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The Other Side of You by Debi DeSantis

The Other Side of You

The Other Side of You is a story about passion, romance, surprise, and friendships. Individual paths cross, bringing about relationships between people that are formed during the most unlikely circumstances, offering hope, and the courage to make it through, even when there seems to be nothing but darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Interior designer, Morgan Whitley is confident,classy, and happy with the life she has made for herself. Satisfied with a busy schedule; not leaving much time for socializing or romance, a trip to London will bring with it an unexpected encounter that ends up changing her life forever. Thus allowing Morgan, for the first time, to experience what it’s like to truly be in love….. and to be loved, offering her the chance to fulfill her need for affection. But not until she is able to put the demons from her past behind her, is she able to enjoy the pleasures associated with being in love and an unexpected encounter ends up changing her life forever.

Airline pilot Jason Moore fit into Morgan’s hectic world perfectly. He is not demanding of her time, nor is he around very often. But something was unique about their relationship; it progressed quickly and without warning. Morgan is overwhelmed by the passion and sexual chemistry they share and she is thankful that she allowed herself the opportunity to experience something so special. Jason was the most incredibly loving, passionate man she ever met. But one small favor would end up costing them everything. And a well kept secret is revealed at a most unwelcome time. The route that Morgan’s life would now follow brings about a revelation that seems impossible. Her faith and physical well-being are tested and a special bond is formed between strangers that may have never existed otherwise.

She Cries in the Dark By Debi DeSantis


She Cries in the Dark

In a novel of courage and hope… friends and family come together and embrace not only the gift of life, but the unfortunate death of loved ones. This story captures one woman’s heroic journey as she falls victim to the demons associated with not only losing her precious child but her beloved husband as well, only to find herself searching desperately for a way out of the darkness. Shocking surprises and unexpected twists force Maci to selfishly survive in a world that is no longer hers… throwing her into an unfamiliar existence plagued with alcohol abuse. Sadly, Maci’s little girl is forced to cope through the loss and grief by herself which almost proves fatal.

Thankful for a friendship that develops with a compassionate doctor who has also experienced his own loss, Maci leans on him as her life shatters into a million pieces. Fortunately, a powerful force brings the two strangers together, leaving them to discover the true meaning of friendship and undying love. The extraordinary journey that this young mother’s life is about to begin, offers her a second chance at a future she could only have imagined…giving her lost soul the direction she has been searching for, along with the possibility for healing and redemption. At long last she would be able to move forward with a new chapter in her life, and bring to an end the old one, only to find out that life changing secrets could end up being a blessing in disguise.

Debi DeSantis
Romance Author & Book Cover Designer

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Tales From Gundarland – Hank Quense, Author

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Tales From Gundarland – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘The planet was named Gundar after the omniscient god who accidentally created the universe with an explosive sneeze caused by snorting a larger-than-average dose of his favorite recreational powder.  The nodules of spittle flew through space and eventually solidified into suns, planets, comets and other celestial bodies.  Gundarland is the largest land mass on the planet.  Populated by diverse races such as dwarfs, humans, elves, half-pints, yuks and a few lesser races, these disparate races live cheek-by-jowl in many cases and get along with no more than the usual interracial hostility.

By ancient tradition, many warriors took a double major when they studied the arts of war.  The double major came in handy during the occasional outbreaks of peace.  Thus, in the early days, knight-accountants, warrior-chefs and soldier-lawyers roamed the countryside seeking combat and/or clients.  The population of the planet has always been intrigued by magic.  As a consequence, wizards were held in high regard, even the incompetent ones.  Wizard schools even offered double majors as well as the combat schools.

Author Hank Quense has taken characters that we all recognize, put them into character form while having them live on the planet of Gundar.  For instance we have Romeo and Juliet.  Romeo Montague is a dwarf silver miner.  Juliet Capulet is an elf.  They met at a ballet class and fell madly in love with each other.  But… Juliet’s brothers hate the Montague family and forbid their marriage.  Will they end up like Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet?  You will find yourself laughing out loud as you find out.

Next we have Zarro, black mask and all.  Zarro is a dwarf who rides a donkey named Belinda.  Belinda was won by Zarro’s father in a card game and she hated to be ridden but loved to sleep.  In fact, the only way to mount Belinda was to cover her head with a blanket, which would put her into a snoring sleep immediately, mount, remove the blanket and prepare yourself for a bit of bucking.

The Long Stranger, another mask wearer, and his sidekick Pinto are out to save the country from the likes of Rolf and Ralf.  Rolf and Ralf have taken on the task of relieving those traveling along the Trade Road of their rings, coins, jewelry and any other valuables they might find to pilfer.

