The Turn of the Karmic Wheel – Monica M. Brinkman, Author

October 6, 2010 at 10:40 pm (Uncategorized)

The Turn of the Karmic Wheel – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘Harry had owned his shop for many years, seen some come in and go out in a sea of police gunfire, but, hell, he couldn’t worry about every customer who purchased a weapon. Fact was, he had given up trying to figure out man‘s nature years ago.  Course, Euclid wasn’t one to carry arms of any sort.  He didn’t remember him ever going hunting or even showing interest in the sport.  Perhaps now that he was alone in life, with much time on his hands, he had decided to take it up and save some money by providing his own meat for the table.  In any event, Harry knew Euclid to be a solid citizens of Raleigh, a man with a pure heart.  Yes, he was a good man and a great friend.
Harry went to the window and watched his friend walk down the street.  He wondered if he should be concerned.  For some reason, he felt a bit of uneasiness; just couldn’t put his finger on the why or wherefore.  Aw, hell, he reasoned, it ain’t none of my business.  Yet there was something eating at his mind, a voice telling him to go no further with this transaction.  It was a gut feeling he couldn’t shake, a feeling that his friend and neighbor of over 30 years was not ‘quite right’.  There was definitely something ‘off the scale’ about Euclid today.  A vivid image entered his mind.  A vision so unfathomable he had to let it go.  Harry shivered as he moved to slowly close the store’s door, continuing to watch the retreating figure kicking stones along the road, unable to shake his feeling of dread.’
Euclid is one of the most easy going people around but he just hasn’t been himself since his wife died and he was laid off from the car plant.  Even so, it just isn’t like him to buy a hunting rifle.  Especially one as powerful as a 243 Winchester Super Shot Magnum.  And his request that Harry speed up the paperwork is even more out of character.  Problem was, Euclid had started hearing voices and music in his head.
Karman Shelton is a nurse at the Out Patient Psychiatric Clinic.  Karman has spent her life helping others both through her work at the clinic as well as volunteering for just about any cause that needed her help.  She too has started hearing music and voices.
Angela Frank will soon find out that she has something in common with both Euclid and Karman.  The only difference is that she has been hearing the music and voices for years and their meaning is finally coming together to make sense.  The voices have told Angela that she will soon be on a mission and Euclid and Karman are the missing pieces that are needed to complete this mission.
In The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, Author Monica Brinkman takes you through the minds of those that are good as well as those that are bad as they are given a choice to change their ways and join the forces that can and will make life better for themselves and others around them.  Some will chose to take life into the right direction and some will not.  It’s interesting to see which characters live by greed and which don’t.  The Turn of the Karmic Wheel was an enjoyable read from beginning to end.
All Things That Matter Press
206 Pages
ISBN# 978-0-984-6154-6-9

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