A Case of Accidental Intersection – W S Gager, Author

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A Case of Accidental Intersection – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘A twisted piece of fiberglass stuck in the dirt along the side of the road.  A rear view mirror the color of cherry-red lipstick had busted off the wreckage and landed some fifty feet away, along the center line marking the do-not-pass zone.  Firefighters, EMTs and policemen huddled around the still-turning belly of a cement truck that had mowed over the top of something but was itself undamaged.  The realization hit me with horror.  The mirror belonged to a car pinned under the orange and white girth.  It now looked like an octopus with jagged sheet-metal legs protruding in all directions, rather than a fancy sports car from a showroom.  I moved in the direction of a woman pacing and wringing her hands.  I pulled out my ever-present small digital camera and snapped a couple of shots of the wreckage.  Then one of the woman who clearly showed the magnitude of the scene without any words needed.  I slipped the camera back in my breast pocket.  “I’m Mitch Malone with the Grand River Journal.”
Mitch Malone has just run across a wreck that will be the basis of his biggest story of his career, so far.  The “accident” took place just as the elderly Elsie Dobson was looking out her window.  The little red sports car seemed to just pulled out in front of a cement truck.  The passengers – Dominique Pewter, heiress to Herman Steel Designs and her long time best friend Ashley Albanese.  Dominique had just purchased the car as a graduation gift to herself and as the papers would soon report, was killed on impact.  The passenger, Ashley, was taken to the hospital with a broken arm and head injuries.  Her chances of surviving are hopeful at best.
After seeing the wreck, talking to Elsie and then to a friend from the police department, Mitch isn’t convinced that this was an accident.  After another death occurs and is tied to a bar Mitch has been staking out, he’s sure it wasn’t an accident.  And this turns out to be the same bar where Mitch has been observing his new editor Neil patronizing.  Could there be a connection?
In reading A Case of the Accidental Intersection I knew the why and came up with 3 possibilities as to who wanted Dominique dead.  I finally realized that I was wrong about 35 pages from the end.  I really enjoyed reading A Case of Accidental Intersection.  Its filled with memorable characters, good cops, a rear end cop, as well as a touch of humor.
Oak Tree Press
232 pages
ISBN# 978-1-892343-70-3

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