These are just a few of the characters Author Hank Quense has brought to life in Tales From Gundarland.  As I read each character’s story I couldn’t help but laugh.  I also couldn’t help but picture Shrek as a character in most of the stories.  This book would be perfect for a full series of new Shrek movies.

2010121 pages
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When Fates Collide- A Comedy by Best Selling Authors Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Yvonne Mason

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Momma’s Rain – Tom Sterner, Author

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Momma’s Rain – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“I was four-years-old in 1935.  My mother took my twin brother and me to a mountain park in Colorado Springs for our birthday.  It was July 31st, a hot and sultry summer day in Colorado.   We rode ponies round and round the pony pole, my brother and me.  I’ll never forget the flies, deer flies I think.  They were huge and  aggressive.  They bit.  After lunch Mother told me to go into the outhouse to go potty.  I didn’t really have to go but would not consider speaking back to Mother ever, not in any way.  She closed the door and I waited.  When I tried to leave the shack with the dark stinky hole and light shooting through cracks in the wall, I discovered I was locked  in.  I began to cry.  I never saw Mother again.  I’ll never forget the flies, deer flies I think.  They were huge and aggressive.  They bit.”

‘This is the first story my uncle told me when I found him.  That was in 1982 when I was nineteen-years-old.  I was abandoned at Denver General Hospital in 1963 when I was born.  My Mother put me up for adoption.   She felt her eighth child should have a better chance in life then the  seven before.  Odd, but fitting, that I would find my uncle first when I  came of age and went searching for my real family.  He and I are the cull, those cut from the herd and left to forge on their own.’
It’s  the winter of 1957 in Billings Montana.  At seven years old, Timmy is the oldest child in the Turner family.  At this time he has two younger brothers and a two year old sister.  But more will come bringing the number of children in his family to seven, all before he reaches the age of  twelve.  Timmy’s dad is a roofer, a job that is dictated by the weather.  He’s also an alcoholic and a mean one at that.  Timmy’s brother Jerry as well as his mother can vouch for that.  Almost daily Jerry will do something that his dad doesn’t like leading to a beating  with the belt and standing in the corner.  And heaven forbid if he comes  home drunk, looking for a fight.  That’s when Timmy’s mother get the bad end of his fist and boot.
Timmy’s  mother, Kathy, is the glue that keeps the family together.  She does everything she can to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  His dad, on the other hand, will blow every penny he can get his hands on to keep him in alcohol.  The kids can go hungry and the landlord can evict them, as long as he has his drinking money.   And that’s exactly what happened more often than not.  They are constantly without  food and being removed from their “living space” by the Sheriff at the request of  the owner.
Reading Momma’s Rain filled me with many feelings, most from my own childhood. When I was in elementary school there were kids that I feel sure fit in with the life lead by Timmy and his family.  And just as it happened when Timmy went to school, we kept our distance from these kids.  We never gave thought to the possibility that these kids were possibly being beaten at home, that they might be hungry, and not just hungry for food but also for a kind word and a little friendship. We never gave much thought that they might be smart, even smarter than we were.  After all they had to be to survive what they went through daily.

Author Tom Sterner has written a book that will break the hearts of every reader.  It will also wake the reader up to the injustice most of us seem to perform not only as  children but also as adults.  It’s made me see the man or woman on the  street with a different eye.  One with even more compassion for them and their challenge to survive.  I recommend that you not only read Momma’s  Rain but that you also teach the lessons learned to the kids and grandkids in your life.
Now I wait impatiently to read the continuation – Momma’s Fire.  It can only get better for these kids, I hope.
2005 Gatto Publishing 349 Pages ISBN# 978-0954484699
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Miss Hildreth Wore Brown – Olivia deBelle Byrd, Author

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Miss Hildreth Wore Brown – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Weddings‘I woke up the other morning, took one look in the mirror, and went and called my children.  “You have to get married.  My face is falling.  People are going to think I’m the grandmother of the bride/groom instead of the mother, for Pete’s sake!  Do you really want me walking down the aisle on a walker with oxygen attached?”  The last time my son had a girlfriend and met her mother, the first words out of my mouth were, “How old does she look?”  Not, is she a nice person or even is she sane?  The other day a friend asked me if my son was dating anyone special.  “No,” I replied, “but I’m down to anyone who’s not a hooker.”  One friend inquired about recovering hookers.  I told her I’d have to get back to her on that one.  But giving it some thought, people deserve a second chance, don’t you think?’

