Glastonbury – Brian L. Porter, Author

January 22, 2011 at 11:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Glastonbury – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“King Arthur did exist, Mr. Cutler.  I’m convinced of it, and this document will help to prove it to you.  I can’t reveal to you where it came from or how it came into my possession, but a lot of people have died over the years to protect it and the information it holds.  I’m a wealthy man as you already know, and the money itself is not of great importance to me.  I thought that you would appreciate a large cash injection into your business.  You are building a very good reputation in your field, Mr. Cutler.  Imagine how high your stock would rise among your potential clients if you could put on your company brochure that you were instrumental in leading the team that finally revealed the burial place not of King Author himself, but of his great sword, Excalibur!”
Joe Cutler, owner of Strata Surveys, has just been propositioned by millionaire Malcolm Capshaw to search the land near Glastonbury in search of the burial place of the famous sword Excalibur.  Everyone who has ever heard of or read about King Arthur knows he as well as his sword are a figment of his creator’s imagination.  But…the document shown to Joe by Capshaw is not only convincing but the fact that someone like Capshaw would believe in the fable makes it an offer he can’t turn down.  Now he has to convince his team, Sally and Winston that not only is the money good but they really have nothing to lose.
So, the team sets up camp at a quaint little guest house called the Rowan Tree located just outside of Glastonbury.  Capshaw has alerted Joe that he will be sending Walter Graves, a known historian to meet and work with them in their recovery.  But is Graves exactly who he is supposed to be?  When Joe gets a quick glimpse of a pistol under Graves’ jacket, he’s no longer sure who he is dealing with.  And more confusion comes when their Ground Penetrating Radar picks up something the size of a casket buried beneath the ground’s surface.   As the discovery is uncovered and the lid opened to expose the body of a man, Graves’ explanation of it being a body buried hundreds of years before is discredited by Winston noticing that the body was wearing a Timex watch.
So, who is Graves?  Who is Malcolm Capshaw?  And what do the notorious Maitland brothers have to do with the search?  They are noted for their dealings with organized crime but how do they fit into play?  These and many other questions combine to make a really twisted tail of mystery, history, murder and suspense.
As usual, Author Brian L. Porter has kept me in the dark until the very last 10 pages of his book Glastonbury. And as usual, I was totally surprised with his ending.  My words to you Mr. Porter are this…you have created a great new character, actually several, so please keep their stories coming!

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