Once Upon a Dark and Eerie… A. F. Stewart, Author

March 15, 2011 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Once Upon a Dark and Eerie… Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
The Artwork
Through the smudged portal, I watched the eerie dancing lights.
This was the third time my artwork, my mural, had come to life, but the first time it had opened a doorway to another dimension.  In wondered why now, maybe it was because I had smeared the paint or maybe it was just evolving.
Whatever the reason, the lights, those tiny bright fairies were beckoning…
The moonlight illuminated the cemetery with an eerie glow, making shadows seemingly dance around Cheryl.  Dark clouds swept past the pale orb; a storm was on the horizon.
“I’m here.  I’m waiting.”  Cheryl listened, but she heard no answer; there was simply the sound of the wind and approaching thunder.  She sighed; she had been here an hour and still nothing.
“What did I expect?  I’m trying to talk to a dead man.  I must be crazy to think it would work.”  She tried, but she couldn’t stop the tears.  “You promised you wouldn’t leave me, even in death!  You said you would stay, that spirits were real, that you would wait for me!”
Thunder crashed and a few drops of rain fell; Cheryl turned and began to make her way from the cemetery.
A strange glow appeared, whispering.
“Don’t go…”
The noise of the storm swallowed the words.
I don’t normally read nor do reviews on poetry.  The main reason is that most of it makes no sense to me so it makes it hard to write a good review.  Once Upon a Dark and Eerie… turned out to be different.  It is extremely on the dark side but written in a style that I could actually picture most of what I read.  So I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed reading Once Upon a Dark and Eerie… And just wait until you read Learn the Alphabet the Creepy Way!
Smashwords Edition

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