. A single event that can change a life forever. The sad thing is that Schaefer wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last.

Torill Trent
Torills mother may have seen Gerard Schaefer dispose of one of the first two bodies in 1966 at Payne Prarrie reserve off Hwy 441 – She never got over it. Torill read the book and remembered the pain of her mother. She was as much a victim as those who were killed. She spent the rest of her life wondering if she could have done more. Torill watched helplessly as her mother sprialed downward into that deep pit of dispair and guilt and could do nothing to help save her. Schaefer destroyed more lives than we may ever know. Just simply because he was evil.


  1. Jerry Bolton said,

    They walk among us, these evil men, and they are mostly men. Some women have their own kind of evil embedded within them. A smile from a stranger could very well be more diabolical than friendly. Those who are murdered, the ones cut down much too young, is more than tragic, it is barbaric for another human to impose a death sentence, and sometimes horrible deaths, are truly a waste of a human being. It is those who are left behind, however, who must live the rest of their lives with the horror of what has been done to their loved ones. To have to go to their trial and watch the smirks aannd grins of a truly despicable human being as he claims innocence, it a torture of the magnitude only those who have gone through it will ever understand. This book, and those of its ilk bring some sense of finality to what has been decades of a hurting heart.

  2. Ellen Haas said,

    Your comment was great… and thorough.

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