Barbary Point – Alan Nayes, Author

January 10, 2011 at 11:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Barbary Point – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Mitch stood with the pole in hand.  “Maybe we’ll get lucky.”  He checked something on the reel then cast out the line.  I followed the flash of silver through the air, arcing like a tiny meteor, until it landed with a small splash some ways behind the stern.  Never in my wildest musings, would I have ever thought of fishing as a sexy sport.  But watching Mitch cast that day – how his posture reflected both power and control, his arm moving back in a wide reverse swing, then whipping the rod tip back overhead, hearing the soft whine of the spinning spool – would forever change this perception.  I found myself drawn in by some inexplicable force.  I was part of something that kept growing, and would keep growing, until I was totally consumed.  This was pure emotion, spreading throughout my body, filling each cell to satiation, then moving on to the next cell.  I was being devoured alive.  And I’d never felt better in my life.’

Kelly English, the chief editor for West Coast Today magazine, has just received news that her father has died leaving his estate to her and her mother.  Kelly is 28 years old and hasn’t seen nor heard from her father since she was 3 years old.  It appears that he had no time for her and she had no time to disburse of his so called estate.  But, due to a medical situation with her step-father, she has agreed to make the trip from her home in California to Oshkosh, WI.  After all it shouldn’t take long.  From what her mother has told her over the years, her father never had much so the “estate” would be nothing more than a shack in the woods and could be taken care of in a weekend trip.  So, after promising her fiancé that she would be back by Sunday evening for their dinner with his mother, Kelly takes off to get the task over with.

After meeting with the attorney and arriving at Barbary Point, Kelly finds herself in quite a dilemma.  The shack turns out to be a nice rustic cottage with waterfront, a dock, a dog and her father’s best friend Mitch.  As time goes on, she finds herself wanting to learn more and more about her father and the life he lived.
Barbary Point is one of the most beautifully written love stories I’ve read.  It will make you laugh and cry.  It’s so well written that you will feel the pain that Kelly, and I’m sure her father too, felt throughout their lives.  But you will also feel the joy and love that Kelly feels as she spends more and more time on Barbary Point.  I loved this heartwarming story of love.

XoXo Publishing
ISBN# 978-1-897521-43-4

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