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In Darkness We Play – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

The Vampire

To feel the pain
Of teeth, as sharp as steel
Slice through your vein
The pain and anguish
One cannot feel
You are a mere mortal
Think we are wrong
That we should be extinguished
Put out for good.
What makes you a mortal
Think we are of a lower grade of life?
You kill for sport
We kill for food
Death is death
Blood is blood
Give it to me
Before I hunt.
To die during the day
And live at night
To age only a year in every decade
And never die…
But mind you I don’t mind
When I fly over your heads
High up in the sky
Give me your blood
And Join me in my life
And when you know what it’s like
You’ll lie in wait
For the sun
To turn to dust
A ‘chicken’ way out Live undead
And die unalive.
For all eternity
Time will tell
If you are sick or well
And when you decide…
In Darkness We Play is a grouping of poetry written by Authors:
Lee Pletzers who works as editor and reviewer for Sinisteria horror magazine.
E. A. Irwin, Author of the Myth to Life: The Rise of Riley McCabe series.
Lori R. Lopez who considers horror and humor as her favorite categories and lets both seep into most of what she writes.
John Irvin was born in NZ five months after Hitler liberated Luxembourg in 1940 and says he lets his dark side out on each waning moon.
And last but not least is Aline S. Iniestra who considers her poetry as a way to see the beauty in that which most consider horrible and grotesque.

These are your Authors and as its name states, In Darkness We Play is made up of poetic tales from the “darkness” of the minds of these Authors.
If you enjoy tales from the dark side, you are going to love In Darkness We Play.
119 pages
ISBN# 0-9582893-5-1

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