A Higher Court – John L. Betcher, Author

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A Higher Court – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“God vs. Science at it’s Best”
“Thank you for coming today.  My first announcement may be a surprise to some of you who are familiar with typical jury selection procedures.  But there will be no voir dire – no questioning of Jurors for today’s trial.”  The Judge seemed to be looking directly at me as he continued to speak.  “All of you have been chosen to serve as Jurors in this matter.  There will be no further selection process.  There will be no alternates.  No one will be excused.  To be perfectly clear…every one of you will serve.”  So much for my day of contemplation and reflection.  But what in the hell was this Judge thinking?  Maybe he was a more pitiable specimen than I had first surmised.  There were more than thirty of us prospective jurors here.  The Judge’s statement was absurd.  The court couldn’t empanel more than twelve jurors, plus a couple alternates.  The law didn’t allow for it.  Before I had finished considering the Judge’s bizarre statement, he interrupted my thoughts with another declaration…a statement I could never have anticipated…and words I will never forget.         “Today you will determine if God exists.”
William Kensey has been summoned for jury duty.  Being an attorney himself, he knows what goes on during a trial.  He knows what questions and answers are important, needing to be listened to carefully and which are fluff.  He is expecting to spend the “fluff” time thinking about his lack of feelings after the passing of his father.  But nothing could have prepared him for the trial he will be acting as a juror for.
As the trial proceeds the Counsel for Repudiation and the Counsel for Existence will both present witnesses who deliver rather strong testimonies to their beliefs.  As I read each argument, I found them to be a test for my own faith.  I read about the Big Bang Theory presented by the professor dealing in the area of cosmology.  What he said could make sense when he explained that earth was a lot older than the Bible tells us.  My personal answer to this is “how long was a day in God’s time?”  The question arose that man couldn’t have been made from “dirt.”  “What was God’s dirt?”
“From the beginning, when the Almighty first gave man a soul, man has been stubborn and disobedient.  Man has never been satisfied being man.  He lusts to be God – an aspiration he can never achieve.  So for the most part, man has chosen to separate himself from God…to make his own way in the world.”   Looking at the world both past and present, I find this statement to be 100% true.   Another statement made that I feel is so true with the world and man was the Author’s conclusion that there are five obstacles that prevent mankind from attaining faith.  They are – Anger, Fear, Ego, Idolatry and Comfort.  Again, as I read the reasons behind these five obstacles I have to say that I agree.
After reading The Shack, many asked what I thought and should they read it.  My answer to them was that I felt it should be read with an open mind.  If read with an open mind, I feel you will receive the message intended for you.  That is exactly how I feel about A Higher Court.  By reading with an open mind, you become one of the jurors and will be able to make up your own mind as to whether God does or doesn’t exist.
I could spend all day expressing my feelings for A Higher Court but will leave it at this.  While reading  A Higher Court, I actually emailed, called and talked to several friends with my recommendations for the book.  And this was done before I had even finished.
In my opinion, A Higher Court is right up there with The Shack. A must read no matter what you believe.
225 pages
ISBN# 1453833250

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