Silent Scream Excerpt Chapter 62

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  1. Eric said,

    This is a fascinating video about an unsettling topic. Thank you for researching with such dedication. The so-called “Devil Tree” is in an area where some of my relatives live, so this story has always been of interest to me since I first heard it.

    I had a question about the video though…

    Are those photos of the young women tied up real? If so, were they recovered by police from Schafer’s mother’s home as other of his “trophies” were?

    • yvonnemason said,

      The photos of the young women who were tied up were reenactment photos – these two young women were the only two who got a way. Had they not gotten away he might never have been caught. You are very welcome. The girls stay with me even though I never knew them. My husband who worked for the State Attorney’s office helped to put Schaefer away.

  2. Eric said,

    Thanks Yvonne, I was wondering as I have never come across those before, only his deranged drawings. Nonetheless, they are still unnerving; I can only imagine what it must have been like for the women to re-enact those events.

    Also thanks to your husband and all others that ended Schaefer’s ability to victimize others.

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