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Sin Creek – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘When I was a high school administrator, I asked a student of mine how her sister coped with college life.  She told me her sister found a lucrative way to raise tuition and live “the high life.”  What this student said next left me shaken, and I’ve never been quite the same since.  I went home that night and searched for information the student had casually given me, hoping to find no truth in what she said.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I still shiver that some among us are so willing to be part of the filthy underbelly that runs beneath many of our towns and cities.  Research for this book challenged me to search my soul, and I stopped on many occasions not certain if I should continue.  But someone needs to tell this story – as ugly and offensive as it may be.  SIN CREEK is truly a work of fiction.  However, the seed that started it is alive and spreading like a lethal dose of poison throughout society.  WARNING!  This book contains sexually graphic scenes!  It is not meant to offend but to inform.  “Porn is a multi-billion dollar business in the USA.” “Five million new cases of STDs surface every year in the USA alone.”  “340 million new cases of STDs worldwide.”  – Susan Whitfield, Author

‘I clicked on a video feed that showed a cute girl being offered money at a street café.  She didn’t look any older than fifteen, her long hair pulled back into dog-ears on each side of pink ribbons.  Two men approached her with their backs to the camera.  They had microphones pinned on.  I could hear them offer her money for an hour of her time.  She asked about the camera and they said they were filming everything for themselves and if she wanted the money she’d have to come with them.  This cute but naïve girl only hesitated for a second, then grabbed her purse and left with total strangers.  This scene horrified me.’

I’ve followed SBI Agent Logan Hunter as she tracked down killers in Genesis Beach, Just North of Luck, Hell Swamp and now in Sin Creek.  Author Susan Whitfield has created an amazingly ‘normal’ character with Hunter.  She has feelings and isn’t afraid to cry, she takes on danger and doesn’t mind showing her fears, but when she takes on the world of porn, she shows a caring side that has been glimpsed in all of her stories but with more strength than ever in Sin Creek.

After reading Sin Creek, I visited some of the sites listed by the author to see for myself exactly how strong the porn world is within our colleges and universities.  Is it as big an industry as the author proclaims in her writings.  I have to say “yes it is.”  Read Sin Creek as a book of murder and suspense but also read it as a book that opens your eyes to the problems our young adults are faced with, where these problems can take them and what the end results can be.  It opened my eyes and I believe it will yours too.  It has helped to educate me to the underworld of the internet.

Now I’m waiting with excitement for Whitfield’s next book The Goose Parade of Old Dickeywood which promises to fill me with laughter.

194 pages
L & L Dreamspell
ISBN# 978-1-60318-305-5

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