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The House – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘For the past year, Edward and his attorney had fought Anna’s request for a divorce.  Edward had canceled three times in the last month of the proceedings.  As a result, her realtor had lost potential buyers for the house she and Edward had shared.  Time is money and money is time.  That’s what Edward, as a realtor, always said.  Now, as Anna’s soon-to-be ex-husband, he was squandering away her time and money.  Anna had entered the divorce process certain that Edward would welcome the end of their marriage.  Now, fifteen months later she had grown weary of fighting to sell the house. ‘

‘Inside the conference room, Anna took her seat next to Henderson.  Edward and his attorney, Bryce Withers, sat across from them.  Edward gave Anna a faint smile then turned to Bryce who slid the open folder to Henderson.  “As you can see, everything’s signed,” Bryce said.   “Everything’s in order,” Henderson said as he closed the folder.  “And what about the house?”  “I’ve signed over the house to Anna,” Edward said.  “It’s hers.”    Anna remained dazed by the turn of events.  “Something’s not right,” she said.’

All Anna wanted to do was divorce Edward and sell the house they had built to raised their 4 children in and move to France.  After 30 years of being married to a man that provided wonderfully for the family but couldn’t stay true to his marriage, she had had enough.  But after spending 15 months of trying to get Edward to sign the divorce papers as well as allow her to sell the house, splitting the proceeds, his sudden turn of heart brought up a red flag for Anna.  This just wasn’t like Edward and she was determined to find out what made him change his mind.  What she found to be the reason for him agreeing to her demands, would forever change not only her life but the lives of their children as well.

We are all aware of the problems that arise from a broken marriage, but as I read The House, it made me aware of the real damage to the children that can be brought on by infidelity in a marriage.   There can be and probably are many effects that the kids from broken homes can carry into their own marriages.  In The House, Anjuelle Floyd takes a husband who has been unfaithful to his wife from the beginning.  She gives them 4 kids and then a disaster that will either bring the family closer together or completely tear them apart.  I can only pray that if I’m ever put into the position of Anna that I have the faith and courage to do just as she did in dealing with not just a broken marriage but also in dealing with broken adult offspring.  This was a very well written and enlightening book.
NOJ Publications
312 pages
ISBN# 978-0-9787967-2-3

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