This is just the beginning of Olivia deBelle Byrd’s feelings on “Weddings” and just the beginning of many other Anecdotes of a Southern Belle.  I’ve had good laughs over her feelings about Victoria’s Secret, Robert Redford, Christmas Sweaters and New Neighbors, just to name a few.   With both of us coming from the South, I can even relate to what she has to say about most of her topics.  And if you aren’t from the South then I suggest you read Miss Hildreth Wore Brown very carefully so you will acquire a real understanding for our way of thinking.  This book will keep you laughing from beginning to end.  I do want to add that I’ll have the pleasure of meeting Olivia deBelle Byrd at a book signing coming up in October in Charlotte, NC.  I can’t wait to meet this funny lady face to face.

2010Morgan James Publishing157 pagesISBN# 978-1-60037-748-8
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This is how honey runs – Cassie Premo Steele, Author

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This is How the Honey Runs – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

There are 15 ways to create healing

1.        Ask yourself who you are

2.        Know there is no right answer

3.       Listen to the squeaky wheel

4.       Grease it for once

5.       Enjoy the silence

6.       Ask yourself who you will become

7.       Know there are many answers

8.       Pick one

9.       Know you have just begun

10.   Start over each morning

11.   Ask a question

12.   Hear an answer

13.   Act

14.   Rest

15.   Begin again

In this new collection  of poems, Author Cassie Premo Steele uses poetry as a way to co-create a life of balance and beauty and to inspire people.  Poetry, or journals in general, can become a healing tool for those going through some of life’s everyday storms.  It’s also a helpful way for women to bring the person inside to the surface and realize how important they really are, especially to themselves.  As I read This is How Honey Runs, I found myself relating to many of the writings and I feel sure you will too.  And I especially loved the message given in “15 ways to create healing.”

2010Unbound Content, LLC51 pagesISBN# 978-1-936373-04-8
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Requiem for the Ripper – Brian L. Porter, Author

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Requiem for the Ripper – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Forbes jumped, nerves getting the better of him, and in an instant the fear had returned.  As a bolt of brilliant lightning rent the sky and lit up the room through the sturdy windows of my home, William Forbes shrank still further into himself.  I watched, fascinated, as the well-built solicitor, a man whose entire life should have been built around logic, order, and the law, and who I’d have imagined to be one of the least likely to panic at the forces and sounds of nature, backed away from the window, until, his eyes once ore displayed the fear of one hunted by terror unknown, his back came to rest against the wall beside the fireplace.  His body shook and his mouth opened in fear.  His lips moved, but not a sound came from them.  Though he remained in the room with me, I felt as though William Forbes were no longer with me, but had retreated to some dark place, locked away in his own private world of fear and dread.’

David Hemswell, a criminal psychologist and William Forbes, solicitor to the serial killer Jack Reid, have now been admitted into the world of Jack the Ripper.  Forbes seeks the help of David to dispel the spirits that are threatening his own being.  According to Forbes, David came recommended as the person to help.  Question is, who recommended him and can he really help?  After meeting Forbes, David decides to ask for the help of his old and dear friend Kate Gooddard who is a paranormal investigator.  By combining their own knowledge and forces, the two hope to save Forbes from what he believes to be the spirit of Jack the Ripper.

A Study in Red, Legacy of the Ripper and now Requiem for the Ripper have been three books that held my attention through every page.  Each book has its own distinctive ending, or should I say continuation but only a writer such as Brian L. Porter can give the whole story an ending such as the one in Requiem for the Ripper.  I promise you, the ending will shock you as it did me.  Great writing!

Available in paperback and e-book 2010Double Dragon Press214 PagesISBN# 978-1-55404-763-5
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Devil’s Dance – Arliss Adams, Author

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Devil’s Dance – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘A woman’s voice said, “Come on, come on, okay.  Pulse coming up a little.  Gotta get her body temperature up.  No telling what’s been done to her.  We’ll get some pictures when she stabilizes a bit more.  See what’s going on inside.  My money says she was raped.”  Then a voice with a familiar Chicago twang added, “Doc, we haven’t got a clue about who she is or where she came from.  When they found the poor kid, she was naked.  Not a lot of places to hide any ID you know.  If those little boys hadn’t found her, she would have frozen to death.”  The man they called Doc smoothed his hands against my forehead, and tried to calm me.  He muttered, “Okay, guys.  Time to assess the damages.”  As he bent closer, he crooned in a soft voice, “It’s okay now, Princess.  You’re safe.  We’ll take care of you.”  My shrieks softened to whimpers.  “Who does stuff like this? Probably some wacko.”  “Poor kid.  Dehydrated as hell.  Let’s get drip fluid going.  Come on!  Do it!”  The prick of the needle was just one more pain.  I barely noticed it.’

