Future Imperfect Book Three Fina Deceit – P. I. Barrington, Author

January 16, 2011 at 12:58 am (Uncategorized)

Final Deceit – Future Imperfect Book Three – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“We’re here at the scene of last night’s devastating blast that literally ripped apart the huge auditorium owned by The New Creation religious community, destroying the building while a service was being conducted.  We have no idea how many people were in that building, and no information on how many may be injured or even dead.  If you’re looking at the second news drone, you can see the amount of destruction behind me – cars flipped over onto their roofs, the gigantic crater left by the explosion and enormous chunks of buildings just tossed around here as if they were nothing when, in reality each one of those must weigh five hundred pounds.”  The reporter paused and the anchor woman asked, “Allen, do we know if Amy is among the missing?”  “No, Donna.  We have not found her yet.  The officials here are trying to get together a list of possible missing persons and anyone who might have been in the area.”  Donna looked into the camera eye.  “Our own Channel Eight reporter, Amy Strand, may be among those missing at the unbelievable explosion that tore apart a major section of The New Creation compound last night.  Her vehicle was identified in the terrible wreckage, and as of now she has not responded to attempts to contact her or her camera operator, Nicola Anderson.”
As Las Vegas Police Chief Charlie Bowman will soon learn, he is missing 3 of his detectives who he believes were also attending the service when the explosion took place.  Thanks to Renton Wakeley, news director of Las Vegas’ Channel Eight, Charlie is even able to see one of his detectives, Payce, as the station’s drone circled over the crater created by the explosion.  But trouble comes in the form of Las Vegas Mayor John Long.  His dislike for the Vegas police department, and especially Charlie, is so intense that he will do anything to bring the whole department down, even to the extent of trying to force Charlie to call the rescue mission off and declare it a recovery mission.  The search becomes even more difficult after a gas main is hit resulting in yet another explosion.  Will Charlie give in to the Mayor?  No way!  He suits up and goes on his own rescue mission that takes him deep into the maze of halls and floor levels beneath The New Creation.
Police detectives Pace, Gavin and Nick, along with news reporter Amy are all survivors with one goal in mind…finding their way out.  But unbeknownst to them all is the fact that there is one other person roaming the halls of the old underground military facility with motives of his own.  Medical intern Dr. Logan McKaye once helped Payce escape from a slow death before and his wish now is to find her and save her again.  His chance comes after the second explosion takes Gavin out of the picture and he is the only one left for Payce to lean on for help.
In P. I. Barrington’s Future Imperfect Books, I have tried to no avail to come up with the reasons for all of the events that took place in the first 2 books.  Who is El Jefe?  Who is Logan?  Where do the snake carvings fit in?  Who is Lars impersonating and why?  These were just a few of my questions.  In Final Deceit, she brings it all together and gives me the answers.  All of which, I was totally unprepared for.  This is one series of books that lives up to the final book’s name Final “Deceit.”  I simply loved the series but do advise that to get the full effect of the story, read them all, in order.

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