Brilliant Insanity by Best Selling Author Yvonne Mason

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The 19th Element – John L. Betcher, Author

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Betcher Has Done it Again with his book

The 19th Element – you’ve never been scared so “good!”

The 19th Element – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“Gentlemen.  You sit here in this room, insulated from reality, comfortable in your delusions that you are safe from international terrorism.  In your imaginary world, your families are safe.  Your neighbors are safe.  We are all totally safe.  Your delusions have led you to the conclusion that the nuclear catastrophe waiting to happen inside that fence across the parking lot is a fiction.  Of course, you all know how extreme the consequences of a successful terrorist attack on the nuclear plant would be.  But because of your fantasies, you discount the dangers – not only to yourselves and your loved ones, but to everyone in the eastern half of the United States and possibly beyond.  But what if the worst possible scenario proves not to be a fantasy at all, but a deadly fact?”
These words and more are spoken by James “Beck” Becker as he tries to convince a security group meeting at the Prairie River Nuclear Plant that there is very possibly a real threat of an attempt by Al Qaeda to run a plane full of explosives into their spent fuel pool.  They simply aren’t buying it.
After the murder of a professor who had been experimenting with potassium turns up on the shores of the Mississippi, Beck started putting things together.  When he learned the name of the professor’s assistant, Farris Ahmed, he knew he was on to something big.  After researching potassium, as well as the procedures taken to secure nuclear waste, Beck was positive that there would be an attack — and the nuclear plant would be the target.   But getting the attention of those responsible for security without appearing to be a total fool was almost impossible.
In reading The 19th Element, I’ve had a quick enlightenment as to how power companies make power.  I’ve learned what actually happens to “spent” nuclear fuel.  I’ve also been educated on the true hatred that seeps from the influence of Al Qaeda.  And to be totally honest with everyone, it scares the pure hell out of me!  I can see the possibilities of a nuclear disaster such as the one envisioned in The 19th Element actually happening.  My question is, are we truly prepared for this or anything even close to this happening?  I can only pray that we are.  The 19th Element is definitely a “wake-up America” book that we should all read and listen to.
316 pages
ISBN# 1451521014

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Floating Over the Abyss by Lasla Moore

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This one is a mix with sound effects

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