Jenny Conner is one of the most promising ballet dancers Nadya Vaganova has ever seen.  She is so good that Nadya has contacted a friend with the New York City Ballet Company asking that they send a scout.  The scout was so impressed that he had the famous choreographer George Balanchine himself come to see Jenny dance.  That’s when Jenny was offered a contract to work the Ballet Company.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t to happen.  Jenny’s mother decided that 16 was too young to be committed to something as silly as dancing.  Down went Jenny’s life-long dreams.  Then came the kidnapping.  Jenny was sold into sex slavery by someone she felt was her best and actually only friend in life.  After a bad beating Jenny is left for dead in the freezing snow.

Life for Jenny Conner becomes a roller coaster.  She feels it impossible to deal with the mother who killed her dreams so after leaving the hospital she moves in with her father and his young wife, creating a problem between the two of them.  This leads her to making the decision that she has to get away and start life fresh in another city far away from her family.

In Devil’s Dance, Jenny is tossed from the highs of life to the lows of hell.  But she’s a fighter and nothing nor no one will keep her down for long.  She will succeed and one day she’ll complete her dreams and dance again, but at what cost.  I really enjoyed the fast pace of Devil’s Dance and look forward to reading the continuation The Devil’s Due.  Jenny has a spirit to be admired and I hope the strength for revenge.
2010L&L Dreamspell225 PagesISBN# 978-1-60318-228-7
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Fakin’ It – Diana Rubino, Author

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Fakin’ It – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“This is no whim, and I’ll tell you why.  It’s because the man I want doesn’t exist out there – or anywhere – except on the pages of my books and in my mind.  Now it’s finally feasible to… well, attain this dream I’ve always had of finding Mr. Right.  You’re designing the perfect creature, but he’ll need a personality.  You can make the prototype in the image of Race.”  She knew she was talking too fast, so she slowed down.  “Of course he’ll need someone to satisfy his needs, to take care of him, and to love him.  I can take that on, help you to perfect him.”  He leaned on the windowsill, palms flattened.  “Judi, he won’t need emotions.  He won’t have the capacity to feel love.  He’s only going to resemble a human.  He won’t be able to love.  He’ll have no feelings.”  Spurts of adrenaline rocketed up her limbs and into her brain.  She paced around and then halted beside him.  “But you could give him emotions if you wanted to.”  She gestured toward her heart.  “You’re the creator.”

Judi is the author and creator of ten novels featuring her character Race Parsec.  Race is her idea of the perfect man.  He’s loving, kind, understanding, and completely devoted to his woman.  Oh yeah, he is also a space traveling hero that will protect earth no matter what it takes.

Felix is a childhood friend from Judi’s past.  They had been best friends from an early age but lost contact several years earlier when Felix and Judi married… other people.  Finding each other again after years is the best thing that could happen to either of them.  Both are coming from bad marriages and their friendship is exactly what they need to complete their lives, at least that’s what Judi thinks.  Felix is a world known scientist and has been commissioned to create the world’s first non-human space traveler.  Judi’s idea is that he first create her the perfect mate.  Felix’s “friendship” for Judi is so strong that he can’t resist anything she requests from him.

So, what would it be like to design your own mate?  He or she would be perfect in looks and manners.  They would be 100% devoted to you and any desire you might have.  That person could cook, play the piano, sing and be the perfect housekeeper.  And when it came to your more personal desires, nothing would be left unattended.  When I first started reading Fakin’ It, I, like Judi, thought this would be the perfect companion.  I’ve now changed my mind.  I think I’ll take the imperfects of having an imperfect human as a mate.  Judi realizes this too but how can she tell Felix that she no longer wants the creation he has created for her?  And even if she does tell him, what will he ever do with the perfect man they have named “Leo?”

2009The Wild Rose PressISBN# 1-60154-710-2261 pages
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Latest Review for Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option

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5.0 out of 5 stars Failure Was Never An Option, July 15, 2010
By W. Day “” (Fairfax, SC USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option (na) (Kindle Edition)
This heartfelt book follows the life history of a very special little boy and a very special family. This true story started in an era when public help was nonexistent, and persons with disabilities were not accepted. The work of the family and very supportive neighbors turn what could have been a sad story into a success story. Emotions and family love are expressed throughout this book, as many hurdles were flattened so that one life could touch so many others. This story will touch your life as you share the events that unfolded through the years. Failure was not an option and not accepted. Here we learn the value of setting a goal and aiming for that goal in spite of what others think. Caution: humor included- read sitting down.

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